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July 7, 2013
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CreepyPasta X Reader- Happy Birthday!!!

You sat on a rather old and creaky swing, watching the ground move beneath you. The wind pressed against you back as if to push you forward with invisible hands. Today everyone was avoiding you, you weren't exactly sure why. The moon and starless sky of this strange town you had come to call you home was all you could stare at, often wondering where this place really was. You breathed out, the weight of the day crushing your shoulders, never have you felt so rejected.

~A few hours earlier~

Your eyes focused in the dense forest, Slenderman had missed his daily routine. Usually he would greet you and give you a list of things to do or achieve that day. He didn't come. Watching him carefully from behind a dying tree, he was snapping branches of trees. Each snap resonated through the dead woods. Slenderman never cut down or messed with his trees.

"Hey!" You watched him jump, that made you laugh but this was a time to be serious for once. He held a bundle of broken branches in one arm, each of them were sharp with a pointed edge.

"Hello _____, What brings you to my woods?" He was acting far too formal and calm it felt like he was acting and hiding something. You stepped forward from behind the tree, he remained a creep still while watching you.

"What's going on? Everyone one is avoiding me and you didn't give me a list today" Your arms tightly crossed on your chest, a glaring pout formed on your face. He was silent, probably thinking of an excuse to get out of this.

"..." This had gone one long enough.

"Well?!" You allowed your voice to rise, if he was going to act like an ooc jerk today so were you.

" I must've forgotten, Can you pick up a cake for Jeff?" You still weren't buying it, Slenderman cleared his throat and took on a more  stern stance. You slowly walked away and out of the woods, watching his shoulders relaxed and going back to snapping his twigs from the trees.

The streets were clear except a few proxies that scampered around like scared mice. Oh passed many shut down and ruined stores, no one ever repaired things around here at least not often. One shop stood out with a chipped pale pink paint and strange and sickeningly sweet treats sat neatly in the window. You pulled on the door, locked.

"Pinkie! I need a cake for Jeff" You cupped your hands around your face to see inside the window better, there was a tuft o pink hair and a tip of a cat tail sticking out from behind the counter.

"I see your hair Pinkie!" you yelled, you watched as 2 heads poked up from behind the counter. Pinkie was hiding with her proxy no doubt, again you felt annoyed with everyone today. You hated to be ignored by everyone, you assumed the same arms crossed and glaring form as you did with Slenderman.  You glared as the cat-masked proxy scurry from her hiding spot, the folded-eared cat opened the door. She stood with the door cracked until you started pushing.

"Move Memow!" She backed up and went back behind the counter,  Pinkie patted her head. Long straight pink hair formed a curtain around Pinkie's face,  the pair of blue eyes focused on you.

"Testy today" Pinkie commented smiling.

"Yeah, everyone is just being weird. So do you have the cake or whatever?" you asked placing both of you hands down on the counter, as if by magic Memow placed a cake in a box on the counter. You stared her down until she vanished again.

"Now don't open it, It's an ice cream cake so this box insulated" Pinkie slid the box over to you, placing both hands under the box you lifted the heavy cold cake. He way they both watched you was awkward, Pinkie was calm but Memow was showing signs of nervousness. You looked at her more closely.

"Don't be bothered by her , you better get going or the cake will melt" Pinkie waved you off, you nodded and left. You could ask BEN to probe the proxy for information but he was probably in on this too. Jeff's home was a short walk into the more suburban area of Pasta town, you could already hear Smile barking his head off in the backyard. Probably chasing Grinny around with a cursing Jeff. Slowly the tall buildings transformed into smaller homes. Upon coming to his house you felt yourself being watched, and surely enough Jeff was peaking out from behind the curtain.

"Thanks _____ , BEN is looking for you" Jeff opened the door suddenly and took the cake from you. You were silent as Jeff held the cake in one hand ready to close the door with the other.

"Wait Jeff, Please tell me what is going on!" You pressed your palms against the door keeping it open. He drew a blank, looking around for anything that could give him an excuse to close the door.

"BEN will tell you just go to the Park" you groaned partially because you had to do something else and Jeff's house just smelled bad.

"Fine, He better show!" you growled and trudged to the park


That was hours ago and still no sign of BEN or Jeff, basically it felt like the apocalypse happened and all were dead. This place was just getting depressing, so instead of waiting around you just got up off the swing and started back home. The rustling of dead leaves that glided across the black top, flew into the air giving you a half decent distraction.

"Yo ____ where are you goin'?" Ben floated over next to you, he appeared out of thin air.

"I thought Jeff told you to wait" he looked at you with lidded eyes, he was coming down off a high. The jar of drugs was nearly empty, this was most likely why he wasn't here.

"He did but you didn't show" you pointed accusingly at the jar in his hands, he looked down at it. A smile grew on his face, he scooped some up and placed it on his face, it went into his eyes. You saw this drug a few times before how it would turn the user's irises red and the whites of their eyes black.

"Yeah just follow me"  He pulled on your arm before levitating  off in the direction back to Pastatown.

"Why?" you called not moving from your spot, he topped and turned. He looked in a daze as always, you felt he wasn't really looking at you but past you somehow.

"Because!" He answered and continued. A scowl crossed your face. Trudging after him back into the city, you came to the Rec Center which was just an old building. The window and most of the doors were bolted shut, a nervous pit grew inside of your stomach. Not to show any signs of emotion you kept your hands at your side and a stotic face.  BEN moved faster making you break out into a run, he literally flew down a long, windowless hallway.

