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March 17, 2013
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Masky X Reader X Hoodie 7 Minutes in Heaven

You felt something like plastic, it was a simple rounded box shape. You thought of a few items that would fit this shape. You grabbed it making a bright light flash inside the hat. You and Splendor reeled back slightly from the sudden bright light.

"Well I think I found something" you pulled the camera out, rewinding it. Splendor put his hand in front of his face to shield his eyes incase it went off again. Heavy footprints came towards you as a large man tackled you to the floor, he grabbed the camera and destroyed it. Whatever air was in your lungs was gone. You liked at your attacker. He wore a white mask with black around the eyes, a small black lipped pout n his mask.

"No cameras please" he grumbled, you look in fear at the shattered remains of the camera. His weight vanished from your body and he pulled you onto your feet, he waved his hand to mention someone over.

The man who walked over wore a orangish hoodie, his mask was black with red eyes and a stitched frown. The one who had knocked you down went over to him, Splendor appeared behind them placing a hand on both of their shoulders.

"This is Masky" he gave the one with the white mask a light shake" And this is Hoodie. "They both want to go in the closet with you but couldn't come to a decision between both of them. So would you go into the closet with them?" he tried not to plead with you knowing it could be uncomfortable for you. Just looking at Splendor nearly yanked off your heart strings.

"Sure" you gave a soft polite smile.

"Alright then!" he gave both of the now stiff men a gently shove, Masky nearly tripped but caught himself. You giggled, under his mask his face turned pink. He hurried into the closet leaning against the wall, you went in behind him and Hoodie last.

"Are you sand-"Ben teleported in front of the door, Splendor slammed it shut in his face.

"Bastard" Hoodie crossed his arms, the space was almost small enough that you could feel every movement they made. Hoodie crossed his arms irritated way as did Masky copying him except it was in a more settle way. Hoodie seemed to be a tsundre while Masky was more gentle and sweeter. Uncrossing his arms Hoodie pushed you onto mask, Masky quickly caught you.

"You wanted to come in here with her, you take her." he sounded like a spoiled child losing his favorite toy. Masky cocked his head to the side, rubbing your back gently.

"Tsundere much?" you sneered, he huffed and crossed his arms leaning back more. Your front half was touching Masky and the back half was pressed against Hoodie.

"Oh my Hoodie look what you did" Masky whispered looking sheepishly at your predicament.

"Looks like I get ______ all to myself" Masky said in a cocky tone hugging you tighter. His plan obviously was to lure that softer side out of Hoodie.

"No you promised to share!" Hoodie tried to pull you from Masky, neither let go. They both thrashed back and forth hitting the walls, your stomach twisted and churned with every slam.

"_____ are you alright!?" Splendor knocked lightly on the door freezing them both.

"Y-yeah" you felt dizzy like you could fall over if they let go of you.

"Hey Hoodie we only have a few minutes left, lets make the most of it" Masky whispered, with a swift high five the real game began. Hoodie backed against the wall lifting  your legs up, Masky 'helped' by forcing himself against you.

They lifted their masks, but it was so dark you couldn't see their faces. You eye twitched annoyed to the extreme. Hoodie lifted your shirt rubbing your lower stomach, his hands slipping under you jeans.

"Knock-" Masky silenced you with a kiss, you could feel the smirk on his lips.

"Splendor will ruin the fun" Hoodie whispered in your ear nuzzling your neck giving it a few butterfly kisses. Masky pushed against your lips harder beginning to grind himself into you, your hands tightly held his jacket. Both your lips molded together, his hands slipped under your shirt. He cupped your breasts in his hands, you face burned red like fire. Hoodie grabbed your butt shamelessly leaving a path of red and purple spots on your neck in his wake. Masky forced his tongue into your mouth, it swirled around yours and strangely tasted like cheesecake. You lungs begged for air as did Masky's, you separated a string of saliva connected you. Taking a moment of rest of heard no sounds from the outside.

"Get ready Hoodie,Ben has a camera" he whispered pulling his mask back over his face.

"Yeah" Hoodie grumbled back. Masky and Hoodie forced you behind them, and stood in front of the door. You took the chance and squeezed Hoodies butt for revenge, he tensed completely until you let go.

"Your gonna get it" he growled beginning to turn as the door opened. And sure enough there Ben stood with a camera, Masky tackled him trying to grabbed the camera.

"Go Hood!" Hoodie picked you up bridal style running past Masky and up the stairs, you clung to him, as he pretended to drop you going up the stairs.

"So help me if I see one camera or video recorder I will shove them down your throat" Masky pressed the camera against Ben's neck. He frowned and teleported behind a girl, using her like a human shield. Masky smiled and run up the stairs, Hoodie threw you onto the bed as Masky shut the door. You had to deal with double masked trouble that night and many more after.
My brain felt like it gave birth......major stressed out writers block going on bros and if any of you mention how long it took me to write this I swear >->
Intro- [link]
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