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                                                             It was Gibert
As you stumbled to get out of your Tent only to see something with bright red eyes,taking Gilbert.Rushing out to help him but He was gone.Elizaveta rushed out 2seconds after you.
"We have to help him!"You yelled,Elizaveta grabbed her frying pan and a gun.Don't ask me where but shehad a gun. Running up to you and handing it to you.
"What was that thing!?!?!"
"It looked like the naga that old guy must have be talking about!!!!"
"I thought they didn't exist!"
"They do now!"
Following it's trail,running as fast as your legs could take you.after about 2 minutes you lost his trail.
"GILBERT!!!!! CAN YOU HEAR US!!!!"you two were yelling all in vain.
no response
"Lets go this way _____"Elizaveta suggests with slight hope.
"Ok"Quickly you dash off in hope of finding him,but you were being watched.Taking a break ,you broke down into tears.
"w-w-why did that thing t-take g-g-gilbert"you say between sobs.Elizaveta also crying tries to comfort you.
"I-its ok,we'll be o-ok we have to get out of h-here"frantically she stands up
Then there was an eerie silence followed by nothing,running back to the campsite you hear elizaveta scream.Feeling a sharp pain in the back of your head your vision goes back.
_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_~*Aussie's Pov*~_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
I awoke to the sound of _____ and elizaveta yell for gilbert,as i left my home i saw what i dreaded the most his tracks.
"Bloody wanker!" great now he's here.I then started my way to_____ and the others camp.Only to see blood and it looked like a struggle,no one was there.Suddenly i hear a  scream then nothing,heading in that direction i fear the worst only to see that i'm right.
The elizaveta female is bleeding from a gash on her shoulder.Looking closer i see a naga's mate pendent around her neck,its a snake in the shape of an treble clef.
"Well looks lieki found my mate's sheila"i quietly hoping he was out of the area,picking her up I head back home.Because i knew he wouldn't hurt her even if he wanted to,if he did the concil would have a word with him.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>w> pov switch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Slowly you began to wake up,hearing a weak voice call your name.
"________"he whispered"________!"he said louder
"ughh"shutting you eyes tightly you had a spliting headache.Opening them to see gilbert,his eyes were drained of life.almost.just almost.Looking down you see 3 deep looking gash marks on his chest.gasping you covered your mouth and looked away.
"G-gilbert w-what happened?"you squeak
"Coberia captured you and zhe awesome me"he weakly saw gilbert was on his head,he looked like he was crying.Then  a question came to mind'WHO THE HELL IS COBERIA!?!?!?"
"hey Gil"you voice getting stronger"Who is coberia?!?"
"Oh he's just an evil naga that me and the concil have been after for killing his own kind for sport"he says as if everyone knew except you.Then it clicked Jack had told you about a concil,and how they helped and delt with problem nagas.
"And is that why you came here?"you say slightly hurt.
"No,zhe concil had locked on to you as Jack's mate.It vas just luck that you are friends with zhe awesome me"he asnswered with a slight smirk.
"What about Elizaveta?"wondering if your hungarian friend had anything to do with this.
"Oh ja she is the mate of Rodreich,a naga from Austria"he shrugs.Your eyes widen and you metally face palm.
"Of course thats why she knew so much!"you yell making gilbert flinch.
"Yes________ now ve need to find a vay out of here"he starts talking to you like you were a kid!Looking around you see it looks like an igloo on the inside,and it was all dirt,loose moist easy diggable earth.
"Can't we did our way out"You say in a smartpants tone
"Why not it would be so easy"you whine,since you always liked the easy way.
"It vould take to long"his tone was serious.
"then what do we do?"you were starting to get mad.
"Vell Ve go ut zhat door und most likely face traps,or ve dig und ve don't know how far down ve are"he sounded like a leader from call of duty.Looking around harder you see the small outline of a door,getting up you pull the handle and it's was to easy.Looking around you see light in the distance.
"Hey gilbert theres a light down there,maybe we can find an exit"you whisper
"hmm alright ________ help zhe awesome me up"he says obviously in pain.Grabbing his hands you pull him up,and check his wound.
"Gilbert this is pretty deep"worried he would bleed out.
"I'll be fine,we should worry about Liz and Jack first"he said in a serious tone.
"Alright lets go"walking out the door and to the light,it starts to smell horrible.
"Gilbert whats that smell"you ask pinching your nose,your (e/c) eyes started watering.
"You don't vant to know"when you get there you see 4 doors,1 horrible smelling one and 3 normal ones.
"Lets go through this door"you say pointing to the door to the right.
"How about we see what is behind the doors first"he replies in his normal cocky tone.
"Alright"going over to the door on the left,opening it you see pulled grass on the ground.before you could take a step gilbert pulls you back.
"hold on"picking up a good sized rock he throws it at the ground,making a chain reaction and it all falls down.To reveal a large pit with spikes at the bottom,he give you a 'you really didn't know look'.
"And that could have been us"
"whatever"you whimper
"Alright lets go to this door"he pulls you there.Opening it you were terrified.Opening the door you saw a large naga with cobra's hood fully expanded.Glaring at you with blood red eyes,and hissing.
"Well,well looks like this is the end for you kittiessssss"he hissedone thought came to mind RUN,you look at gilbert and he looks at you.Both over you run over to the last door,swing it open and bolt into the darkness.
"Running won't get you any were kitten!"he hissed,why was he calling you kitten your not a neko!?!?!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>w> back to aussie<w<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Slowly I saw Elizaveta waking up,and she mumbled something i didn't understand.I then loomed over her to see if she really was waking up.Suddenlly she bolted up and hit me right on my fore head.
"who are you,where am i,where is _____?!?"She yelled making me cover my ears.As I was about to answer she scotted away.
