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August 24, 2012
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Dingo!Australia x Dog!Reader
Padding down the halls of your new home,the sun shined on your (f/c) hair and you couldn't be happier.All the other dogs back in (your country) were boring,but not in Australia they all were so different.Like that Beagle with eyebrows that lives down the street or the golden retreiver right next door.Your owner (clever owner name) had moved here for a better job and a clean slate,they worked less hours and played more with you and still made more money.

Smelling food you rush to the kitchen,only to see (clever owner name) making their dinner .Running up to them you bark a few times to get their attention,they look down and smile.

"hello ________ are you hungery?"they asked and you bark in responce.

"Alright"they walk over to the closet,with you hot on their heels barking happiley.picking up the heavey bag they pour it into your food bowl marked________ right next to your water dish.

Chowing down you hear (clever owner name) talking about their day,while they make beacon and eggs your gonna get a strip if it kills you.Licking you lips you stare at the meat sizzling in the pan you whine,they look down at you and smile.

"When its done I'll give you a strip"you bark wag your tail happiley.Walking over to your doggy bed you lay down on the soft bed,waiting for them to finish.Everyday they would come home at 3:00 and you would go to the dog park at 4:00.

Closing your (e/c) you doze off lightly smelling the eggs and beacon,soon the smell is right in front of you.Opening you eyes you see Beacon,taking it in your mouth you bark a 'thank you' in which they smile.

while you chew your meat eagerly waiting for them to finish,so you can see your friends at the dog park.Hearing them sigh you know that means they're done,hoping up you get you (f/c) leash the matches your (f/c) collar.

Running around them,they take the leash hook it to your collar and head out.Walking down they side walk you see all the nice houses,trees,and birds.

When your were about 3 blocks away you hear the sound of happy barks and yips,which means your here~.Looking around for your buddies you see Arthur the beagle and Alfred the golden retreiver,by the looks of it Alfred is annoying Arthur again.

Walking over you sit next to Arthur,since you thought he could use someone else to talk to.

"Hello,Arthur"you say calmly

"Hello,love"he sighed

"Hey!________Whats up!!"you flinch at his normal outbursts

"Hello,Alfred not much really"

"Well,love appearently their are some Dingos in the area"Arthur informs you

"What are Dingos exactlt Arthur"you hadn't heard of them because your owner never mentioned Dingos.

"Well,they are wild dogs that live Australia,love"


"Yeah Dude becareful they are dangerous from what our owners tell us."his tone a little serious.Looking over to your owner you hear they are having a similair if not the same convesation as you,(clever owner name)has a worried expression on their face looking towards you.

"Is it safe?"you ask worried

"Yes Love,they  came at night when Yao saw them so just lock your dog door"

"Well (clever owner name) already does that so,I'll be fine"

"Great dudette,anyone wanna play hero ball?"

"Very well"

Alfred walks away to get his super-man ball,you look around the park it has lush green grass,and leaved trees.You sighed you had a bad feeling that something was going down,but you pushed it off as just nerves.You feel something hit your side,you see the all to familiar super-man ball.

Hitting it you start your game of hero ball passing it to each other,or just plain smacking it around.Soon your tired of running around you were panting and laying in the grass,you just

"__________ Time to go!"(clever owner name)yells.Lifting your head you get up and slowly walk back over.You only really stayed their for about 15 minutes and you spent some time talking so time flies when your having fun.

You bark goodbye and head home,walking slower cause you burned all your energy playing hero ball.When they opened the door cool air blasted into your fast,walking over to your water bowel taking a few laps you laid down.Taking a breather because no one beats Alfred at hero ball ever!You decided to take a quick nap.
Opening your eye you see its totally dark,they must have let you sleep.Stretching you go into the kitchen having the munchies,and eat what ever you didn't eat earlier.Hearing barks outside you wander over to your doggy door,you remove the slide.

Being the clever doggy you are,taking a step outside into the warm night.Looking around for the Intruder you see what looks to be a dog outside.You never saw stray dogs but he didn't look like a stray,to clean and well fed.

"Hey! who are you?"you barked,he turned to you with a stare.He had the most stunning green eyes,a few longer hairs sticking up for his head and a light tan mark across the bridge of his snout.

"G'day sheila names Jack!"he said happiley.wagging his tail slightly
"Hi,whatcha doing?"

"I'm hungary,so I'm looking for food"he says sticking his head into the silver thing.

"I have something"you say going back in the doggy door,looking in the dark kitchen you head to the fridge.Opening the door with your mouth,squinting at the bright light you take out the ham.No sense in letting another dog starve,being the kind dog you are.

Walking back out you see him laying down and waiting,one way or another he was cute~.
You drop the meat in front of him"hey,you can have this"he wags his tail happily.

"Thanks a heap sheila~,wanna go to the beach tommorow?"he asked munching on a piece of sliced ham.If you didn't have fur your face would have been red,no one ever asked you to go somewhere without your owner.

"S-sure"you say nervously

"I'll be back when your owners gone"he said happily,finishing his food"I'm sorry shelia whats your name?"


"Well ________ see you tommorrow~"he chimed probably walking back to his den

"Bye~"you say walking back in you lay down on your doggy bed,already antz for tommorrwow to be here.You finally close your eyes and doze off,for your 'date'tommorrow.Not knowing a certain Retriever was out and saw your little meeting and you were in for it.
I thought this would be neat because there ar alot more neko reader inserts than dog ones~
Part 2:
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Lebenen Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Is is puppy love? #SHOT#
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Jack is Hungary? XD
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<3 I love it! But Why Alfred, y u do dis. DX
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Uh oh I'm in trouble now. Iggy and Alfred are gonna yell at me!.........But it's so cute~
Wolfie332 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Student Filmographer
And since I didn't have any names for the owner I named it ICUP.
Wolfie332 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Student Filmographer
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Waiting for the next part
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