"Oh come on!" you yelled to yourself, faint whispers carried down the long corridor. Your eyes narrowed looking hard you made out an outline of a large door. While you when towards the door the whispers died down, as you wrapped your hand around the door knob there was silence. You threw open the door only to be blinded by light, your eyes not used to the light shut tightly.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!" The many voices of your friends joined together, all of them scream 'Happy Birthday' at the top of their lungs. Your eyes watered as you slowly blinked them open to be greeted by the various smiling faces of every Creep in the city.

"Wha-What?!" Your jaw dropped as you looked around in the bright room, a huge banner hung with 'Happy (age)th Birthday _____!" on it, no doubt made by Pinkie and her proxy.

"It's your Birthday silly! Without a calendar you must  not know what day it is!" Splendor came to your side giving you a warm and friendly hug. He lifted you up and onto his shoulder, now you could at least see over the crowded room. In that moment everything finally clicked, Splendorman was getting sticks for the S'mores table in the corner, and Pinkie had made you a cake that was surrounded by presents. Laughing Jack had set up at least 10 different party games on the left side of the room. Jack's arms extended over the small crowd, you were lifted up off Splendorman and taken to Laughing Jack side.

"Ha! Let's play pin the tail on the donkey!" A wide smile was spread across his face, another hand gripped you arm pulling you  away from Jack.

"No Let's play Just Dance!" the doll face you knew as Masky suggested with a hidden grin, everyone formed a suffocating circle around you each trying to out talk the other. You started to have a heart attack from being in such a loud and closed space. Everyone pulled you in a different direction except for BEN who you swore was groping your butt.

"Wait! Let's just do the cake first" Splendor was able to pull you from the mob, holding you over them like they were dogs and you were the last biscuit in the house.

"No!Games!" Laughing Jack yelled jumping up and grabbing you around the waist. He held tightly as Splendor tried to shake him loose.

"Fine games!" Splendor dropped you into Jack's arms, while holding you he carried you over to one of the many games he had set up. Pin the tail on the donkey, corn hole, Darts, and somehow a mini golf course. You wouldn't put it past him to pull off something big for parties. First you played pin the tail on the donkey only to jab a tac into Jeff arm after being spun around. Second  was corn hole, Jack threw it to hard and hit 2 proxies in the head. You decided to not play darts, Jeff was already trying not to glare and Splendor agreed to skip it. No one after playing mini golf came away without some sort of injury, Memow got knock out by BEN on the 8th hole. Let's just say club met side of head.

"Ok Jack all the games are done can we eat???" BEN groaned flopping on the present table, Jack was still clutching his stomach from how much he laughed during the games.

"Everyone around _____!" Splendor extended his arms to bring you all together, Masky and Hoodie were at your sides and Splendor behind you.

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear _____!!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!" They were hilariously out of tune and harmony, but it was sweet enough that they were trying. Splendor cut the cake giving you the one with the most icing, the cake was a normal (flavor) cake. Everyone talked, mostly to you about how old you were getting and joking around. From all the party games the presents went fast.

"Open ours!" Splendor shoved a bright polka dot wrapped large retangular box into your arms , Slenderman stood behind him. Tearing into it everyone seemed far more on edge than you, everyone either staring at you or the box. Opening the box there was a light sun dress, perfect for when you had to go to the surface. It was a pale yellow with embroidered flowers around the waist.

"Aw Thanks you guys"  You didn't have time to fully look at it until another box was shoved into your arms. This one was from Jeff, it was horribly wrapped compared to Splendor's neat and proper folds.

"Open it" He stated simply, crossing his arms. Shredding apart the paper wrapping, you opened it to find a rather expensive video game you've been wanting.

"Aw Thank you Jeffy"  You pulled him close and kissed him on the cheek, he turned red and grunted a generic reply. The rest of the presents went something like this, BEN got you a new gaming console from one of the people he drove insane, Laughing Jack's present was filled to the brim with candy, Pinkie got you a Baking Kit, and the proxies banded together and got you some really awesome stuff from hot topic. After about an hour of talking, retrying the games (only to fail again) they all slowly trickled out. Splendor had helped you take everything home until it was just you with your cat. Today was rather exciting, tomorrow would hopefully be non-exciting. That wouldn't happen with the friends you had, everyday was a party.
This is for :iconxcomickittyx:'s Birthday! Its on time! It may be 11 pm on your birthday night but it's still technically your birthday!!! :iconfacepalmplz: sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes, it would be awkward to not get this one your birthday so I kinda rushed a bit .w. :iconglompplz:
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AnimeFangirl452 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  New member
Good story
xXPoisonReaperXx Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh my god, this was all so awkward for me because I hate to much attention.... ;n;

But great story either way! ^w^
AnimeFangirl452 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  New member
Me too
I never like too much attention
slendermangurl Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Student General Artist
i am draco bye the way,Draco.yeah. slenderman:here is your present smakes his lips into mine:hotkiss .Draco:0///0.everyone:......OMG.jeff:give me the 20 dollars ben.Ben fine
Corkycorkscrewyokra Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Splender: Happy birthday corky!
Corky: * smiles thank you*
Jeff: *leans over and whispers into corkies ear* it's not your birthday is it?
Corky: *whispers back* shhhh they don't need to know that
DaringDash20 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ME: Everyday was a party more like life is a party eyyyy eyyyyyyyy
PINKAMENA: Your lucky your part creepypasta or i would most likely kill you right now
ME:Yeah lucky me huh
AngelicArtCreations Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Student General Artist
I died when it got to Masky wanting to play just dance with me xD
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I don't know why i cried... :'(
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I cried too ..
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Is it weird that I was fist pumping at every gift like it was my real birthday? XD
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