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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Merman!ScotlandxReader !Lemon!
This is a lemon which means Sex is involved DON"T LIKE DON"T READ Enjoy~


The salty breeze of the ocean blew in your face as you stared uneasily at the rocks that formed what seemed to be an endless wall.

Being the only woman on the ship was exhausting, you were a woman so you had to clean and prepare meals. But none of the crew members knew you were a woman mainly because your hair was tied up and hidden under a hat, and you wore baggy clothes.

"We can easily navigate through here _________" the captian said looking over at you, he knew you were a woman. The only reason you were even on this ship was because your mother knew the captian and was killed in a pirate raid, so he took you in and let you live a life at  sea.

"Can't we just find a way around it?" you suggested looking over the opening, you could see the ship lodged up on the rocks. The waves seemed to push the ship towards the opening, the captian frowned.

"We are on a tight schedule, its the only way" he said sternly, the crew had gathered on deck looking around suspiciously. The ship sailed into the opening, there were ships stuck on jagged rocks, some destroyed with only the maiden remaining.

The water seemed to echo off the walls, there was a light breeze and no waves. The strange thing was the water seemed to be glowing reflecting of you and the rock walls, you looked up and saw the large rock formations blocking the sun above you.

"shh its ok" you cooed to Spike the ship's dog stood next to you whining and whimpering,  his fur in a ruffle. You heard what seemed to be a woman singing, your eyes widened and the tides suddenly picked up'Oh No' you thought.

There was move vocalization and the crew began to wobble on deck, thats when you saw them 2 mermaids jumped up on both sides of the ship. The water splashed as they continued to jump and splash the crew began to wobble and talk incoherently about love.

"Captian!" you waved your hand infront of his face, hoping for a response.

"Come here my pretties" he cooed to a mermaid who just laughed and continued to sing.

"Ugh Men!" you groaned as a rock hit the side of the ship and you bumped into his making the ship turn and go down a small water fall.

The ship landed back into the water and the men began to reach for the mermaids.

"Spike the deck!" you yelled giving the collie a long tied off rope, he took it in his mouth and ran around the deck tying up the crew. He pulled back and the rope was secured but your problems were far from over. You threw the captian off the wheel and took control of the ship.

~*Pov change*~

Iain looked from behind a rock at the ship that sailed into the merpeoples lair, his home was a venus fly trap for pirates and sailors.

"Idiots" he snickered as the mermaids began to get antzy and swarmed around in the rocks and staring intently at the ship. He got the feeling that there was a female on the ship, he tried to think why he would get that feeling.

Wasn't it bad luck to have a female on board? He swam over to the flock of mermaids, they all snickered and began their song. Iain watched in amusment as he could hear the males on board beguin to talk as if they were drunk.

He jolted up when he thought he heard a woman's voice yell Spike or something like that, he follwed behind the ship as it went down a small water fall.

"Iain!" a mermaid yelled swimming over to him in a panic.

"What is it lass?" he asked as she got flustered crossing her arms and pouting.

"There is female on board and we can't get any males to jump into the water!" she whined tugging him towards the ship 'So I was right' he thought as he swam back to the ship with her.

~*Back To Reader*~

You saw one of the crew members that had some how evaded the restricting rope, and was dangling off the side holding a rope loosely in his hands. Your eyes widened as you saw a mermaid pull him into the now dark waters.

Grabbing the captian you threw him on the wheel and through a rope up and over one of the mass's arms, grabbing both sides you ran and swang over the side.

It was an amazing feeling as you flew towards the water and hooked the hook around one of his pant loops, for a split second you saw a man with the most brilliant red hair before you landed back on the ship.

You quickly pulled the man up and tied the rope, a mermaid was hanging on the side of the ship;and was leading the captian over board. Wasting no time you ran down the stairs, pushing the captian you landed a hard punch on her pretty little face. She flew back into the water with a splash.

"Melissa!" one mermaid screamed and glared up at you and lunged holding onto the wooden railing. You retracted you fist and punched her straight back into the ocean, you quickly went back up to the wheel as you heard the sounds of a waterfall.

You grabbed the wheel with all of your strength, your eyes widened. All the water was going up at and incrediable force with jagged rocks destroying a loose ship that went up.

