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Pt.2 :D

Hearing your owner's Alarm clock go off you stretch,remembering last night.You were excited having never gone to the beach before,especially with another dog.

He didn't seem dangerous at all he was really nice,and cute~.You look up to see your owner yawning and tiredly walking to the kitchen,you jump up when you see them pull out scraple.As they started cutting it you bark and ran in circles this stuff tasted better than sausage!

"Good morning,________"they rubbed your head,opening the door they look down at you.

"Did you eat the ham?"you try to look guilt and whined,which worked.

"Thats ok Iwas going to throw it away,better you eat it than throw it away"they smiled.
They went back to cooking their scrable,your owner only really ate breakfeast food not that you would complain getting beacon or something else now and again.

While waiting for them to finish you hear alfred barking outside,they go to the window.

"Hey________ I think Alfie misses you,go say hi"you walk through the doggy door,seeing a hyper golden fuzzball going nuts barking.

"Alfred what is it?"you asked really annoyed,10 minutes after waking up you have to deal with him.

"________!________! was that a Dingo I saw you talking to last night?!?!"he barked making you cover your head.

"For your information Yes he was,and he was really nice"you say annoyed

"They're mean my owner told me so!!"

"Wait how did you know he was here?"thinking he was spying

"I got up to pee and I saw him and he was talking to you!"he stared at you

"First of all to much information,and why are you jelly?"you mocked.He stopped for a minute and stared at you blankly.

"N-no,I'm not!"he pouted

"Whatever,Alfred"hearing your owner call your name,you turn to leave.

"________ Don't trust him he's a dingo!"

"I don't care,Alfred~"you chimed
Walking back in you see them putting some food into your bowl,which was scrable.Happiley going over you see they made a breakfeast sandwhich ready to go,you start eating your second favorite food.

"I'll leave Animal planet on for you"they say flicking on the tv you see the topic is of course Dingos.

"Bye________"they say leaving to which you bark back,hoping on to the couch you sit and learn about your new friend.By the end of the show you learned that some people actually had alphine dingos as pets,they were like puppies and really not dangerous.Stupid gossip.

"Hello sheila"you hear a voice say jumping you see the Dingo from last night

"What the who did you?"

"The dog door was open"


"Come on lets go,the beach is only getting more crowded"he say wagging his tail

"Lets go then"you say excitedly,you had your I.D tag so you would be fine.Walking out the dog door you see Alfred,chilling on his poarch through the chain-link fence.

"We are going to have some much fun sheila"he said loud enough to rouse Alfred.His eyes widened and he ran over.

"________ what are you doing with that dingo!?!"he asked terrified

"He's my friend Alfred"he stared at you"Jack this is Alfred,Alfred this is Jack"

"G'day Mate!"Jack gleamed

"Hello"he said obviously mad

"Come on Jack lets go"wanting to leave before Alfred says something really mean,he's done it before.

"Sure thing sheila"you both start your walk to the beach,It was sunny and warm but not hot.Thankfully it wasn't the summer time or as soon as you got there they probably would have called the dog catchers.Feeling sand on the sideway you knew you were at the quiet side of the beach,feeling the warm sand on your paws was an amazing feeling.

"This is so cool"you say running in the sand

"have you never been to the beach sheila"

"No really"

"then you haven't lived!"he said running towards the ocean

"Wait up"you quickly run after him feeling the cool water spray on your face.It was really refreshing.Only going so far in it was really amazing feeling only ever being in the tub before,and the veiw of your dingo friend wasn't bad either.

Hearing thrashing you turn to see Jack chasing something.Walking over you see a fish and start chasing it to,splashing around you both go after it jumping infront of it.Trying to bite it only to fail miserable and you both head back.Laying in the soft sand your owner is probably going to be wondering why you smell of salt,but you could always jump in the fountain in the dog park.Laying down with him next to you,you relaxed with him next to you.

"That was fun"you gleamed

"yeah to bad we didn't catch it"he said laying behind you.

"We should do this everyday"you say looking in the beautiful ocean.

"yeah"he said resting his head on your shoulder blade.
Turning your head you see people,but not just any people Dog Catchers jack seems to notice them to.

"Lets go!"he says jumping up

"Yeah!"running off you two head to the dog park so you can hide.Hearing them running behind you blowing whistle,probably hopping you were trained to respond,but your to smart.Taking a quick cut across the street and car blocks them and they give up.Slowing down you both go into a fit of laughter.

"I can't believe they gave up that easily!"he said,they weren't of the best build.

"Yeah,Lets go to my House they can't get us in there!"Turning down the street you see your house a few blocks away,the only problem was you had to go past the dog park.

And Alfred was there with his owner,He was everywhere you didn't want him to be.When he turns his back you both run/sprint down the side walk,making it across without alfred seeing you.Walking around to the back of your house,you go in through the doggy door with him right behind you.

