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December 29, 2012
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2p!Russia X Weak!Reader

~Russia Pov~

I rested my head on my hand, the nations were fighting again about another possible war. This time it would be Me, Germany, Italy his weird brother, and Japan againts the Allies. I didn't want to infrom my other... how do I put it acquaintances of my new territoy. Not even those three knew about her and I never intend for them to, knowing them she wouldn't survive.

"Vlad ol' chap you haven't said a thing" Oliver said running over and sitting beside me, I scowled at him but he obviously didn't get the message.

"So?" I grumbled, I could already feel my anger beguning to boil in my stomach.

"Which side are you on?" he asked staring at me with his creepy eyes waiting for an answer, the whole room seemed to stare at me, I felt uneasy.

"I'm still deciding" I answered simply,  I glanced around the room everyone quickly returned to their original arguements.

My mind went back to (Name), she was shy,timid but very weak since she bruised easy and didn't have much physical strength.

Her country had spawned in the north and her military had brilliant scientists and weapons, a thing greatly needed in this chaotic world.

"Hey, Vlad, Vlaaaaad" Oliver said waving a hand infront of my face, I shoved him away and growled.

"I'm Leaving" I walked out the door without another word, quickly went to my car and left the meeting for the long ride home.

~Your Pov~

You filed through the remainder of your paper work in your small office in which Russia or Vlad had let you use. All the papers you had to sign where basically saying your military, government, and pretty much everything would help or assist Russia if needed.

You had considered yourself lucky, he was kind, and very soft on you others might say. You placed all your paper in a folder and got up to stretch you heard the loud yells of others.

Russia had told you of the other people in the mansion, he never let you outside the east wing, and they were never allowed in the east wing. Vlad told you they were agressive,rude and very cold and how he didn't want you to be hurt in anyway.

"Wow.. its 10pm. already?" you said to no one, rubbing your eyes and yawning. Russia would be home sometime, unfortunatly for you it was hard to stay awake because of your weak body. You showered and changed, the good thing was you could run the water without anyone hearing it.

Climbing into the large bed you shared with Vlad, you snuggled into the covers. Yes you shared a bed with him, and yes you had a thing going on a very serious thing. As soon as your head hit the pillow you fell into a deep sleep.

~Russia's Pov~

I drove silently into the driveway hoping that everyone was in their room or in bed but to my horror they weren't. Most of the lights in the west wing were on and bright, I could hear them yelling outside. Turning off the car I walked into my home, they seemed to swarm around me complaining, yelling at each other and looking at me for a final decision. I glanced at the clock 11:37 (Name) is certainly in bed by now.


It was now 12:42 and everyone was content to say the least even though I beat Estonia and Lithuania to a bloody pulp for raising their voice to me.

I walked down the dark hallway to the east side of my home, the moon as my only light and soon I saw the door to the east wing. Each was locked to protect her from them, no doubt the disgusting things Lithuania, Estonia, or Lavitia would try to do to her.  Hastily I opened the door quicky  shutting the door behind me, locking it as well.

~Pov switch~

Opening the bedroom door the moonlight seeped in and he could see (name)'s petit figure under the covers. he went over to you, you looked peacful and relaxed. He caressed your cheek tenderly, You groaned and looked up at him with innocent tired eyes.

"Hi Vlad" you said tiredly your (h/c) in disarray, his hand on your check, he smiled lightly.

"Hallo sunflower" He went to the other side of the bed to change, He soon crawled in next to you pulling you into his chest you wiggled a little in his grip. He rubbed your back gently as you began to relax in his grasp, to him you could be hurt so easily that drove him to protect you furthur.

"I love you" I said quietly firmly believing she was already asleep, she nuzzled me.
"I love you too" you whispered back.

Le End
random idea russia is a little ooc but i currently don't care
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