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EnglandxReader: My Knight in Shining Armor

"__________........___________.........___________"you heard a voice repeat in your ear,you tried to swat the annoying voice away.You groaned as your brother tried again.

"_________! Dudette get up!"he flipped you onto your back as your eyes snapped awake.

"WHAAAAAAAAT!?!?"you loudly groaned rubbing your eyes from the sudden light flashing in your eyes.

"Come on ________ its your last day here,before you go to boring old england"he prodded your side in an annoying fashion,but still you tried to score a few more minutes.

"I know why you want me out bow chika wow wow"you giggled as the american stared at you for a second before realizing what you said.

"W-what no way dudette!"he laughed nervously rubbing the back of his neck,you smiled widely since your room was very close to Alfred's; He never had time for lady friends.He grabbed your arm and pulled you out of the bed,his face was red at how easiley you could me with him.

"Alfred,________ breakfeast!"your mother yelled from the kitchen,she was ready to go to work  and always made you breakfeast.

"Yaaaaaaa"Alfred screamed running downstairs you shrugged,'he going to eat himself to death'you thought.Your stomach was full of butterflies fluttering around wildley,you got ready wearing a (insert fav t-shirt) and a pair of (fav jeans) and (fav shoes).

You quickly styled your hair and your contacts.You jogged down the stairs and walked intot he kitchen,Alfred ofcourse shoving food in his face .Talking about god knows what as your mother simply nodded fixing her business skirt.Your mother and father both worked at a raising business and had saved up for you to go to school in england.

Sitting down at the kitchen table your mother sat a plate of eggs beacon,before smiling down at you.

"_________ I'm so proud of you!"she smiled then turned her attention towards Alfred"You should take after your younger sister!"she added before turning and leaving for work she said goodbye.You grabbed your plates and Alfred's 5 plates and set them down in the sink,you heard Alfred go thundering up the stairs you soon realized why.

it was 7:00 on the dot,and your bus arrived at 7:06 am,running towards the front door you slung your backpack over your shoulder.You opened the door with alfred behind you trying to tie his shoes,befre just sliding them on and running down the street.

The cold air made your lungs ache and your legs quickly tired but you weren't as bad as Alfred who just ate.As you approached the  bus stop everything got quiet meaning the bus was literally right behind you,you both slammed on your breaks and panted as the bus pulled up to the stop.

"We did it"you said tiredly but in a triumphant tone,gripping the side rail and slumping down in your seat as the bus hauled everyone off.The ride was quiet as usual but the ride home was loud and head spliting annoying.

You yawned leaning your head on the window of the bus,snoozing until you arrived at your school.You groaned getting off the bus as he scrambled to get off and ran towards his football buddies,you walked there the main entrance.

Where the teachers were watching to see if there was any inappropriote clothing,you kept a stotic expression you didn't want to terriffe the other students with your over-joyed grin.

"__________!!"(F1) squealed jumping on you and hugging you to death,as (F2) sighed.

"Don't kill her"(F2) said whacking (F1) on their head.

"Ow!"she releasd you and your face returnd to its normal color.

"Thank you"you wheezed taking a deep breath.

"I can't believe your going to england.I hear they have hot guys!Do you think their food is really bad?Who will be your first english firend?What will your prepared family be like?And what about those english accents!You better come back with one!"(F1) ranted loudly and smiling widely as you walked down th stairs and to your homeroom,you both tried to tune her out,but she was soooooo loud!

You both sighed in relief when she ran off to her locker,you grabbed what you needed from the locker.

"She means well,but still we should keep in some form of contact"you heard (F2) say closing you locker your small smile still on your face.

"At least you don't talk my ear off"you laughed not in an insulting way,(F1) even knew she was hilariously loud.It was part of her hyper charecter.

"Guess who's back~!"you heard hr sing running back up to you two,both shrugging as she restarted her rant.

"So"and thats when her extremely long list of questions all came in one blow,walking into homeroom her voice quieted as she stared at some random 'Hot' boy.Surpirisingly you never found any of the 'hot' boys in your school attracted,they were all the same jocks and bad boys.

But unlike the other girls you wanted a gentleman,manners,and treats you right.You never even had your first kiss yet,but that would change when you went to the country of gentlemen.

"Good morning class"you homeroom teacher said to the class smiling over at you,she was one of the nicest teachers on your 'team' the Eagles.

She continued on with some announcements such as sports and contests,the whole class paid partially attention.Once she sat down at her desk filing through paperwork the whole class boomed to life,filling with directioners,and belibers talking their head off about their favorite bands.Your teacher got up and walked over to you,she had a proud expression on her face.

"_________ we are all very proud of you getting into that school in england"She congradulated you as you got some envious looks from around the room.

