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September 23, 2012
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England x Reader : The New Kid

Yawning you stretched in your assigned seat,waiting for the day to start.It was a beautiful day and you were stuck in school,you crossed your ankles staring at the clock.

Lifting your head when you heard the fast,high-heeled footsteps of your teacher,she walked in and went to the board.With fast hand movements she wrote a name on the board 'Arthur Kirkland' was written in cursive,'Oh great a new kid' you thought not really caring.

The bell rang telling you the day had now started,Mrs.(teacher name) got up infront of the class clearing her throat.

"Today class we have a new student to our class"she gestured for him to come in.You stared blankly at the door way,you saw a boy your age with shaggy blonde hair,emerald green eyes,and bushy eyebrows.

He was carrying a few binders and books.A blush dusted your cheeks he was very cute,you avoided eye contact with him not wanting your face to get redder.

"Hello my name is Arthur"he said in a kind manor,he the most adorable british accent.

"Hello Arthur"the whole class said in unison,even though you remained silent.You secretly hopped she would put him in the seat next to you,you grew nervous as the teacher looked for a seat for him.

"Arthur why don't you sit next to __________"she said pointing in your direction.

"Alright then"he said calmly walking back tou you,pulling out the seat and placing his things down on the desk."Hello

"__________"he greeted you.

"Hello Arthur"you said quietly,you looked at what books he had wanting to start a conversation.You were surprised to see they were all of fantasy and magic,there was a silence you were determined to break.

"What kind of Fantasy do you like?"you questioned glancing up at him,green meeting (eye color).

"Wizards and Magic are my favorites"he smiled slightly

"Like Merlin?"

"Yes he was half demon you know"he informed you.

"Wow thats cool"you beamed,you never knew much about wizards but you always thought they were neat.You swung your feet gently beneath your desk,you glimpsed up at the clock just as it rang.

Everyone got up at the same time,swarming toward the door while you waited for it to clear alittle.Just as you got out to the hallway Elizaveta beelined to your side with a smile.

"Oh my ___________ finally has a crush"she said proudly hugging you nowing you had never really gone on a date.

"Knock it off Liz"you struggled a little to  break free of her grasp,you tired yourself and started walking down the hall with the hungarian girl attached to your hip.Walking into the first class of the day Math you scanned the room to see if arthur was here,you sighed when you realized he wasn't.

Taking your seat near the back of the class,you could feel Elizaveta radiating happiness and joy.She had always been on your back about finding your sweetheart.Mr.Sample your math teacher started to pass out notes,and like always you had a huge home work assignment.

You stared off into space for half of the class,and got the sudden urge to draw something.The class ended early so you had so spare minutes,whipping out a piece of paper you started your sketch.

The sound of the bell brought you back down to earth,you looked down slightly shocked.You unconciously drew Arthur with a wizard's cloak and staff,an owl perched on his one gloved hand.

Immediatly you shoved the picure into your binder just before Liz appeared over your shoulder.

"Whatcha drawing ___________"she asked trying to open you binder,you held it shut.

"J-just a cat"you lyed hopping she wouldn't notice your stutter.

"Thats nice _________,well come on we have other classes"she tugged on your sleeve.

"I'm coming"you gather your things and head off to your other classes,you wished you had at least 1 class with arthur.The rest of the periods went fast with the ocassionally hand signs from elizaveta,mostly hearts her pointing you you and Arthur.

You had at least one class with him it was science,buthe was on the oppisite side of the classroom.

And finally lunched had arrived jogging up the stairs and to the luchroom,you got (Fav lunch).Walking back over to your table,Liz gestured for you to come over to her.

"What is it now Liz?"you questioned looking down at her.

"___________,Arthur isn't sitting with anyone"she pointed over to him.A lump formed in your throat making you glup nervously.

"Go sit with him"she said pushing you lightly in his direction.

"B-But w-why I usually sit here"you scolded yourself for stuttering.

"Because we all have boyfriends and you need one,now get your butt over there"You walked over timidly,clinging to your binder.

"H-Hi Arthur may I sit here?"your words must have drawn him back into reality because he flinched a little at your voice.

"O-of course love"he got up and pulled out a chair,you sat down as he pushed it in.Your face heated up since no one had ever do that for you before.

"Your really a gentleman Arthur"you said shyly looking in his green eyes.

"I-its only proper love"he said looking down and blushing.You tryed to get a little bolder by stricking up a conversation with him.

"Arthur what do you like to do?"you asked hopping to started a conversation with the brit,he smiled slightly.

"I love to read,ecspecially (fav book)"

"That my favorite book"you beamed finding some common ground.

"What do you like?"he asked.

"I love to draw"you smiled.

"May I see some of them?"he pointed to your binder

"O-of course"as you opened your binder a page fell out,Arthur picked it up his face turned red.'Oh crap"you thought forgetting the drawing you did earlier,'he'll never like me now'you thought sadly.To your suprise he smiled,lifting your spirits ever so softly.

"Your a really good artist __________"he said kindly handing it back to you.

"T-thank you"you looked down just thinking he was being nice,but that didn't stop your face from again heating up today.You quickly put your drawing back into your binder,feeling completely embarrassed.

"Don't be embarrassed,love"he said nervously rubbing the back of his neck,you smiled slightly hoping you didn't completely ruin your chances.The rest of the period went rather fast with idol chit chat,he actually asked to keep your picture,which you happiely agreed.

"Sooooo how'd it go???"Liz who appeared beside your locker questioned you with a broad smile on her face,it was the end of the school day and for some reason she avoided you and arthur.

"Fine and why did you avoid me all day?"

"You know,I didn't want to mess up the mood~"she replied poking you with her elbow.

"Quit it"you shrugged swatting her away.

"Aww I'm only kidding"she smiled as you slung you backpack on,and shut your locker.

"Lets get going"you walked through the halls with a squealing and giggling hungarian woman on your shoulder talking your ear off about love,sweet hearts and boyfriends.But she suddenly walked away with out saying a word you were surprisedat her actions but so realized why.Arthur had walked over to you looking slightly flustered.

"__________ may I walk you home?"he looked down his cheeks
burning,you smiled.

"Ok Arthur"he looked up and smiled.

"So were do you live?"

"(Your adress thingy)"

"Great I dont live far from there"you both started walking enjoying each others company,it was a beautiful afternoon.As soon as you arrived at your home Arthur's face was even redder,you kept trying to figure out why but came up with nothing.


"Hmm what is it Arthur"you looked at him questioningly,he gulped and quickly leaned in.Pressing his soft lip gently against yours,you were shocked but melted into the kiss wrapping your arms around his neck.His kiss was soft and sweet ,he pulled away both of your cheeks red.

"__________ would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"Yes"you cheered

"G-Great see you tommarow love"he waved goodbye before walking waited until he was out of site before squealing and running inside to call Elizaveta.

~~~Meanwhile in the bushes~~~~

"My _________ finally found her sweet heart~"she chimed quietly to herself,she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket.Flipping it open she clicked the talk button and answere cheeriley.

"Elizaveta I just kissed Arthur~!"you beamed

"I know I was there~"

"What do you mean?"

"Look out your window"
you pushed the curtin aside and saw Elizaveta waving to you from the bush,you just hung up.You had enough of her for today.

                       Fin <3
Commission for :iconkawaiigirl15:Hope you like~
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