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July 31, 2013
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Hungover!Jeff The Killer X Reader

You woke slowly from your sleep, Jeff was shaking in a cold sweat. His raven hair stuck to his white face, the corners of his carved smile turning down. You looked down at him pitifully and rubbed his head. Like always he was going through a hangover, and his were always the worst. Poor Mike, never saw Jeff coming.

"Jeffy!" you whispered giving him a shake, he hated being called Jeffy, Jeffy-boo, and god forbid Jeff fa fa. He moaned painfully rolling to push himself against the couch. You sighed, looking at the clock it was 9:32. Slenderman was probably wondering where you were, and against your better judgment you slide your self out from under Jeff. With his sweating it was easy and your shirt was soaked. You half walked and stumbled into the kitchen, every morning its like your body was drunk. Taking the phone off the hook you dialed his number, it rang 8 times of course.

"Hello? This is Slenderman" he said in his usual monotone voice, a knot formed in your throat. You remained silent for a moment. Either he was going to be upset with you for not immediately calling him when you found Jeff or just be upset at Jeff.

"Y-yes Slenderman, Jeff is hungover and I think I should care for him the rest of the day" You sounded as professional as you could so he would agree. He always liked things to be serious and silently perfect.

"Could you put him on the phone please. This is getting ridiculous" he sighed the tone of disappointment became clear, you walked back over to him, the sound of your feet on the floor were loud enough to disturb Jeff's sleep. He started to look up at you but the light prevented him, he snuggled down into the couch. He swatted at you and mumbled a threat, you placed the phone on the side of his head.

"Here he is" you said clearly, you laughed as Jeff jumped up clutching the phone. Slenderman's voice yelling at the other end, scolding his ignorance and all the problems he has caused in the past 2 years. He replied with simple 'yes' or 'a huh' rubbing his temple. You left him to be yelled at going up the stairs and fetching him some aspirin and water. On your return Jeff was sitting at your dining room table, his head on his arms.  In the light you could see the blood and alcohol stains on his Hoodie. That would be washed and clean when he left if it killed you and possibly would.

"Make me food woman" he grumbled looking at you with his dulled blue eyes, you set the glass and pills down next to his elbow. He knocked the pills off the table when he went to grab them, he  reached down to grab them and popped a few in his mouth.

"What do you want Jeff?" you asked turning on the stove and getting out a pan, eggs, butter, beacon and bread.

"Foooooooooooood" he repeated dropping the pilling in his mouth and sipping at the water.  He was starting to get pissy as usual, next would be angry and last would be kindness. His pain would subside in a few hours. The eggs and beacon sizzling on the stove, he got up to hug your from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder.

"Slenderman said you was going to take care of me for today" you felt his chest contacted meaning he was laughing, the smile on he face pulled upwards. Of course he would like the idea of someone doing everything for him, he nuzzled  you cheek and let go to sit back down at the table.  You flipped the  eggs on last time and turned the stove off to retrieve a plate from the cabinet and a fork. The eggs slid onto the plate about the same time the beacon finished. Those followed onto the plate soon after.

"Here you go Jeffy" he glared at you, he hated that nickname with a bleeding red passion. He ate slowly, the whole time you were staring at the stain of his Hoodie.

"What?"  he looked at you, cocking his head to one side.

"Give me your filthy Hoodie" you went behind him to pull it off of him, he raised his arms and allowed you to take the dirty article of clothing from him. He wore a black t-shirt underneath that was cleaner than the Hoodie itself.  He continued to eat, you walked down the creaky steps of your basement, a single light in the whole space that hung over the washer and drier. Tossing the Hoodie in you put in a bit of bleach to whiten it up. Your name echoed down from the kitchen, he was calling for you again.

"I see why Slenderman was yelling" You said this to yourself feeling a bubble of laughter rise in your throat, "How many times has Slenderman been in my exact position?" thinking this again you nearly laughed. The poor Slender being turned babysitter. You forced the smile off your face and resumed an annoyed glare to give Jeff.  A plate was throw across the room, shattering as it hit the wall.

"Jeff! What the Hell man!?" You yelled at him, he crossed his arms and pouted. He never had a very good glaring face mostly caused by his lack of eye lids. You quickly retrieved the broom and dust pan from the closet, Jeff trudged over the the couch to lay down. You swept and wiped down the floor, a shard of a ceramic plate in your foot had made you cringe. The anger in your shoulders tightened and burned, Jeff had a way of getting on everyone's nerves one way or another. For you it was coming over uninvited and breaking your dishes. The Tv clicked on with some kind of violent movie on, Halloween the newer version.  Replacing the broom and dust pan, you lightly walked over to the couch.

"Jeff!" Yelling this suddenly a few inches from his ear, he jumped turning his head to glare at you. A smirk crossed your face, you had scared the feared killer. His hands wrapped around your neck and pulled you over the couch, your heart rate increased, the shiver of panic raced through you. This time you had taken a step to far possibly, he was hungover after all. Red marks would be left there, oh the questions BEN or Memow would ask. Your body still in a panic, the muscles in your back and shoulders became taut. He removed one hand from your throat, but the other only added pressure with his fore finger and thumb. Your throat constricted tightly, you gulped. The pulse in your neck pumped harder as the air seemed to be slipping from you. Jeff held you like this for a few moments, the time was passed ny you occasionally glancing down at his, his eyes were always darting over your face and a few other places. The hand that hand vanished reappeared, he pressed it down on the back of your neck. An odd feeling of attraction had flushed your face a pale red, slowly but surely you kissed. Jeff's red lips were tough and not as soft as they may have looked. His slit mouth made it rather hard for him to pucker up so he just forced your lips against his. He made not have been the sweetest and most pleasurable but still there was a spark. The phone ran loudly from the kitchen, Jeff refused to let you go. Embracing himself against every curve of your body rubbing against him. You heard the loud thump of your heart, your arms hugged Jeff. The two of your fit snuggly together on the couch, an intense heat was building as Jeff's tongue enter your mouth, you gave over your control, eyes shut.

"____? Jeff?" A simply monotone voice said from the kitchen, the voice of Slenderman. He teleported over to the couch much to Yours and Jeff's terror. He looked down at you, his white face turned pink. Jeff had started to remove your shirt after you kissed and Slenderman had a low tolerance for Creeps doing it with each other. The scene was not to good.

"Well...I see you are...busy, Jeff I have brought you a change of clothes. _____ ,Masky and Hoodie are waiting for you in the woods." Slenderman set Jeff's clothes down on the coffee table, his face turned redder when he glanced at you. Then he vanished into slender air, Jeff and you had not separated your kiss until he left. The awkwardness between the both of you was unbearable. You got off of Jeff the whole front of your body was now cold, you were quiet walking up the stairs to change. Once you had finished Jeff had changed and left leaving his dirty clothes behind with 'Please wash these, thanks <3'. A smile graced your face looking at the little heart, surely the moment shared would be valued. Except the tension and awkwardness grew by ten-fold  with Jeff. You never the forgave the Slenderman.
I apologize if this is not as good as the first, I got a little rusty so um yeah I hope guys like it. Damn Slenderman and his blocking ways. -3-
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