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March 10, 2013
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Halfdog!Smile,DogXReader 7 Minutes in Heaven

You felt around for a few moments trying to grab something that wouldn't poke or cut you, you winced once or twice brushing your hand against a knife or other sharp objects. Finally you grabbed something normal, like a photograph. You took it carefully out by the edges too not harm the picture, to your surprise it was blank. But it did have 'My Family' written in felt tip pen on the bottom.

"Whos picture is this?" you asked just as you held it up a guy with dog ears and tail swiped it form you, He shoved the picture into his pocket. He wore a black shirt with the words 'Spread the Word' written on it,wripped jeans,and a spiked dog collar around his neck.

"Its mine obviously" a light touch of a canadian accent in his words, his eyes were an eerie glowing yellow.

"The names Smile human" he held out a strange lightly padded hand to you, you shook hands with him. You couldn't help but actually feel his hands, certain spots were soft and other felt like a dog's paw.

"(Name)" you replied to him, he smiled. His canines were  slightly longer and sharp like a dog's would be, 'he must be Smile dog' you thought. You stared into each others eyes letting go of each other, the sound of a squirt bottle broke you focus.

Splendor stood with a squirt bottle and a rolled up newspaper, htting it into the palm of his hand. Smile's ears went back and his tail between his legs, you giggled at him. He gave you a pouting expression and pulled you into the closet.

"You be a good dog Smile!" Splendor said closing the door, once he did all you could see were his glowing yellow eyes. Your curiousity grew about his tail and ears, were they soft or matted feeling. Taking a leap of faith you reached forward to grab his tail. He yelped like a surprised dog and pulled it away from you.

"Don't do that human!" he barked at you a light blush in his cheeks, feeling mischevous you grabbed his dog ears next. He growled but stopped when you started to rub his ears,'He's just like a dog of course" you thought giggling. His tail wagged  hitting the wall with heavy 'thud' sounds, he panted lightly.

"You have so many weak spots" he stopped completely and gave you a glare. He then pounced onto of you, you both landed on the carpeted floor. He straddled your hips his expression of annoyed anger on his face.

"You human have weak spots as well like here" he grabbed your breast squeezing hard you owed instantly "Here" his hand moved to your neck " And mostly here" he grabbed your crotch. Your face now red with embarrasment and anger, how dare he touch you in those places! You tried to shoved him of but some how managed to only flip onto your back.

"Get-" he held his padded hand against your mouth licking the shell of your ear.

"I plan to exploit all of your weaknesses human~" he growled his hand left your mouth and went under your shirt, the other slipped something into your jean pocket. You would look at it later if there was a later. He got off you to pick you up just to shove you against the door, Jeff made some sort of comment on the other side.

For revenge you yanked his tail, he slammed you against the door by thrusting against you. You kissed him first, he paused before completely dominating you again.

His hands slipped under your shirt kneading your breast gently. You moaned slightly, mind beguining to blurr. The door handle jiggled making him hug your against his chest, Splendor opened the door a glare on his face with a spray bottle ready to go.

"Smile" he said in a warning tone, a deep growl that vibrated Smile's chest was sent back. He let go of you before quickly running off with Splendor chasing his tail.

"Run dude run!" Ben yelled laughing his ass off. You walked back into the light feeling that mystery object in your pocket. It was the picture from before something strange happened a picture began to take shape.

A slightly older you was asleep on some sort of bed, 4 little children that resemble you and Smile with tails and ears were spralled over you in some places, sleeping soundly.

"What?" you cocked your head to the side, water droplets hid you back. You turned swiftly to see who was behind you. Smile was drenched in water with a smirk on his face.

"Lets make that picture a reality" your eyes widened as he grabbed and threw you over his shoulder running upstairs.

intro- [link]
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