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January 23, 2013
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Dad!2p!Cat!America X Kitten!Reader

You stared intently at the ball infront of you, it was mostly white with red stitching. You gave it a swat and it simply moving in that direction, walking around it you swatted it again. You were a very curious kitten and you always saw the tan guy hit these with that spikey stick of his. The tan man walked over and picked up the ball, he threw it up an caught it in his hand.

"Mew" you mewed at his feet, purring and rubbing your head against his legs. He was a giant to you, he picked you up carefully and stroked your head.

"Hello lil squirt" He said, your Daddy told you to be nice to him, you couldn't help but knock things over sometimes running around. You were purring loudly when he set you down, shaking your head you ran off. He grabbed his stick and left, your Daddy came down the stairs and sat by the water bowl.

"Daddy! Daddy!" you meowed scampering over to him, sliding slightly on the floor.

"Yes lil squirt" he called you thesame nickname as the tan guy he knew your name was (Name) but he still call you lil squirt, You were called lil squirt since you were the runt of the litter your brothers and sisters were given away but you were so cute tan guy decided to keep you.

"What was that ball that tan guy took?" you rubbed your head aginst his side.

"It called a baseball squirt" He said stretching, you walked under him being alot smaller and all.

"Whats a baseball?" you looked up at him with your darling little eyes, he paused to think for a moment.

"I'll show you how about that?" you smiled up at him, you padded towards the back door pawing at it.

"Not that door squirt, the front door" he jumped up hitting the knob a few times making it turn he opened the door, the tan man never locked it everyone was afraid of your home. You began to tremble you never went out the front door before, you were only allowed in the back yard. Your Dad just walked out like it was nothing, seeing him disapear you paniced and went out after him.

"Daddy!" you cryed running under him, he licked your head tenderly giving you slight reassurance. It was really loud out here you didn't like it, you walked under him all the way to the park. There were a few stray cats, they terrified you but you had your Daddy. A sudden sound made you tense up and hide your face in your paws. It was a alley cat, a female one.

"Hey babe" Daddy just looked at her and kept walking you stayed under him, lady cats were always 'hitting' as the tan man would put it on your Daddy. Your Mama just up and left as soon as you could walk, with your brothers and sisters being given away Daddy started to panic and kept you safe.

"Ok squirt  this is baseball" you stopped infront of a big orangish feild, people were scattered around in places on the feild and in the grass. The tan man was holding his stick while another threw that ball thing at him, he hit the ball with his stick and it went flying out of the feild.

"That is called a bat, thats a pitcher, a hitter, short stop, out feild, umpire" he raised his paw pointing at various things such as the bases positions and all kinds of things. You watched the people play this game for about 2 hours and being the kitten you are you started to doze off every now and again. By the time the game was over you were out, your Daddy picked you up by the nap of your neck. Tan man noticed his two cats watching him abut half-way through the game.

"What are your furry asses doing here?" he asked knowing he would get no answer, Daddy carried you back home keeping pace with his owner. You stirred slightly feeling the air get colder.

"Daddy?" you groaned being laid down on your cat bed, he laid behind you putting his fluffy tail around you.

"Shh lil squirt go back to sleep" he yawned, you nuzzled him slipping back in to a sweet sleep.
cute lil series I'm starting, it'll be slow cause I'm lazy and alot of stuff needs updated
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