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September 16, 2012
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Request for Music-lover-Alex

2p!SpainxReaderxFrance Lemon

"Stop you perverted frenchman"you laughed as france rubbed your inner thigh as you were trying to driving to Spain's house to get some of his prized tomatos.France smiled and continued to grope your thigh,your face was now bright red.

You always had a crush on the country of love,but who wouldn't his sexy accent,knowledge of cooking,and his sharp tounge when it came to couldn't help but love him.

"Oh ma chérie your mouth says no but your body says oui~"you giggled at him prying his hand away he laughed softly,and turned to look out the window.The spanish country side was very beautiful it was covered with various greens and moutians in the far distance made it look amazing.

You could see Spain's home in the distance it was a decent-sized home with tomato plants everywhere,big and red ready to be harvested.

"Spain always has the best tomatos"you say smiling

"Oui ma chérie I get them from no one else"France says as you pull into the small driveway,parking right behind Spain's car.You both happiley skip up to the door and rapidly knock,not being able to wait for your happy spanish friend to answer the door.

But someone who looked like spain opened the door,but he had venomous violet eyes and long dark brown tied in a purple bow,he was spains 2p he wasn't violent like the others thank goodness.He was waring a black t-shirt and capris,while you and france both wore regular white tees and shorts.

"H-hi spain"you both greeted him kindly,2ps were usually called be their counter-part's country name.

"Hola ________ and france,please come in"he said opening the door and gesturing you to come in.You looked at france who just nodded and went in after you,you could feel someone staring at you.

'probably france'you thought walking into the living room,you felt the plush ,soft carpet under your flip-flops.You sit down and realize this chair is freaking uncomfortable,you look at france and spain who both sit down on a small couch.

Looking around this and the one france and spain were sitting were the only ones in the room,you got up and sat on france's lap not thinking anything bad about it.

"ma chérie?"

"I didn't like that chair"you pouted but you didn't notice 2p spain's scowl,he felt jealosy boiling in his stomach,he wanted your attention and he wanted it now.He knocked you and france onto the soft carpet you yelped as your senses returned,Spain kissed you roughly forcing his tounge intp your mouth.He tasted like tomatoes your tounges swirling in a battle for dominance,and france not helping you at all joined the party.

France started to grop your breasts under the fabric of your shirt,rolling and squeezing you breasts.Spain broke the amazing kiss and looked down at you with lidded eyes,showing lust and desire.

France looked up at you and smiled pervertedly.In the blink of your (e/c)eyes france had started to remove your jeans,spain had started to cut up your shirt with a sharp pocket knife.Soon you were left defenseless against the spainard and frechman,you pouted slightly gathering up some courage you tugged at spain's black t-shirt.

"You're both over-dressed"you whined

"Si mi amor you are right~"

"Oui the lady always is"they said as they started to remove their clothes,you could have died right then and there.Spain was lean and slightly muscular and France had a 6-pack,you felt yourself growing wet at the mere sight of them.

While you were day-dreaming,spain leaned down and whispered huskly in your ear.

"mi amor, vamos a llevarte al cielo y de vuelta ~"he nibbled on your ear making your face bright red.

"ça va être amusant ~" oh god not him too.
Spain started to bite and ssuck your neck looking for a certain sweetspot,as france carressed your legs kissing down your stomach.You moaned as Spain found and abuised your sweet spot making you tense up,as france pulled down your panties and licked your clit.

You arched your back in pleasure,feeling spain cut your bra in half with his knife.Leaving your bruised neck he latched on to one of your buds,his tounge swirling around it making you grab onto him.You moaned louder as France's tounge plundged deep inside of you,reaching unknown places inside of you.

"Antonio..Francis Ahaaaah"you moaned holding onto Spain your finger nails dragging into his shoulder blades slightly making him groan.France lifted his head from your heat,rubbing your thighs.

"You are ready mon cheire?"you nodded 'yes',you held onto spain as you were lifted up onto the couch with Spain laying under you and france on top.They both entered you at the same time,making you squeeze one of each of their hands.

They both whispered sweet nothings in your ear,making the pain cease slighty.The pain subsided rather quickly just before they both started to pound in and out of you at a different pace when france was in spain was out and so forth.

It felt amazing,like heaven spain was right.Thank goodness you were in the country side so no one could hear your cries of pleasure and ecsasty,you could feel you were about to explode.

"Francis!Antonio!"you screamed as you came,your vision went white.Every muscle in your body tensed up as your back arched,you could feel your whole body relax.Their thrusts became harder,until finally they released inside you.

"__________!"they both yelled,your eye lids felt heavey until finally you fell asleep.France and Spain laid your body down on the couch and covered you with a soft blanket,and laid new clothes down for you when you awaken.They redressed and looked down at your sleeping form,snuggling the blanket.

"You came for tomatos si?"Spain asked turning to the frenchman.

"Oui we did,but it seems she to tired to go"France shrugged looking down at you.

"We'll bring her back some good ones~"Spain said carressing your face softly,walking away they left and went into the garden to get some tomatos.The last thought you had before falling asleep was 'Best Day Ever!!!' as you snuggled into the blankets drifting off into a deep sleep.

                     ~Le End~
I hope you liked better :iconsouleyesplz:

anywho i don't own hetalia or you......yet

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Atlantis: how cute 
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Atlantis: *hits luciano*  

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