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August 31, 2012
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Running around your german home,happy as could be.Your vati said your grossvater was visiting,even though you had never really met him.You cleaned up your room and toys being the tot you are,getting excited was very easy.You smiled not wanting to wait anymore,grabbing all your toys and throwing them into your toy chest.

Hearing the door bell you run down stairs,seeing you vati open the door you hold your breath.

"The awesomeness has arrived!"a certain prussian uncle yelled walking in making vati facepalm.

"Uncle Awesome!" you yell running down and hugging him.

"Meine favorite Awesome neice"he said picking you up,while gibird landed on your head.

"Hey come in here und help me Gilbert"you turned to see vati putting on his apron,and gil set you down on the couch.Grabbing the remote and putting on spongebob just as the episode 'Texas'came on.Watching the T.v you could hear Vati and Gil fighting about how Gibert would start watching Spongebob,and not doing something right you giggled.

"Finally we're done!"Vati said thanking the high heavens.
Getting up you look to see the whole table set,and everything spic and span as always.

Hopping off the couch you skipped into the kitchen,smelling the diffrent aromas of german wurst and bake goods.Tugging on your vati's pink apron he looks down at a hungry ________.He sigh you were like America with food,jut shoving it down  barely even tasting it.

"I'm sorry ________,but you'll have to vait until your Grossvater gets here"he sighed when you pouted.

"Fine"just then there was a knock at the door.

"Yay~"you cheered as he walked over to the large door,when he opened it you saw a man who looked like vati only with longer hair and a small braid.He looked down at you and smiled at you and Vati.He wore a Black tee with regular jeans.

"So zhis is meine grosstochter,I've heard zo much about"he smiled picking you up.

"Grossvati!"you smiled hugging his neck.
You played with his braid while he talked to vati in german,you giggled when Gilbert came out of nowhere and pushed all of you together.

"Guten tag Gilbert"he groaned being squished by his eldest son."How are you?"he said pushing him off with one arm,still holding you.

"I'm still as awesome as ever!"he exclaimed striking a pose,vati and grossvati both face palmed.

"Vell lets just eat"Vati sighed walking into the kitchen.

"Does he always wear that?"he asked looking down at you.

"Yes"you answered he sighed walking into the dining room,and setting you down in your high chair he sat next to you.Vati and Gilbert walking in carrying multiple dishes and plate,they set them down much to gilberts releif.Vati started putting things on your plate,while the others made their own.

"Here ________"Vati sat your plate infront of you,grabbing your fork you started eating some wurst.Looking around the table you see they were quiet,so you were too.Taking a bite of sausage,you finally hear someone break the ice.

"So Vatter how was the world?"vati asked looking up from his plate.

"It vas very interesting,and rather fun"he answered back.

"Ja I bet it was Awesome not as much as me but still"gil
commented,Grossvati chuckled.

"Yeah but it got lonly after russia"

"Ja he has that aura"Vati said looking back down at his plate,your family they were never ones for conversation.The rest of the meal was silent only broken by you yawning,it was around 10 pm. your usual bedtime.You yawned again feeling your eyes water slightly,your eyes felt heavey.

"Come on its to for bed"vati said picking you up from the chair,grossvati got up too.Walking up the stairs following you and vati up to your room,vati set you down in the door way.

"Go change and tell us when your done"he said closing the door.Walking over to your dresser you picked out your spongebob pjs and knocked on the door.They both walked in to say goonight,climbing into your soft bed you lay down.

"Guten nacht________"Vati said kissing your forehead.

"tell me a story"you pouted

" I'm sure you know some stories"he stuttered he wasn't the best story teller.
"Ja a short one"

"Gut we'll be down stairs"he said leaving the room,Grossvati sat down at the end of your bed.You sat up wanting to hear the story,scooting closer he cleared his throut.

"This is a quick story ok?"

"Ja!"you answered smiling

"A mother had her child taken from the cradle by evil elves. In its place they put a changeling with a empty head and blank eyes who would do nothing but eat and drink. In fear she went to a neighbor and asked for advice.

The neighbor told her to carry the changeling into the kitchen, set it on the hearth, make a fire, and boil water in two eggshells.

That should make the changeling laugh, and if it laughs it will be all over with them. The woman did everything just as her neighbor said.

When she placed the eggshells filled with water over the fire, the emptyhead said: Now I am as old As the Wester Wood,But have never seen anyone cooking in shells! And he began laughing about it. When he laughed, a group of little elves suddenly appeared.

They brought the correct child, set it on the hearth, and took the changeling away back to there home."he said the story very realisticly gesturing with his hands.

"that was neat!"bouncing up and down.

"Calm down and go to sleep"he said covering you with your blanket smiling,making you yawn again.Snuggling into the covers you felt him kiss your forehead.

"Guten nacht"he whispered

"Guten nacht"you said drifting off into a peaceful sleep.
                                                                ~Le End~
sweet short sory is sweet,this was next on my uber long list.Since school started again I'm going to be writing some school ones,because of the constant inspiration!~
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BeigeCascade Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww yeah.

that story hahahah I can relate my German family and i as well grew up hearing these bizarro stories at night 💛
dreamflyer1100 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
i remember hearing that story when i was reading one of my grandmother's fairy books.  not quite with the laughing part, but still the same.  it's funny where you can hear this stuff.
FANGIRLHetalia Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Love it!
Hinatathebloom1 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute ^w^
onigirifreak Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
UNCLE AWESOME! :iconawesomeprussiaplz: XD I laughed so hard!!!
And I WISH I was able to go to bed at ten as a toddler! I STILL can't stay up that late during the school year! >:T
MiraakTheDragonborn Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Sooo sweeeeett
BlueLight01 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awwww so cute!!!!!!!!!
darkshadowkrystal Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
oh its so cute and awesome ur awesome keep it up oh be careful i said the word awesome without Prussias permissin lol
memowkitty Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
animefan5228 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
That is really cute!
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