Your eyes scanned for an escape, then you saw it a way out. It was narrow but your only hope, you sharply turned the boat towards the day light. You could hear them trying to turn the boat under you but you held strong, finally you reached it.

There was a differance in height and the boat was weightless for a moment before it collided with the ocean water. Freedom. The crew slowly regained their minds as did the captian who smiled at you proudly.

"Well done ________" he said to you.

"It was nothing" you said tiredly your body on the verge of collapse, knees shaking you held your hand against your forehead.

"You should rest" he said putting a hand on your shoulder, and led you to your room. On the way the crew thanked you over and over not caring that you were a woman. You laid down in your bed and the captian walked out of your room and back on deck, you heard their cheers as you fell asleep.

~*Pov switch*~

Iain watched this female beat his female counterparts and saved a whole crew, he had never thought just one person let alone a woman could beat a school of mermaids before.

'What a woman~' he thought looking up at the boat.
Who ever she was he liked her alot she wasn't a wimp or diva like all the other women he had drowned or tried to court.

It was true he had tried to court females of the human race but they were always self-centered and arrogant towards him. He watched the crew members celebrate but she was now where to be seen, he grunted and went back towards his home for some back up. And a potion from his brother.


You were in a deep sleep when you awoke to the sound of screams, you jolted up, rubbing your eyes and running out the doorway. The ship rocked back and forth, you used the walls for support and went up the stairs.

It was a dark night a few stars out and a cresent moon, you ran over to the railing just as the final crew member was dragged down. You gasped clentching your hair trying to convice yourself it was just a dream.

'No No No No No!!!" you thought you leaned against the wood railing and slid down it, the only person you were attached to was the captian after your mother died. There was a sudden tremble as the boat's bottom was destroyed and it began to sink.

All of the thoughts today swam through your mind, you just wanted to be comforted like your mother once did. You got up barely able to stand and went over to one of the life boats as the ship began to sink into the bottomless ocean.

You cut the life boat free and watched your home of 5 years go down into the black water, the moon reflected off the surface of the water. You took the blanket from the supply pack on the small boat and covered yourself, the mermaids had no intrest in you but one merman did.

"W-why?" you sniffled to yourself, it was to much to process you couldn't even cry you were so shocked.

"Whats wrong lass~" you heard a man say with a scottish accent, you turned your head body shaking.

A man with the brightest red hair and forest green eyes had his arms crossed and rested his chin on his arms, he smiled at you. You scrambled to the other side of the boat away from the merman, his green eyes remained locked on you gazing over your figure. Your hands gripped the boat tightly if he tried to tip you over.

"What do you want?" you asked, since he was a merman you thought he was going to drown you and he easiley could. He just went back under the water and reappeared on the other side, his surprisingly warm hand rubbed your wrist.

You let go of the boat and he began to softly tug you closer towards him, soon enough you were face to face. His forest green eyes staring deeply into yours drawing you closer to him, his touch and eyes were so comforting to you right now.

"I think its more about what you want lass" he said pulling you closer to the water, how could he know what you wanted. You got lost in his beautiful eyes, blood red hair and his calm smile you didn't notice you were about to fall in until it was to late.

You shut your eyes as you fell into the water with a splash, panicing you swam back up the the surface and tried to get back into the boat.

There was a loud Crack and the boat now had a giant hole in the bottom, it quickly sank back down with the ship. Now you were stranded in the middle of the ocean with a merman who would likely kill you, your clothes were soaked and heavy making you swim harder.

You felt something warm brush against your leg you looked down but saw nothing but darkness, Thank goodness you were in the tropics so the water was warm not freezing. He appeared next to you and wrapped you in his warm arms, you bobbed up and down in the gentle waves. His chin rested on your shoulder, you looked at him in shock.

"Why did you do that!?" you screamed and his grip tightened around your waist as you began to squirm in his grasp.

"I don't want you to leave lass~" he said and began to kiss your neck, you tried to push away but he held firm. You felt his powerful tail swaying under you keeping both of you afloat, You pressed your hand against his hard chest enough to face him.

He brought you into a warm,comforting hug that made you feel fuzzy inside. He brought your face up to his, pressing his soft lips into yours. Wrapping your arms around his neck you felt safe with him for some reason, like you were ment for each other.

