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June 16, 2013
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You stared longingly out the window and into the dark woods before you, your mother was in the kitchen making dinner. You wandered when he was coming back, it had been a whole year since you've seen your father. He was working Mother always said, she worked as a park ranger and you had no choice but to trust her.

"Honey he'll be here, come and finish your card" She patted you spot on the wooden table, you jumped off the couch and scurried over. Crayons of every color cover the oak table along with craft paper and paints. You stared thoughtfully down at the card, so far you only had a drawing of him, you and mom.

"This is gonna be my best card yet!" You said enthusiastically drawing scribbles of green and brown to symbolize the forest and that creek down a ways. You hurriedly flipped it over and wrote in your best possible cursive "Happy Daddy's Day!" in glue and sprinkled pink glitter onto it. And finally you signed and folded the bright card, holding it against your heart.

"Oh honey he's here" Your Mother's voice lightened, her eyes brightly staring out the window. You squealed and jumped out of your chair running towards the door. You saw his white mask before anything in the woods, you swung open the door and ran towards him. Mother called after you following behind, he got down on one knee, opening his arms for you.

"Daddy!" you screamed with joy running into him and hugging him with all your strength. You panted, running was never your strength but you could tackle the crap out of somebody.

"Hi sweetheart" He picked you up easily holding you above him, you laughed grabbing the mask from his face. He didn't stop you like when you were really little, he plopped you down to his side and hugged your Mother tightly.

They exchanged a few words while you stared at the mask intently. You pressed the Plastic against you face, it stuck for  a few moments and then began to slide. Holding it on your face with 2 hands you looked up at your Daddy, smiling behind the plastic.

"Daddy! Hey Daddy! I'm just like you!" you exclaimed tugging on his tan jacket, he look down at you with soft brown eyes and smiled. But there was something else in his eyes, sadness perhaps?

"Yeah I guess you are" he rubbed the back of his neck laughing, the trust was that you looked more like your Father than your Mother. He took your hand into his along with your Mother's and walked back to the house.

"I can't stay long this year" he looked towards your Mother when he said this, giving you hand a tight squeeze. Your hearth sank at this piece of news, he would always stay the night every year but this one and possibly the ones in the future were going to be like this.

You walked in first to give them a few moments with each other while it gave you a bit of time to grab the card. They finished, you hurried over to him presenting your beautiful card to him. He took in from you the expression is not what you expected, he looked like he was about to cry almost. It didn't match the smile on his face though so you took it as a good sign.

"Aw thank you _____" He leaned down removing the mask from your face to kiss you on the forehead,  you giggled hugged hiss neck.

"I wish you could stay forever" you said looking up at him, he was silently looking at you holding the mask in his hands.

"Well honey say good-bye" Your Mother placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, 'so soon?' you thought sadly. You went back over to him and saying goodbye- he leaned in next to you ear.

"No matter what your still Daddy's little girl" he whispered to you and let you go, giving your Mother a goodbye kiss he turned and left. You watched him leave and the same blank face tall man appeared next to him looking towards you. He looked one last time and waved good bye and vanished. He would be back soon... or so you hoped.
Its a short little thing for Fathers day, for those who have them unlike myself I thought this would be nice for you guyz -w- Masky is a busy dude
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RoseValentine13 Apr 4, 2014  Student General Artist
OMG. I read this a little while ago and didn't know it was u!!!!!!!! :D
RoseValentine13 Mar 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Its soooooo cute!
Koly gucking nit masky is my daddy!!!
clawsunpaws Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
more?? this need its own story Heart Love =D (Big Grin) 
IcePureHeart Feb 16, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Me: noooooooo daddy don't leave ;-; *starts crying*
iHoNk Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
.............. MY FEELS.
*Hugs Little! self*
Lucaria13 Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kao Emoji-76 (I'll be waiting) [V4] omg soooooooooooooooooopooooooooooooooo000000000000ooooooo0000o0000o0o0oo00oo00o0o00ooo00000o0000o0o0o000o000 cute

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