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May 16, 2013
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Hamster!BEN DROWNED X Reader

It was that same time of day when for just 10 minutes you would take a nap from all the chaos that was Pastatown. Your eyes fluttered shut, the all to familiar heaviness of the day lifted from your shoulders. With the occasional honked of a car horn or screech of tires, it was easy to doze off.


What was that? You groggily raised your head from the couch arm, it was right against the front door. It was possibly the daily paper or a ball from a young creepypasta.


This time it had more force behind it, you thought of letting it go and returning to your dreamland. But with this constant thudding that would be impossible to achieve. Sliding off the couch you pushed yourself up and towards the door. It was hit once more as you opened it widely. A small light green see-through ball rolled inside, a few places looked like air holes. You turned and closed the door, living in a creepypasta world anything could happen. He ball curved, hitting the back of your legs. Bending down you picked up the suspicious ball and it's small occupant.

"Is that a freaking hamster?" you glared inside. A small dirty blonde ball of fur with black with red eyes that peered back at you, a tiny green elf hat perched on his head. Unscrewing the cap, you tilted the ball until he landed on you palm. He crawled over your hand and up your arm, his tiny feet ticked you as he climbed up onto your shoulder and nuzzled your neck.

"Well aren't you just adorable~" you cooed rubbing his small back and head, he crept down your shoulder. Edging around the neck of your shirt to your cleavage. You gasped at his bold perverted action. Swiftly you grabbed him in your hand, he again attempted again forcing you to place him back into the ball. He scampered back up the the entrance, trying hulling his body out.

"BEN just stay in your ball and I will call Ms.P" Replacing the lid to the ball you set him carefully back down on the floor. He rolled after you all the way across the living room, bumping into your heels along the short distance. As you dialed the numbers for Ms.P's number it rang all on its own, and by strange coincidence it was Ms.P herself.

"Hi-" She hurriedly cut you off with sharp fast breaths.

"___-____" she huffed taking a moment to breath. You held the phone tightly against you ear, BEN backing up and hitting your foot over and over.

"Ms.P what's wrong!?" you said voice full of worry for your dear friend. She let out a long exhale and spoke.

"We may have a problem, and before you say anything let me speak" she calmed herself, having your full attention other than BEN who was trying very hard to get it.

"Today Jeff got turned into a rabbit by some fangirl magic. I was intrigued and tried to make a potion of my own with the help of some fellow Creeps, it didn't turn out so well... The point is they escaped and I saw BEN roll in your direction" She tried her best to control the tension and panic in her voice.

"I have two questions, Is it permanent? And Why are you running?" she paused for a moment gathering her scattered thoughts. BEN hit your leg again, you glared at the ball and gave it a light kick sending him across the living room floor. Once he stopped rolling he came charging back hitting your foot. You were so close to just chucking him in trash can and trapping him in there.

"No I do not believe it is and I am chasing Laughing Jack, I didn't know something so small could run so fast. There he goes!! I have to go ______!" the dial tone sounded just before you could hear her yelling at him to stop. Hanging up the phone, you turned your attention to the little annoying hamster.

"What!? What is it BEN?!" Picking up the ball you gave it a small angry shake. He clawed at the lid sending you the signal to be let out. Unscrewing the cap you plopped him back onto your hand. His soft fur glided across your arm and back onto your shoulder, a little scent of lake water wafted up t your nose. Did it even have a scent? If it did BEN stank of it.

"Must I bathe you?" you questioned arching an eyebrow jokingly, his eyes widen and leaped from your shoulder, narrowly missing the couch. Pulling his small body over he dug himself deep into the cushions. Disappearing completely from sight, you growled and stomped over to the couch.

"BEN! Seriously I was joking!" you said trying to apologize to him, yanking out the first cushion he scurried behind the other. He couldn't hide forever. After pulling all the cushions from the couch he had already chewed through the fabric and into the springs of the couch. Reaching down in after him he slipped from your fingers going in deeper. You now were to the point of bargaining with him to come out.

"BEN what will it take to make you come out?" you leaned over the hole, he poked his head out looking at a certain part of your body then going back down.

