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April 29, 2013
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France X Reader LEMON

This be a lemon so it contains smexy stuff, Don't like please don't read.

"Francis where are you?" you voice echoed in the large house that you and your boyfriend resided in. Dropping your purse on the small table by the door next to the vase of roses. Francis always had them around, you had a whole garden outside too. Looking out the window and into the night a few buds were beginning to show. That always meet you both would be outside tending the prickly flowers. Switching on the hallway light you stepped cautiously up the long stair case, the dim light of candle light. A small smile formed on your lips, he was going to try again. Reaching the top your turned out the lights, a trail of rose petals showing you the way. It was cheesily romantic but still sweet.

"In here mon amour~" his vice filled with the same purr, pushing open the door a light pink blush graced your cheeks. Francis was stretched across the bed in his red satin robe. Rose petals speckled on the bed and Francis himself. A fine bottle of wine with 2 glasses sat idly on the bed side table.

"Francis" you said in a voice dulled with humor and expectation, you crossed your arms over your chest leaning against the door frame.

"No no mor amour this time I just want you to relax" he chuckled his voice a bit shaky as he sat up, you raised your eyebrow. 'He laid out rose petals, looked sexy, has a bottle of wine and he wants me to relax?' you glared at him half-heartedly before giving a sigh. You went over sitting on the corner of the bed, although he beckoned you closer.

"Lay down lay down" He moved to the opposite side leaving you plenty of room. Your mind still working on what his devious plan could be, reluctantly you laid across the bed on your stomach.

"Now what" you folded your arms and rested your head on them, he smiled rubbing his hands together.

"Just relax" he brushed your hair over your shoulders placing his palms against your shoulders. He pressed his palms down moving them in tight,hard circles. You shut your eyes receiving the sensation of relaxation. His hands roamed your back pressing and massaging the tight muscles beneath. You let out a small groan as he loosened the knot in your back. He worked his way thoroughly from your shoulder blades to your tail bone. He stopped to uncork the wine, your smile turned into a small frown.

"Here mon amour" the wine glistened a light red in the candlelight, you sat up feeling a bit woozy with fresh blood rushing to your head. You took the sparkling crystal glass into your hands carefully, you took a swig of the tangy yet sweet drink. The same fuzzy warmth ran through your veins that always happened when you had some of his wine.

"Thanks" you replied putting it back on the table, being a lightweight was hard especially around someone who loved their wine. He already had downed half of the fairly large glass.

"Are you feeling any better?" he asked resting his chin n your shoulder, snaking an arm around securely around your waist. You looked down with a slightly concerned expression. He kissed you cheek, his stubble ticking your cheek. He fell back onto the bed taking you with him, with his free arm he sat the glass on the table on the other side of the bed.

"Eek!" you squirmed. He held you still giving sweet kisses down the side of your neck and nibbling your ear tenderly. Your face burned red making you turn onto your side, forcing yourself up off his chest with your elbows.

"Oh amoureux please" He gave you his best puppy dog eyes with his cerulean eyes, so many times you turned him down or pushed him away. You couldn't stand to be able to see him that disappointed again.

"Al-alright, just- you know" avoiding his excited eyes he caressed your face in his hands,  moving your arms down and around his neck. You moved so that you were straddling him yet his arms bound you to him. He flipped so that you were now under him, he released you only to recapture your wrists pinning them above your head.

"I swear this shall be fun" he cooed in your ear, it better be since it was your first time. He nipped the side of your neck a small flinched with each red mark. One hand ran down your side unbuttoning your pants, the same nervous feelings began to rise. Your eyes never leaving the small candles that surrounded you. He sweetly kissed your lips causing you to tingle, he tasted like the wine you had just moments ago. He pressed his lips harder, his hand slowly began to rub you clit through your underwear. You clutched the satin robe pulling him closer to you, the small pleasurable tingle sparking a fire in your blood.

"You not dressed for the occasion" he whispered. He sat up, the closeness of his warmth gone. He rolled your shirt at the edges, pulling it lowly over your head. Next were your pants, you pushed and kicked them off and onto the floor joining the shirt. You blush worsened and you hurried to cover yourself from his wandering eyes, that scanned you fully.

"I'm sorry....I'm j-just a little nervous" you said bashfully, your bravery dwindling with each long moment. His eyes soften a small smile on his face, rubbed the outside of your thighs tenderly.

"I will be somewhat gentle" his tone was soft, promising a kind of tone you never truly heard in all the lewd yet funny comments he makes. You let out a deep breath a nervous feeling growing in your  middle, it was nearly impossible to relax. He resumed to kiss you but with far more force behind it, a continuously conflicting feeling going on in your mind. His tongue traced over your lips, you parted your lips enough to allow him entrance. The taste of that wine covered your tongues, he pressed you further into the bed. He sneaked a finger under your underwear pulling them down your legs, his hand unclasped the back of your bra never breaking the kiss. He broke the kiss short to completely take of your bra and undies. What little protection now gone. With a shaking hand you pulled the belt of his robe loose, Francis smirked and took it off himself. The finely tone muscles underneath in full view, you refused to let your eyes wander any lower than his abs, fearing that if you saw the size of it you would chicken out.

"Oh mon chere you are nowhere near ready" you just gave a nod in response as he crawled onto of you, he pinched and rubbed your clit making you wetter and wetter. He didn't want to cause you pain but then again he wasn't a patient man. You held him tightly as 2 fingers entered your heat, a small bit of pain followed as he moved in and out. This pain began to fade after a few moments, your thoughts skipped to what it would feel like when he entered you. He brought his hand back to his face, clear liquid covered his fingers. Still clinging to him be brought his manhood to your entrance, your grip tighten like an python as he pushed himself inside of you. This pain was deep inside of you, your virgin wall forced open, small amounts of blood mixed with your juices. Teeth clenched, muscles tight and tense, the pain still never faded. He brush a strand of hair behind you ear in a comforting way.

"Relax it will hurt much less" Francis you gulped in a breath of air, 'relax just relax' you thought your body slowly responding to your commands. Feeling you relax he gave a small thrust, a weak dusting off pleasure followed. You remained silent, focusing on relaxing. His pace quicked pounding deep inside of you, each time it grew more and more pleasurable. A burning knot replacing your nervousness took form, impending release.

"ah..ah Francis" your small voice moaned as the Frenchman did the same in reply, you pushed yourself against him. Suddenly the pressure released followed by a blinding orgasm, your inside muscles clamped around him. Francis came a few moments later, the warm liquid covered your stomach. Both of your bodies covered in sweat, Francis gave a light sigh and got up to go to the bathroom. Your eyes followed him when he returned with a wash clothe and cleaned you up a bit.

"Sorry mon amour" he looked in your eyes before throwing the wash cloth into the hamper.

"Its ok" you replied with heavy eye lids and a big yawn, shifting around you got under the covers. A silky rose petal between your index finger and thumb. Closing you eyes the candle lights faded into darkness and Francis joined you in a calm, peaceful night of sleep.
Request for :icondifinitivekai: from like 2 weeks ago, she better stop bugging meh about if and I might be going on hiatus soon. I'm not entirely sure yet......
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