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March 5, 2013
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Lost Silver X Reader 7 Minutes in Heaven

Something smooth brushed against your hand, like plastic of a game cartage. You were looked around the room thinking of all the Creeypastas that were from games and such. Pulling it out the small game cartage was scratch and cracked in places, light grey in color. Pokemon game no doubt, being a former fan yourself it was a bit of a shock. Was it a pokemon perhaps? That would be plain awkward.

"Aw He's a sweetheart (Name) you'll like him" Splendor put a hand on your shoulder. You nodded and turned to go to the closet, you were already inside once they found him. Lost Silver. He didn't have any arms but you were alright with that, 2 unknowns floated in place of the missing limbs.

His skin looked a frost bitten blue, the whites of his eyes black, irises red, a tuft of black hair sticking out of his hat. From what you could hear Jeff was giving him a pep talk about going in with you. You gave him a smile and he blushed walking in, whispering a soft 'Hello'. The door finally closed leaving you both in the darkness, once the last sliver of light vanished  he scooted next to you.

"Hello" you said back smiling, he was such a sweet heart much like what Splendor had said.

"I..I really like you (Name)" his tone was soft and sincere, an unknown pushed you closer to him. You put an arm around him, you wanted to comfort him. He seemed sad and lonely, you just wanted to hug him. You got an idea. Leaning on him you kissed him sweetly on the cheek, he flushed bright red. Without warning he pressed his cold lips onto yours, he withdrew in a matter of seconds.

"I'm sorry (Name) your very warm" he looked away embarrassed it took all of his confidence to get into this closet.

"Its alright Silver" you hugged his cold form, he shuddered and nuzzled your neck. The unknowns pressed you closer to him like hands almost. He was freezing cold, he made you cold almost. He leaned in to kiss you again, you closed the space kissing him back. He laid his head on your shoulders, the unknowns were always touching you in someway.

"You won't forget me right?" he asked looking at you he sounded so depressed and saddened waiting for your answer.

"Of course I won't!" you said hugging him tighter, he sniffled as you rubbed his shoulder.

"R-really?" his tone was shocked but faded to pure happiness, he started to sniffle. You gave him another kiss on the cheek as the door opened.

"Awwwwww" Splendor's eye couldn't have gotten bigger or shinier, he yanked you both out giving you both a hug. He put you both down bounding off to tell everyone about the adorable couple in the closet.

"(Name) would you like to play Pokemon with me?" he asked nervously, you nodded and he led you upstairs to his room. He wasn't so shy when he closed the door though...
I thought Lost Silver would be a complete sweetheart because he hasn't had much experience with girls. And the uknowns act as hands for Lost Silver I think, gonna try to get Seedeater done at 3 in the morning LOL
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Simslover20 1 day ago  New member Student Artist
By far my favorite!!Clap Clapping Pony Icon - Maud 
He wasn't so shy when he closed the door though...
Me: are you sure thus will fit?
LS: of course it will! C'mon out!
Ne: *comes out dressed as the girl player from SoulSilver* how do I look?
LS: let's play Pokemon... ;)
Me: Oh my god! He's so shy and -
He wasn't so shy when he closed the door though...
Me: ( ._.) Wut...
dageraron Apr 8, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
 It's so cute! I can not play pokemon I'm part umbreon it be wrong having a pokemon trainer who is a pokemon having a pokemon.... Oh well! 
Akirasblackcat Apr 8, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
such a sweetheart, love it ^^
Good very good but there's just one thing that drives me crazy ITS UNOWNS NOT UNKNOWNS!!!!!!!!:hitwithbat: bye bye mad Im MAD!!!!!! Emoticon Good and Evil EMOTICONUnown-zulu Unown-tangoUnown-yankee Unown-victor 
NTL1313 Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Should I use Blastiose or Haunter? *blushes as I play Pokemon with Silver*
He wasn't so shy when he closed the door eh?
*chuckles ominously*
neither was I
*grins perversely*
Athena would you like to play Pokemon with me?" he asked nervously, you nodded and he led you upstairs to his room. HE WAS'NT SO SHY WHEN HE CLOSED THE DOOR THOUGH...

...well that escalated quickly
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