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January 7, 2013
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2p!Germany X Reader: Fixing a Broken Heart

"Its alright (Name) he didn't deserve you!" your best friend Elizaveta kept repeating, she held you tightly as you continued to cry your heart out.

Your fiancee, Alfred had broken off the marriage and ran off with another girl a few weeks ago. The worst part was he texted you that he didn't love you and was leaving you for another woman. You called Elizaveta and of course she came running over to comfort you.

"B-but" you couldn't even form a sentance without beguining to cry again.

"He is a jackass" you turned you head slightly to see Natalia standing there with that evil glint in her eyes.

"He does not derserve the air he breathes" she glared out the frosted window, if looks could kill the human race would be extinct.

"How did you get in here?" Elizaveta asked as you sobs turned into sniffles.

"The door was open and I heard crying while chasing Big brother. You had never chased big brother so you are my friend" She put a hand on your shoulder in a comforting way. You closed your eyes to calm yourself, your heart felt as if it was in a vice.

"When I see him at the next world meeting, I'm going to tear him a new one" Elizaveta's voice sounded darker than before, there was no helping it all you could do was cry more.


Like you expected Alfred completely ignored you, jabbing another nail in your already shattered heart. You sat in your seat not saying a word, as the female countries gathered around you and all group glaring at Alfred. Strangely Alfred had taken the message and stayed far away, with all them comforting you, you didn't notcie germany's 2p staring at you.

~*Lutz Pov*~

I watched as all the female 1p countries had gathered around (Name) today, it was strange since I remember her and Alfred's 1p were engaged.

One of them moved and I could see (name) her eyes were puffy and red as if she had been crying. Then it hit me, Alfred must have broken off the engagement. My heart jumped and I felt happy, but then it faded to rage at how he could just do that to her. (Name) was the only reason I came to these meetings and he has the balls to do that to her, I growled and looked down.

"Vhat is your problem?" My 1p asked, he knew damn well what my problem was. I already hate most of the people here mostly him, I simply got up and went out for a smoke. As I walked out and into the cold air I lit my cigarette, inhaling deeply and exhaling the smoke.

"That f*cking asshole" I growled, smoking wasn't calming me like it usually would if anything I got more irritated. I would kill that bastard for hurting my liebling, as I was about to walk back in (Name) came running out of the building. Her eyes tightly closed and tears streaming down her face, she ran straight into me.

"I-I'm s-s-sorry" She stuttered looking up at me, her (e/c) eyes tired from no sleep and constant crying. She pulled away and ran off into the parking lot, most of the female countries followed her out and the meeting had ended. I waited for that american and as he came out I swung me fist at him and clocked him in the face. He fell back onto the cement , his glasses broken and his nose was bleeding badly.

"What the hell dude!?" he yelled at me, I glared at him and stomped on his chest knocking him down. I punched him in the face repeatedly until he completely past out, I spat on him then left. I reeved up my motorcycle and left the grounds, as I was driving I saw a carnival. Perfect.


"I can't believe I actually loved him!" you nearly yelled, Elizaveta was right he was an immature,obnaxious, idiotic american. There was a knock at the door, you looked away from the Tv for a breif moment.

While you got up you had wondered why you never went out with Lutz the one time he asked, but you were dating Alfred. Now that you thought about it Lutz was mature, calm, and very very hot. He had light purple eyes, and curly blonde hair under his hat and a strong muscular build. You opened the door, speak of the devil.

"Hallo (Name) I vanted to know if you vould like to go to the carnival vith me?" his voice was nervous and his cheeks looked pinkish. Your cheeks heated up and your heart skipped a beat, you thought Lutz was just cold and uncaring.

"Sure, I gotta get ready"  you said opening the door to let him in, he smiled and sat down on you couch. You walked upstairs and immediatly started  tearing through your closet and soon found a casual outfit and fixed your hair into a pony tail. You shoved all your things into your purse and walked as calmly as you could downstairs, Lutz stood up and smiled.

"Ready?" he asked and you nodded smiling, he grabbed your hand and led you outside and to his motorcycle.

He handed you a helmet and you placed it snuggly on your head,  you sat on the leather seat nervously. You haven't riden a motorcycle before, and it made you nervous to be on one. But it was pretty sweet.

"Lutz I've never riden a motorcycle before." you said quietly not wanting to look like a sissy.

"Its fine just hold onto me" he got onto the bike and you held onto him, taking your feet off the ground. You rested your head on his back as the motorcycle roared to life, it was dark out, your eyes looked up to see the stars twinkling above you.