"So this is your home,sheila!"he says walking into the living room,and hoping up onto the couch even though he was already here but he really looked around.Seeing how Animal Planet is still one you jump up next to him,The crocodile Hunter was on it was pretty amusing.

"Today was fun until those Dog Cathers saw us"

"Yeah but we left them in the dust,sheila"he said tiredly,you both close your eyes and drift off peacefully.
Hearing the front door close you realize they must be home,thankfully they went upstairs.

"Jack!"you poked him,he raised his head and looked at you tiredly.

"Yes sheila?"

"My owner is home and they're upstairs!"He hopped of the couch and went to the doggy door.

"See ya tommorrow sheila"he said walking through the door just as you owner was coming down stairs.

"Bye~"he ran off probably back to his den.     
As he said he visited you tommorrow and the next day and the next,days turned to weeks and you saw him every day.Alfred had accepted him as a friend and so did arthur,but one day he didn't come.

You weren't really worried until it was a few weeks since ou last saw him,you had asked arthur and Alfred nothing.
You paced in front of your doggy door wishing to see him again,he was your best friend maybe more and he was missing.Your owner noticed you were getting far more antz and constantky watching your dog door.

The vet said that maybe a dog friend moved away,or you were just plain depressed.So today they were taking you back to the dog park,you lost the old bounce in your step.

"Come on________ lets go"your owner pleaded a little trying to make you feel better.You whined and get up walking over and letting them put the leash on you,slowly walking out of the house you were behind them the whole time.Hearing the barks and yip that once filled you with happiness,only made you remember when you were happy.

Laying down next to your owner you just felt sad,there was a hole in your heart.Feeling someone paw your side see someone you would never expect to be here,Jack he was wearing a collar too.Jumping up you glomped him licking him.

"Sheila I'm so happy to see you!"he said licking you back.

"What happened to you?"you asked over-whelmed with joy.

"I was caught then adopted by that human,his name is koala man!"

"That is so great!"you gleamed barking and wrestling with each other,your owners seem to notice.They look at each other,then back to you guys,and back to each other.You looked so happy to be with them like you knew each other already.

"G'day Sheila"Jack's owner says to yours

"Hello,is that your dog"they asked pointing to Jack

"Yes he is,his name's Ace!"he smiled

"He named you Ace?"you asked

"I like it,but you can still call me jack"he said rubbing his head against yours.

"I will!"you gleamed,looking over at them you see they seem to be getting along just fine.You played all day together finally you had your Australian Dingo puppy back!
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Extended Ending~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
You awake to little whines and yips,looking down you see your little baby dingos 3 boy and 1 baby girl who had your (y/h).Crying for food and warmth,moving closer to them they crawl/wobble closer.

You see Jack or Ace walking in with a food dish,and sits it next to you.They all barked and yipped at the presence of their father.

"So how is my New Mama?"He asked You chuckled

"Just fine,Jack"he smiled looking at his little ones~

"They're beautiful ________"

"Well yeah they look lik their father"he layed down beside you.
Your ownrs who were watching from the doorway awed,looks like they're Grandpups-in-laws.Looking down at your little pups you sighed,it was going to be a very good life indeed.
                                                                                                                      ~Le End<3~
Part 2 peepz hope you like!
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kyshari1999 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016
part 3?
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Omg this was so kawaii~! (o≧▽≦)o
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🐶🐺🐕🐩 Adorable
Darla98 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
My puppies would look wierd because I'd be a silky terrier, also from Australia. I happen to own one and boy are they little boogers!
TheFireRebel Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Student Writer
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I would be an Siberian husky
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If I where to be a dog I would be a
Australian Shepard because I had one when I was younger and they are cute!!
nekokitty35 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Shoot! I mean *were
icemoon316 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
As a dog, I would be a shiba. And shiba x dingo mix puppies would just be the cutest!! <3
Btw, great fic. c:
Meowsos Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
whats y/h means??
deathhio Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
your hair colour or it this case fur
VulpesVulpini4 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
OMG Does that mean Koala Man and Reader are together or is that just me thinking to far in?!
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Don't worry I was thinking that too :3
Romacat Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013
Aww this is so cute! Now prepare for a bad pun in 3...2...1...I'm proud to say this dingo didn't eat my baby!! Lol so lame!
Dogshampoo24 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
So cute I'm crying tears of joy :)
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Oh the fluffiness of it all!~  :fluffy: NOT MY WORK 
NyanCat001 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
"Wait how did you know he was here?"thinking he was spying

"I got up to pee and I saw him and he was talking to you!"he stared at you.

Wolfie332 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Student Filmographer
"No really"

"then you haven't lived!"
That's exactly what my cousin said when I told her I never went to a beach.
deathhio Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I am a wolf so that make the pups half dingo and half wolf sweet
memowkitty Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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