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April 13, 2013
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Laughing Jack X Reader 7 Minutes in Heaven

You searched for something interesting, something different. Avoiding all sharp and pointy objects. You grasped a rope, a worn one at that. Pulling it out, it stretched about a foot or two. Reaching the end a small bear had the roped tied in a noose around its neck, rainbow colored candies fell from its stomach. Splendor took a purple candy and popped it into his mouth.

"He always gives the best candy ________" Splendor sucked on the hard candy, holding the bear under you arm you unwrapped a lemon piece. A shrill laugh came from behind you as you placed the candy into your mouth. You turned sharply, muscles tense. A lanky your man stood with messy black hair, white and black fur on his shoulder, black a white striped sleeves covered his arms, a pair of dark grey over-alls and long striped socks. His skin was a glossy plastic white, black lips with dark rings around his eyes; he cocked his head to the side hair falling in his face.

"Hehaheheah" he cackled, his eye twitched. You nearly choked on the candy, it sliding back you automatically pushed it back up. His spiraled nose made you stare awkwardly at him. In a puff of black smoking he appeared next to you snatching the bear from your grasp.

"heheHahe" he ripped candy out of the bear and shoved at least 10 pieces of candy into him mouth spitting out wrappers. They all slowly floated down to the floor covered with saliva, in a matter of moments Slenderman flipped out screaming. Splendor gasped at his behavior, pushing you both into the closet.

"Remember to share!" Splendor called from the other side, he gave a gave a questioning cock of the head. A glint of mischief shined in his eyes, a piece of candy rolled in his tongue.

"Can you even talk?" you glared at him through through the darkness, he cackled causing your blood to begin to boil.

"Of course I can!" he laughed.

"Splendor wants me to share and share I shall~" his hands tightly wrapped around your neck pulling you closer. You tightened your lips together as did your jaw. You didn't want this guy to invade what little space you had between you.

"Sto-" as you opened you mouth a slimy tongue slipped in, you went to bite down only to bite a hard candy. It was your favorite flavor too which freaked you out. He pinned you against the wall, his thumbs pressing into the palm of you hands. Your fingers curled and tightened. His tongue and mouth tasted like pure sugar and candy, legs buckling you slumped against him lost in the rainbow of flavors.

"You wanna see a magic trick?!" his eye twitched and he let go of your hands, you tried to put them back to your sides. They wouldn't budge. Your hands were pinned as if nailed to the wall. You jolted forward only to be stopped by some freak force.

"What the hell!?" you screamed only to be silence by candy being shoved into your mouth, you kicked your legs wildly. His hands snaked under your shirt, tickling your soft bellie.  You laughed trying not to choke on the candies, he laughed with you. One thought entered your mind,'This guy gets off on laughter!!" you had a major what the hell moment. His finger trace down your stomach, squeezing you lips shut you surpressed laugher. When people tickled you it got out of control very fast.

"Your laugh sounds cute come on let me hear it" he chuckled, his eyes in the darkness bore into you. Pulling up your legs you blocked your ticklish zone. the candies in your mouth threatened to slip back into your throat.

"So you wanna play hard ball huh?" he let out an insane laugh, someone on the other side yelled " Taser her!". You tried to glare through the door and kill whoever said that. 2 hands pinched your sides, your muffled laughter reverberated the small space. You coughed swallowing the melted candy, your throat ached and burned. A dull burning pain in your legs forced them back down. He lifted your shirt, rolling it up to your breast. A pair of pursed lips pressed against your stomach. He blew directly in the middle of your stomach, the tingling feeling of laughter pulsed through you.

"Ahhahhahah!!" your shrill laugher made him smile, the tingling of being tickled spread down to your nethers. Arms still pulling against the force that bound you against the wall. Every laugh and giggle you grew wetter, your lungs ached, a cramp in your middle.

"Ah..Ha..ow" you groaned the pain becoming to great to continue to laugh. Taking in deep breathes you calmed your shaking body. Laughing Jack stood and eye level with youm jagged tooth smile on his face.

"What a pretty laugh" he whispered poking your stomach a few times, each time your abdomen contracted painfully. Your face is red your breathing heavy and labored.

"________,Jack times up. Don't want you making her laugh herself to death" Jack replaced his hands over your hands in that pressured place, the door creaked open as you were released. Rubbing your palms,everything vanished in a black mist. You fell onto a soft bed, creepy and horrifying clown posters covered the walls. The bed sheets were terrifying having a large clown head with blood dripping from its teeth printed on it.

"Where am I!?" you yelled, Jack appeared kneeling over you.

"I'll give you something else that tastes like candy~" he smirked.
No one guessed this dude! if you would have red his creepypasta you guys would've been all over it.
Hint- snapped neck
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