He rubbed your back and his tounge swiped over your bottom lip, you guessed you should open your mouth more since you had no experience.

You felt yourself get lighter as he removed your heavy wool shirt and pants, the only thing left was your bra and undies. He broke the kiss and pulled you in more and held you above the water.

"My name is Iain whats your name lass~?" the red head asked.

"________" you said back not looking at him, he bucked into you causing you to let out an accidental moan. You clung to his neck for support above the waves, he held you against him and slammed his lips into yours bucking randomly.

He kissed you roughly the comfort was now replaced with an incredable heat, every buck making you cry out. You felt your womanhood growing hotter and if you weren't underwater wetter.

The desire for Iain grew every second your lips were together, his hands began to rub your breasts roughly and he started an assault on your neck. He kissed every inch of your neck, his hands played with your buds pinching and squeezing your mounds of flesh.

"Iain~" you panted laying your head on his shoulder.

"I love you" he said suddenly, you looked into his eyes. They were soft and caring he was telling the truth, you laid your head back on his shoulder.

"I love you too" those words made his heart soar in the clouds, he smiled and rubbed his member against your entrance through your underwear. You shivered the need for him had intesified greatly, you let go for a second and took off your remaining clothing.

"Are you ready?" he asked kindly holding your fragile body against his, you nodded. With a powerful thrust he was inside of you, you yelped in pain and clung to his neck.

"I-Iain" you whimpered as he tried to not move but the waves went up and down, he said things in scottish as if to dull your pain. It seemed to work for it had passed with in a few minutes, you sniffled never expecting to lose your virginity to someone you barley knew but a merman was something you never thought of.

You wiggled trying to see if it still hurt but instead you felt a twinge of pleasure instead of pain. He smiled and began to thrust into your heat, you went up and down with the waves. Each movement making the water around your splash and ripple, you clung to him desperately.

"Hold your breath" he whispered and you sucked in a deep breath, he dived just under the surface. Your body felt weightless and he locked his lips with yours, his thrusts never faltered. You moaned into his mouth as the pressure between your legs made you feel as if you were going to explode, he resurfaced and you gulped in the air holding onto him.

You had never felt more alive than you did right now, the heat, passion and love you thought never even existed it was to much.

The warm water trickled down your back from you hair, you shivered and gasped at the same time. He grabbed your hips and started to slam into your, you moaned his name over and over each time louder than before. The pressure in your lower regions had grown impossible tight, his thrusts became more wild as he also neared his end.

"I-Iain~~!Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!" you screamed as your vision rimmed black as a relieving pleasure washed over you, and he thrust one last time before he released inside of you.

Your eyelids began to droop and you went in and out of consiousness, he pulled out a glowing purplr potion. He uncorked it and opened your mouth and pured it down, it was sweet and you gulped it down. You felt your legs form together  and into a fish tail, with your energy completely gome you held onto Iain for dear life.

After a few moments you passed out in his arms and he took you down to his underwater cave and snuggled with you. You fell asleep with a smile on your face.

~The End~
I kinda had this idea stuck in my head -w-; enoy my pervyness
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Loved it ya i was a scene from simbad i should know its one of my favorite movies anyway i loved it great job=^-^=
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when the mermaid attacked that was a scene from Sinbad awesome movie btw 
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Snickers have a that thing was from the cartoon movie sin bad right
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I'm so sorry! XI
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WorldOfAsians Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
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but seriously... Pardon my language: MERMEN HAVE DICKS?
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NessyWasHere Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
Is the beginning suppose to be like Sinbad :D I got the reference
nekosicily927 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
his name isn't Iain it's Alistair
Pony3022 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
There really isn't a proper human alias that Scotland has. Alistair and Iain are just fan made names. The most common out there seems to be Alistair, but since there's no name agreed upon, there are several fan made names.
nekosicily927 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
eh it was just so weird seeing it say Iain rather than Alistair
Pony3022 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Porcelain-child Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
I'm pretty sure, for females, the scales start forming on the thighs and are kinda "V" formed in front, so the "feminine parts" are always showing (unless they have a cloth there or something).
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Maybe who knows kinda weird right I would be totally embarresed . i would put cloth around there. There be no way in fuck I let any bastardo see mine.
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:iconyushplz: at least someone agrees with me!
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