"If it will make you come out so be it!" you were just defeated by something small and lighter than you own hand.Oh the shame. You replaced all the pillows except for the one covering the hole in the fabric, he took at least 5 minutes to fully emerge from the hole. Waiting your every movement with his shiny eyes, up your arm with some help and directly to your collar bone. Sliding down your shirt and between your boobs. He stared back out at you and hunkered down. A faint annoyed blushgrew on your cheeks.

"BEN you are such a pervert" he responded as you thought he would of if he could speak saying 'The pervert you LOVE'. A rapid knock that nearly broke down your door made you spring to life. Ms.P called you name repeatedly, running to the door a very scratched and damaged friends wobbled in. Her cat around her neck as always.

"______ dear I must treat my wounds and rest here for the night I hope you do not mind" she sighed falling onto your couch with a thud. She had a few 4 claw scratches on her face and arms, bags hung under her eyes. Grinny crawled out from under her and eyed you suspiciously once you closed the door. BEN looked out from your shirt, the cat's eye narrowed and he jumped. You reacted by crossing your arms over your chest. Claws latched onto your skin drawing thin red cuts.

"AH! Ms.P!" You shrieked as Grinny clawed down your shirt to reach BEN, getting up as fast as she could, she pried Grinny from you.

"I'm sorry dear. I guess we're both a bit fatigue" she pressed her hand against her forehead, Grinny hissing in the other.
"The guest bedroom is up the hall and second on the left" you placed an assuring hand on her shoulder, she nodded and walked almost in a stupor up the stairs.

"Lil BEN you ok?" you pulled your shirt back and peered down, BEN was in a tight ball. You cupped him the best you could holding him up to your face, a sly smile on your face. He relaxed enough to look at you.

"Once you back to normal you can go after Grinny with a squirt bottle" He lifted his head the look of sweet revenge on his face, you felt bad for Grinny still.

"Lets go to bed" he shook his head with vigor, placing him directly on your shoulder you went upstairs. His grip tightened when you walked past the guest bedroom, you gave him a assuring peck on the head. Going in your room you locked the door for extra precautions. You left most of your clothes on, it would make no sense if BEN was going to change back to normal in the middle of the night you did not want to be stark naked. Ben jumped off and onto the bed, and crawled onto one side of the bed. He was a small lump under the covers.

"Good night BEN" you whispered slipping under the covers yourself. 5 minutes passed before you finally felt the hands of sleep dragging you under, a pair of arms hugged you from behind. The warmth of someone else sent you directly to sleep.

"This was a great fate huh?" he kissed your neck then nuzzled your hair, and  finally fell asleep himself.
sorry for any spelling mistakes i didn't get to send it to my proof reader since its 2:49 in the morning. And someone needs to draw a picture of Ben as a cute hamster. This is kinda a mini series I hope to continue :3
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Eriejaeger2015 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
LOMG I HAD A HAMSTER NAMED BEN but my dog grinny ate him D: (I was a creepy pasta fan when I was five)
JordanDonges Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
how cuuuuuuuuute :D
MegaJapanophile Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
KorbynLuvsTheHaters Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
 Gimme dah link to Benster :3
MegaJapanophile Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright XD
XxWhiskdreamxX Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
I love this
Sesshomarul182 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
Me: omg a little Hamster ben that is so cute X)* makes a Photo of him*
> Next morning <
Me: * looks at the Photo from ben* so cute ^^
Ben: *walks in the room* hey what are you looking at?*looks at the picture* *dark blush*
Me:oh come on no need to be shy;-)
dawnfeatherr Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is really good >:3
but how do you make the white background in the
story? ;-;STITCH LLORA 

mimimiyuki Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014
you know you wanna do laughing jackThem eyebrows  come onnnnn Ayase Yandere Icon  DONT YOU DARE INGNORE MEHHHAPH Belarus Senpai Notice Me LOL  JUST KIDDING Chiyo Excited Icon  but it would be so cool iif ya did Chiyo Smiling Icon 
ForgottenScarsLove Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I imagined hamster!BEN Hamtaro styled and squealed of how cute that might be. :iconeeeeeplz:
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