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April 8, 2013
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Humanized!Happy Appy X Reader 7 Minutes In Heaven

 You winced feeling a knife cut your palm, it drew some blood. Pulling back something stuck to your fingers, it felt like a sticker or something. You pulled your hand out trying to shake the sticker off. You took a look at it, it was a Happy Appy Helper badge from what it said. You peeled it off of your hand it still sticking to your uninjured fingers.

"Happy Appy!" Splendor call out, someone who you assumed to be Happy Appy squealed. A man with bright red hair,baby blue eyes and green lips skipped over. He wore a long sleeved shirt that faded from white to a rustly color at the end of the sleeves, same with his pants.

"Thats me Happy Appy, I help kids every day" He smiled, the freckles on his cheeks became more noticiable.

"Happy Appy is really nice ________ I think you two will get along fine!" Splendor said placing a hand gently on your shulder. To be nice you smiled at Appy, who was still smiling blushed. You both walked into the closet, he stared at your cut finger, his eyes glance back at Jeff who stupidly put a knife into the hat. When the light began to fade, Appy took the stick er from you. He fixed it and stuck it onto your shirt, giving it a tap.

"Now your a Happy Apyy helper" he chirped, he grasped your palm lightly. Pulling it towards him he ran his finger over the cut, you jolted pulling back.

"Please don't touch it" you whimpered, the last thing you needed it to be was infected.

"Dont worry I love to heal people" he rammed his hand into his pocket feeling around, taking a few moments he opened a bandaid. Nabbing you palm back he place a band-aid over the cut. He planned a soft kiss on the band-aid.

"All better?" he asked holding you hand in his.

"Yes, thank you" he got out a knife, it barely visible in the darkness. He swiftly cut you arm only further up, you pulled back into yourself.

"Aw clumsy ________ did you get another boo boo?" a purr in his voice, he place another band-aid over it like the other he gave it a kiss.

"Why did you do that?" you were concerned for your own safety now, he did this a few more times. A trail of band-aids went up your arms along with his cuts that kept getting closer to your face.

"I didnt you did"  you noses pressed together, his almost glowing blue eyes burned into yours. He wasn't just looking at you it was like he was staring into your soul. Your body began to shake all over, the  knife pressed against your lips. A small cut forming, a tear went down you cheek as you bit your lip.

"Now now don't make it worse! Appy will make it all better" he gave you a death smile, you whimpered. You felt now that you life was truely in danger. He licked your lips with his green tounge. You squirmed as he grasped your shoulder licking your lips as if they were tthe sweetest candy. He pressed his lips into yours, holding you firmly in place. Your eyes widened when he jammed his knee into your crotch. You yelped making him slam you into the wall, your head hit you head against the hard wall.

"Appy!" you squealed pulling away hoping Splendor would hear.

"Thats my name don't wear it out!" he laughed forcing himself against you. His teeth scrapped against yours causing slight pain, he bit your lips. You could taste blood, you squeezed your eyes shut shutting out some of the pain. It was in a way arousing a bit but not much.

"Times up!" Splendor opened the door and Appy released you. Splendor squinted at your face taking it into his hand, he turned it from side to side.

He tsked Appy " You should've been gentler, I'll help you dear" Splendor led you to the kitchen, looking over your shoulder Appy gave you the creepiest smile. You shook at his pure and utter creepiness. In a few minutes Splendor patched you up, he had to take you upstairs because Ben and a Cat girl were putting band-aid on each other.

"Come back down when your ready" Splendor said heading down the stairs.

"Splendor" his head popped back up from the railing a questioning look on his face.

"Yes dear?" you looked down rubbing the band-aids on your face.

"Thanks" he gave you a happy look, adjusting his hat.

"No no dear I should be thanking you" He disappeared down the stair way. After a few moments of pondering what he said you flickered the light off leaving you in the all to farmiliar darkness. Feeling around you touched something warm, a feeling of danger over came yous senses. A thumb and fore finger brought your face up to his.

"Why don't you be Happy Appy's special little helper?"
I was going to post this last night but my mom forced me off the computer before I could Upload ;w; enjoy the creepiness and stuff.
Hint: Loves them some candeh!
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blackdreamer17 Apr 8, 2014  Student Writer
some of the links don't work
Shadowdpokemon Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shadow:.......knives.....*throws one into the air ony for it to land in her eye and gets attacked by birds*FUCJSSNSTSHSGSSUSFSJGSJ*runs around screaming* fucking idiot /.- (best story ever XD...ignore my char and her knives....) are we even related to her,!?!?!?!
Shadow:...*gets the knife out and kills the birds*....faking birds man....their evil!!( ever day XD AGAIN BEST.STORY.EVER!!!!..ironicly I was eating an apple....I wanna wach the show happy appy...cause...gore.....^^)
E-Sane Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
NO!!!*jumps out window ad runs into the night*
Darkfoxdragon101 Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lets make some apple pie? XD
Frost-Paw123 Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Appy is here to heal you--


Withhisdick. :I

...Gog damn it He deserves a lemon.- *GogIamsoweird*
nekoisawsome Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PikachuInc Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Appy: Hurhurhur Me: :iconusukplz:
umm... nutin' much... but.... you write Hapy really well... and i was wondering if you could write a full blown readerXHappy Appy? It's just, he's one o my faves and i don't see many fanfictions with him.... PWEEEAAASE?! 
iluvPewdiepie Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I was fricking eating an apple while reading this! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
swreld-star Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
your name is iluvPewdiepie but your pic is cry. how so is dis?
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