"Thanks Mrs.Smith"you blushed slightly from all the attention you were getting,you never liked attention much.Soon enough the bell rang and the class  hurried toward the door,pushing to get out first you sighed it was going to be a fun day.


The whole day was filled with teacher and students congradulating you and wishing the best if luck.You smiled as you packed your things the only down side was that (F1) focused all of her energy on you today and questions while (F2) acted completely normanl.

"I'm realing going to miss you guys"you said sadly,it would be a whole year before you saw them again and that was if you got bad bad grades like Ds and Fs.

"We're going to miss the crap out of you!"(F1) shreiked sadly as you all were about to part ways for the next year or so.

"I'll miss you guys too!"you hugged them both at the same time.

"You are going to have so much fun!"(F2) said before letting go while (F1) clung to you tightly.

"Get me a key chain!"she cried dramatically before letting go,you felt you heart squeeze in sadness at leaving them.

"See you guys in a year!"


"Bye" they both waved before going off to their own buses,as you walked onto the bus it started and the driver closed the doors.Now your stomach was twisting and the one butterfly feeling felt like birds now as the bus started home.

You could hear aAlfred in the backround talking and laughing with his football friends,but you felt him glancing at you through the ride home.

It went incredibaly fast,you got off the bus your legs shakiley carrying you off the bus.this was your last ride on the bus for a whole year,you were the kind of person who welcomed yet hated change.

"C'mon dudette you need to get packed!"Alfred slung you over his shoulder running down the street.

"Don't touch my butt"you knew he wouldn't but you loved seeing his face tomato red,which it was.Only you could really embarress him,but you only did when no one else was around.He set you down the the porch,fumbling in his pocket for the key;eventually whipping it out and opening the door.

"Mom,Dad we're home"you announced hearing soft sobs in the kitchen,worry cluded both of you minds.You quietly walked over to the kitchen doorway,your mother stood there wiping away her mascara.

"Mom?"you said loud enough to get her to look up.

"O-oh ________ I didn't hear you come in"she sniffled wiping her eys,walking over to you."Mom what is it?"she sighed and hugged you tightly"My baby girl is growing up!"she said happiley but with a sad tone in her voice.

"Empty nest sydrome already?"you heard you dad say comedically trying to make her smile.

"Y-Yeah I guess so,but know I'll just have to fawn ocer alfred"she smiled you were always her favorite as was Alfred dad's.

"Lets get packing!"your mother grabbed your hand and hauled you up to your room as Alfred and dad talked about football.You pulled an old suitcase from the back of your closet,as your mother piled clothing onto your bed folding it and making it neat.

You went to the bathroom and grabbed you tooth brush,shampoo,and brushes,ect.The air was silent neither or you daring to break it,she would probably start crying again.

"Do you have your glasses?"

"Mom I don't need them!"you pouted looking at the eye glass case on your dresser.

"______ what will happen if you loose your contacts"she crossed her arms.

"I won't!"you pouted.

"To bad your taking them in case of an emergency"she grasped the case in her mands and zipped it into your front suit case pocket.


"Come on girls,lets go!"you heard your father call up to you.

"We're coming (dad name)"She yelled back down,taking your suit case and shoving a crap load of money in.

"Lets go!"you said excitedly as you ran down the stairs,not changing because your plane ride would get you to england by nighttime you would change then.You could see alfred sitting down on the sofa poppong in a scary movies as you father was
putting on his coat.

"Goodbye Alfred"when you spoke alfrd shot up,running over and hugging you.

"Good bye sweet,funny,perverted sister!"He set you back down,feeling as if you were going to cry you held back the feels.

"Well lets get going,her plane leaves in 1 hour"Your dad said holding the door open and you walked out and into the back seat of the car.

Alfred waved goodbye as the car started and pulled out of the driveway.The whole ride your dad let you listen to your favorite songs as your mom talked to you to keep from crying.You heard the sound of airplanes landing and taking off you knew you were at the airport,your dad ayed for parking and you and your mom got out of the car.

"Bye dad"you hugged him and to your surorise he hugged back kissing your fore head.

"Ready ________?"

"You know it"you happiley followed you mother who handed you your draggable suit case.

"I hope there are no long lines"you sighed walking into the elavator and going into the main building.The baggauge check went fast and the security went pretty well,you mother was allowed to escort you to your gate.

"Flight 118 London,England now boarding"the stewardess called over the loud speaking.

"This is it"your knees felt like jelly and your hart fluttered.

"Don't worry ________"you mother rubbed your shoulder encouraging you."Just remember to call us when you get to your family"she added her eyes tearing up.

"Don't worry I will"you walked up to the stewardess showing your ticket she smiled and welcomed you aboard,waving goodbye you went down the hall and stepped onto the plane....
commission for :iconanimegirl177: i hope you lik it so far I wanted to at least post this,with my inspiration tanks on low so it took awhile ;w;
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