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It's for My Oc and Broly (Yes dragon ball z I know, dun judge I literally can't love anyone else, I've tried and nothing else works so blargh) I'll upload a reference for her later (It's late+I'm tired+ Sick)TwT.

Ok so here are the rules- Must include Yellk(Oc)((She's not a saiyen btw shocking I know)) and Broly
Have fun with the rest. And at least 5 people must enter, and I will extend the contest until at least 5 people have entered.

1st- 60 :points: + Free Two-shot of whatever you want ((I know you guys want me to write some more, and future first place winner, I will upload it so fast, because I will love you just that much))

2nd- 40 :points: + Free One-Shot 

3rd- 20 :points: 

Contest ends- !9/13/14!

(((Btw I just started up another semester of school + I have bronchitis at the moment so this would really cheer me up)))
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Yeah, I was wondering if you guys ever felt anxious. Every time I log on I get nervous and very uncomfortable. I don't know if you guys know the feeling of it but, it's weird I guess.
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You scoped out your new home through your car window, it was old, nearly falling apart. You imagined it would be more of a log cabin instead of an old barn turned house. The paint was faded and flaking, windows cracked and broken, it almost looked sick. Your Mother stood on the porch, more and more you noticed she to was fading. You could say she mirrored the house in wear, long years of working had taken an extensive toll on her. Opening the door you jumped out but using your imagination was always more fun, your Mother thought it was cute but you Father thought the opposite. Ever since the stock market had crashed, he was distant. That's why you moved here, it was cheaper, you couldn't afford your cozy home anymore. Browning grass crunched under you feet as you walked about the yard,  holding your wool coat tightly against you.

'Being a giant would be so neat!' you thought as you tromped around the yard,you had a fasionation with giants, fairies and all fairy tale creatures. It took you a second but you realized you were missing your stuffed owl, Hoo, rushing back to the car you retrieved the barn owl from the seat. He was the last actual gift you had recieved from your parents, before toys became a luxery.

"_____, dear, please bring your things in" Your Mother called from the porch rubbing her arms together.

"Ok Mama!" You replied exaggerating you jump into the car, you grabbed your brown bag off the floor by it's strap. Wiggling back out of the car you glanced at the woodsBehind you and into the distance. Spotting what appeared to be a pale boy, you blinked and he was gone. 'Strange, Papa said there were no other kids... They must be like us!' you thought as you dragged your bag behind you, up the porch stairs and into the house. Wooden floor boards  groaned under your light weight, of course you took a moment to purposfully make the noise. Earning a slightly annoyed glance from your Mother.

"Stop it,____" Your Father said coming up from the basement steps, he was covered in dust and cobwebs. Your Mother placed a gentle hand of your shoulder, giving you a soft smile that did not fit her weary face. She looked too tired to be happy.

"Your room is up stairs and on the left" She said patting your back slightly moving you towards the stairs, taking the small hint you went up the creaking stairs.  The hallway had little light, you had to squint. The windows were borded up, only small cracks of light shone thrugh. The whole house seemed to be only greys and browns, whispering loated up the staircase. You were able to make out a few words.

"Harold you know why there are no children here" the soft voice of your Mother's came to your ears first.

"Sarah just don't let her out of you sight, she'll be fine" He harshly whispered back, you heard your mother start up the stairs, you ran to your room. The noisy floor betrayed you though, giving away what little stealth you had. Reaching you room, the door opened without a sound. All that was there was a rusty bed frame and a closet. Out the window was a relative clear view of the forest line, and again you thought you saw that same boy. You tried to keep your eyes on him this time, but he slowly disappeared. You gasped as you felt your Mother takeyour bag, she looked down at you with a hint of concern.

"Is everything ok?" She asked kindly, you looked up are her.

"Yeah" You smiled while curiousity gnawed at your mind, you would have to explore this place more. She placed your bag on the floor infront of you, you clutched your dear owl as you glanced back out the window.

"I'll go make dinner and ______ please stay in the house" She said, looking down at you as she placed her hand on the door way.

"Ok Mama" you lied smoothly. There was no way you were staying in this house when there was someone to play with, you hated being alone and he probably did too! She smiled with relief and went down stairs and into kitchen, they had brought in most of the boxes while you were staring out the window. Once she was busy in the kitchen and your Father was still working on the furnace in the basement, you snuck out with Hoo. It was bitter sweet cold outside, cold enough for a jacket but not cold enought to nip at your nose. You headed to the forest line, the forest used to scare you until you had gone to a few for a class field trip.

'Wow' You thought, approaching a withering stiff tree, it was easily the size of your house. Looking back you could see it just fine, your warm breath creating small clouds in the fall air. Turning back to the forest it wasn't long until you had located the boy you saw. His back was to you and he was bald, which made little sense to you. He wore black over-alls and a grey pin-striped shirt. He sat alone in the forest, you walked quietly towards him. He was quiet and nearly still as he was picking at the ground. For such a young boy his fingers were long and slender, upon closer inspection he wasn't pale he was pure white!

"Hello" You mumbled to him, you were losing your voice. He went stiff and whipped around to face you, just as suddenly he was on his feet. You gasped looking at his face, well he didn't have one. He had subtle impressons where his eyes should have been, same with his mouth and a small bump to signify a nose. He only watched you drawing closer to him, you were an arms length away. He was so thin, and fragile looking.

"H-Hello" You said again.

"I'm _______" You offered out you hand, he stared down at it for a moment. He was nervous,slowly grasping yours. You got goosebumps, they were as cold as the wind! Not wanting to be rude you shook twice before letting go.Your Mother always said to not judge other before you know them.

"Are you alone?" You asked, he nodded. You had expected his mouth to suddenly appear but it did not. He stared down at his hand, clutching it lightly.

"How do you see?" You asked waving your hand infront of his face, no response, shocking. An idea popped into your head, You held out Hoo, the boy stepped back at your sudden movements. You shook it infront of him a few times until he got the message and took it into his hands. Feeling the soft material with his thumbs, you giggled, it was like he had never seen a toy before. Everyone had toys, right? A sudden yell echoed from a distance, You both jumped, the boy dropped Hoo and vanished.

"_______!!!!!!" The voice yelled, the voice of your terrified Mother. Grabbing Hoo and doing a quick glance around, the boys was gone, no time to look for him though. You bolted out of the forest and into the arms of your crying mother.

"Don't go into the woods, NEVER GO INTO THE WOODS" She cryed, squeezing the life out of you. She hadn't seen the boy. She carried you home, looking over her shoulder the boy appeared again. Raising his hand to say goodbye, you thought you heard a voice speak to you.

"Good bye _______, Come back soon." The voice was weak but honest. Maybe he could play in your house next time.
Child!Slenderman X Child!Reader-Imagination
A cute story idea I had a long time ago, but am just know allowed to post it. I own nothing except the story. So enjoy, tell me what you think and sorry for any spelling errors ^w^;
Guy, I dont think I'm going to be writing any lemons anymore. I got suspended for it and I couldn't complete a request I promised a deviant (which was festive). I will continue to write tho! >w< I suck, I keep trying to get back on my feet but something always happens. *sigh* I'm going to continue working on my one smexy fanfic I started on my friend's joint account with me. ALSO, I want to start doing drawn asks on my tumblr, so ask NICE questions, no anonymous sorry. I wuv you guys :3
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