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September 23, 2012
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Male!Belarus x Male!Reader

Warning Yaoi (boyxboy) DON'T LIKE DON'T READ Commission for xPuppEx

"(Boy Name)!(Boy Name)! Do we have everything,where's my wok?,how much time do I have?!?"china yelled panicking running around the house going nuts.

You stared in disbelief at you parent nation,you were just going to russia's you didn't find him scary at all.You had come over because he has to terrified to go to russia's alone,Ukraine was coming to but still he was on edge.

"(Boy Name)! Are you listening!?!?!"china shreiked hurriedly packing his pack.

"Oh sorry"you took a glance at the clock 4:30 it red.

"Its 4:30 china"you said looking at the elder nation who nearly fainted.

"WHAT!?!? ____________ if this meeting doesn't go smoothly Russia will invade me for sure!"He zipped up his bag and grabbed a Hello Kitty Doll.

"Whats so bad about that?"you asked looking at him,china stared at you for a minute before grabbing yu arm and running out to your (insert your dreammobile).Getting in China slammed the door making you wince,you backed out and started to ukraine's home which was on the way to russia's.

"(Boy Name) your going to slow!"china yelled he placed both hands on your leg that controlled the gas pedal.He used all of his strength and pushed down,your car sped up to 100 mphs.

"China what are you doing!?!?!"you screamed swirving to avoid back-ending people.China just used one hand to grab the steering wheel fighting you for control,and as expected blue and red lights flashed behind you.

China releashed you as you pulled off to the side,your face red from were china had his hand on your leg. A tall,blonde cop got out of the car,as he walked towards you thought it was germany but he had green eyes.

As he walked up and tapped on your window,lowering it peered in at you.

"Sir do you know how fast you were going?"

"N-no not really,you see I have this chinese man with me"you replied only to have China smack you on the head.

"You were going 110 mphs in a 60 mphs zone,license and regestration please"you shuffled through your papers handing them to the cop you glared at yao.

"Your paying for this Yao"you said as the cop walked back to his car,you knew it was going to be a big ass ticket.

"Aiyah Whatever!"china pouted crossing his arms,you rolled your (eye color) eyes at him.Sitting in silence watching the cars pass by,until the cop returned and like you expected with a huge freaking ticket 250.00!!!!!"Have a nice day sir"the officer said turning and leaving.

"China you ARE paying for this"you growled throwing the paper into his hands,putting the car into to gear.Driving slowly not wanting to get another ticket from china being a scaredy cat.Eventually you arrived at ukraine's home,you could hear her boobs bouncing a she raced outside and into the car.

"I am so sorry"she pleaded teas in her eyes,you sighed.

"Its alright ukraine"you tried to calm her down before going to russia's.god knows what he'll do if he sees her crying.You drove straight toward the air port,china's leg was jumping uncontrollably.

"China,chill!"you yelled tried of seeing his leg move out of the corner of your eye,driving you mad.

"I'm sorry aru"he said taking a deep drove into the airport parking lot and paid the outragious parking fee,and dragged your luggage into the air port.It was going to be a long ride.


You arrived at russia's snow covered home one long plane ride and car ride later you arrived on time,it was even longer when china wanted to drive.But your alive so he didn't.

China ran up to the door and knocked rather quickly,probably freezing his dumplings off.You pick up the 2 bags your brought for the over night stay,ukraine walked right behind you.

Russia opened the door with his usual creepy smile on his face,his purple eyes scanned over all of you.
'creepy'you thought

"Privet commrades please come in"He opened the door wider,you all walked into the russian's large warm home.

"Privet sister"he pulled her into a hug,she tensed but relaxed.

"Come commrands I willl show you to your rooms"He led you toward your rooms for the night,they were both regular rooms with a dresser,bathroom and bed.You handed china his things and walked in,placing your things in the dresser and restroom.

Walking down stairs you saw the baltics scattering to get dinner ready,you noticed it started to snow heavily.You could hear chatting in the dining room,as you opened the large doors you saw they were all sitting,And surprisingly China was extremely calm,which scared and relieved you.

Walkig over you at next to ukraine who was always quiet much to your liking since your head felt like it was going to explode.

"M-Mr.Russia dinner is ready"Lithuania said shaking you really didn't see what was so terrifing about Russia.The other two pushed in a food cart that had all the plates neatly placed on it,they placed them all down infront of you and the others.

Giving you a glass of water since you tell them anything specific and russia of course had vodka,you all started to eat in silence.

Until there were sudden yells from the kitchen you could tell 3 were the baltics and 1 other one yelling somethig that sounded like russian.A man with short platinum blonde hair and blue violet eyes,he wore a long deep grey jacket with black fuss around the neck.He held a knife in his had and was glaring at all of you before running straight at russia.

"Big Brother!!!Big Brother Marry Me!!!!!"he yelled trying to grab Russia who dodged and started to cry 'stay away belarus!'.Everyone ran to help Russia but you who just stared at how sexy this guy was you'd do him for sure.

"(Boy Name) why aren't you helping!?!?!"china yelled

"If it were me I'd Let him marry me for sure,hes sexy as hell!"You say loud enough to catch them all off guard they all look at you like you were insane,Belarus's face turned red you winked at him;a small smile tug at his lips as he ran out of the room face red a tomato.

"I think we all need to just go to bed"Ukraine said trying to calm everyone down,they all agreed and went to bed.The whole time you were walking to your room you felt a pair of eyes on you,but you pushed it off as a creepy feeling from the mansion.Cleaning yourself up you climbed into bed,and went into a state of relaxation.
Commission for :iconxpuppex: this is my first yaoi reader insert/yaoi lemon you better love it -3-

Lemon pt.2:[link]
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s1mr4n Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
China staph being annoying! mehgwerd! 
s1mr4n Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
"If it were me I'd let him marry me for sure, he's sexy as hell!" 
Me: I'm very stupid as a boy *faceplams while snickering*
Male Me: *blushes* you are so going to get it…..(not a sexual threat…just a death threat)
Me: HELL NAH! *runs away*
Male Me: come back here *runs after me*
Me: *locks myself in my room and reads more smexy shiz*
TheKnightsWing Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014
"If it were me I'd let him marry me for sure, he's sexy as hell!" After seeing that everyone was staring I would've stood up and stretch and say, "Well, it's aboot time for me to be hitting the old dusty trail, back up to my room."
Jett1038 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Student General Artist
"If it were me I'd Let him marry me for sure,hes sexy as hell!"

mirahnorton Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
I think male Belarus would look like hatsaharu from fruits baskets that would always be in "black haru" mode.
insanity666jthm Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014
me: falls over laughing. "THAT IS SO FUCKING LIKE YOU JACK!!"
jack male me: s-shut up!!!
usxuklover Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my god male!belarusxmale!readers are the best stories ever
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Well, Male!Belarus is fucking sexy i won't lie
XxAndybiersack Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Tap that get on the floor tap that give me some more 

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Romacat Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
YES! I've always thought Nikolai was sexy! I'd totally let him do me~ (I know everyone else is thinking it too)
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