You wrapped your arms around him and him,  as the bike began to pull out you held on to him tightly. After awhile you had relaxed but you still held onto him, it felt amazing riding on a motorcycle.

After a while with a little small talk you could see the bright lights of different colors in the distance, you smiled like a child. As you got closer you could here the sounds of people screaming on the rides, carnival music and the talking of many people.

"What do you want to do first?" he asked parking the bike and turning to see you, you paused to think for a moment.

"Lets ride some rides" you almost smiled and he laughly lightly.

"Ja zhat sounds fun" you took off your helmet, and jumped off his bike and he grabbed your hand and led you off and into the carnival.

The teen working at the Tilt-a-whirl had let you on first since Lutz was just so intimidating he didn't want him to wait. You sat in the 1st one, you scooted in and Lutz sat next to you. Right now he had no idea what to do.

"This is going to be fun!" you smiled for the first time in weeks, you actually felt happy. Lutz smiled as well happy to see you smile again. The ride started slow, to your surprise you got the swirly one that spun fast than the others.

You were currently pressed against Lutz laughing, he put an arm around as you spun faster. Lutz almost lost his hat a few times before the ride had begun to slow down. A simple ride had made you feel engergized and alive again.

"You look so cute (Name)" Lutz said looking down at you, you realized you had been hugging him the whole time. You blushed and let go as the teen let you off the ride, Lutz held your hand as you walked around looking for the next ride.

"Lets go on zhat one" He pointed towards a haunted house ride, you remembered everytime you went on a ride like that Alfred would give you the worst head ache from his screaming.

"O-ok" you said following close behind Lutz, as you waited in the line you couldn't help but be imtimidated by the Gargoyles with red eyes. Not to mention the constant screaming of the people inside, you cling to Lutz's arm as you got on the ride. The line wasn't long for this one which wasn't surprising.

"If you get scared you can cling to me" he said putting his arm around you, you laughed lightly and gulped as the doors opened to the ride. And boy did you take Lutz up on his offer the whole ride you clung to him letting out a scream of two.  

Holding onto someone instead of the other way around made the ride the all the more enjoyable. As you came out of the ride you were impatient to get off the ride, you rode a few more but so you were both hungery.You munched on your (insert food), Lutz was eating a sausage dog and you were sitting on a bench together.

"This has been really fun Lutz" you said finishing your food, Lutz handed you a small plush octopus with a top hat and mustache. You took the plushie and squealed hugging Lutz.

"Its so cute thank you so much Lutz" you hugged the german, his face turned pink before he hugged back.

"Its getting late, and the carnival is closing lets go" he stood and stretched, you did the same holding his hand and rubbing your eyes with the other.

You hopped on his bike and you both left the carnival, the lights began to shut off. It was completely dark other than Lutz's motorcycle headlight, you nearly fell asleep a few times but fought to stay awake. Lutz's walked you to your door and you smiled tiredly opening the door.

"We should do this again" you say opening the door and turning on a light.

"Ja ve should" you turned back to face Lutz and he pecked you lightly on the lips, you blushed and smile. Waving goodbye to him as he rode off, you flopped down on your bed and for the first time in awhile slept peacefully.

And over the next few weeks Lutz and you went out annually, he was perfect to you. You had forgotten all the pain Alfred had caused you and it was replaced with a fuzzy feeling. You had name the octopus Sir Riginald the Twelth and he sat on your bedroom dresser.

Tonight you and Lutz were just watching a movie while you laid on his chest watching the movie when the doorbell rang. You got up and when you opened the door your heart seemed to stop, Alfred was standing on your doorstep.

"Hey (Name) I wanted to know if you and I could get re-engaged, I really sorry for how I hurt you. Please" he gave you his puppy dog eyes and instead of pain you felt mad at him, he comes crawling back and expects you to just forgive him.

"Alfred..." When you said his name Lutz shot up from the couch and stood behind you wrapping his arms around you and resting his chin on your shoulder. In his own sutle way of saying back off.

"I'm sorry Alfred but I'm with someone else" you said in a stern voice and he looked away.

"I-I  nevermind" he grumbled, you closed the door and Lutz gave you a concerned look.

"(Name)" he sounded as if he were going to lose you, you gave him a reassuring kiss, he smiled and you went back to the movie. Laying back down on the couch Lutz held onto you, smiling in victory. You were finally happy that Lutz had fixed your broken heart.

Le End
You guys voted for it and I made it so, it s 4 in the moring so if there are mistakes I'm sorry and I don't want to hear it. I don't own 2p germany but he ownes you little reader >w>

The plushie Lutz got chu~ [link]
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