"I already have a naga mate ,so go get your own!"she said nervously,shackly holding uo her pendent.I rolled my eyes,and sighed.
"I already have one too"I replied,she stared at me for awhile.
"Ok,where is she so I can talk to her?"she questioned
"Oh she was with you,her name was ________"I couldn't believe she didn't notice ________'s pendent.
"Then where is she?,the last i saw as glowing red eyes,wait where's gilbert?!?"she sounded very worried.
"Well i will need your help with tracking them down"I plainly stated
"How can i help?"
"Your endent is enchanted to keep you safe,correct?"
"Well sheila,it will start glowing red where you are near a dangerous naga"I stated plainly.
"Ok lets go"she got up suprisingly fast considering her shoulder injury.
"hold on mate,I need to get my weapon"I gestured for her to sit.
Going off down the tunnel,to the only room i really have a door on.Opening it,I see what arthur gave me incase of and emergency.It was a machete that could kill another naga in 1 blow,highly dangerous since there were only 3.
Picking it up it had chinese dragons craved on each side that were neon blue,and an ivory blade on a jet black holder.Staring at it in the dim light it glowed ever so soft.putting the leather holder around my waist,and sliding it in to the leather.
"This should put an end to that bloody wanker"I hissed."Come on sheila we can go now"I yelled heading to the exit.With her right behind me,as soon as we got out,i followed his trail.Soon after her pendent started glowing red and the more we went west the brighter it got.
I saw his den,slippery wanker won't get away this time I'll have his bloody head if he did anything to________.Going down into the dark hole I could hear sounds of someone running towards us,two pair of feet I knew it was ________ and Gilbert.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^w^ switching to chu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
As you and Gilbert were running towards the light two figures came into view,They were looking right at you.
"Hey gilbert its Liz and jack"you say panting from running so much,you lost coberia awhile back at a forked path.You were at least a good ways away from him,were almost out of here.
"J-ja it is"he smiled weakly
As you got closer the figures started running/slithering to glomped jack,little did you know you were crying alitte.Hugging back he pressed his lips against yours kissing you passionetly,wrapping your arms around his neck deepening the kiss.Soon breaking apart for air.
"This reminds me when i met roderich"she says dreamly,hugging jack still you look over to her blushing.
"yeah Gil told me"you smile.But the celebration was short lived when the sound of coberia approaching.You could hear he was P.OED,and he wanted your heads.
"________ you and the others need to get out of here,gilbert needs medical treatment take him home"he hissed.He looked towards the direction coberia was coming from pure hatred in his green eyes.
"Alright please becareful"hugging him one last time you head out the exit.Once out you immediatly you head home,pretty much carrying Gilbert on your back.Then you hear hissing,growling,and a loud pained scream.
Not knowing who's it was you continue running,feeling gilbert's blood running down your back.Soon you see home,climbing into the hole you hurry towards the light.Quickly laying gilbert down you go to the many bottles on a shelf,thank god they are labeled.
"Alright,Liz find something to wrap his wounds"you say,out of the corner of ypur eye you see her looking for something."Here we go"you smile picking up the potions labeled 'Pain-relief''Anti-biotics'and'Healing ointment'.And rush to Gils side you start taking/ripping the remainder of his shirt off,as Liz runs in with clothes(Gil's clothes) and starts ripping them into strips.
"Gilbert this is going to hurt.....alot"you say nerviously,first potion would be hopefully the last one he really felt since it was the shimmering gold pain-relief one.slowly you press the golden liquid onto his wound"
"OH MEIN GOTT________VHAT IS ZHAT STUFF!?!??!?!"He shreiked.Covering his mouth,to stop him from screaming.
"Its a pain-relief potion,give it a minute"you replyed like a doctor,and in a few minutes he starts to relax.
"Ja,thanks for caring about zhe awesome me keseses"he lightly laughed
"Well yeah we've know each other for awhile"you say with a smile,while applying the 2 other potions.Grabbing the cloth that Liz ripped up,tying them around his chest.Turning to elizaveta you see her wound,which was lightly bleeding.
"Hey elizaveta let me look at you wound"gesturing her to come over.
"Alright"she sighs.Taking off the leaves wrapped around her shoulder,you see a semi-deep cut.Getting the medical supplies and cloth you start treating her wound too,unlike gilbert she didn't fuss like him.Then hearing the sound of slithering,jumping up you hurry to see which one it is.
Being greeted by the same beautiful green eyes,your heart was beating a mile a minute.
"J-jack"running up to him and hugging him tightly.
"Sssheila its ok"he says rubbing your head,his tail wrapping around you.Looking at him in the light he had some blood on his face,and suprisingly no injuries.thank goodness.."Lets see the others"
"Alright"walking back to see Gilbert and liz getting ready to leave?
"What are you guys doing?"
"Vell i'm going back to camp so i can call the concil"he said in monotone
"And I'm going with him,but the concil is taking me to austria and to my naga~"she sang excitedly clapping her hands together.You felt sad that your friends were leaving,she must have noticed your sad expression.
"Don't worry ________ i'll see you at the annual gathering"you stare at her with a 'wtf is that' face."oh thats when nagas gather together in celebration"she says smiling.Looking over at jack he was cleaning himself off in the little river that was in the room.
"Yeah but you'll have to claim her,or the others will  seee her as a threat and try to kill her"Gilbert informed jack.Jack blushed,he would do that as soon as they left.
"Well we have to go ________"he says in a sad tone,suddenly gibird flies in and on to your shoulder gibert walks over and hugs you.Liz was starting to cry at the thought of leaving one of her only female friends,running up to you she glomps you hugging you tightly.
Then she turns to Jack"You take good care of her"she says like a mother.
"I will"he said rubbing the back of his neck.
"Good,see you soon ________"she waves goodbye,you wave back as she disappears down the tunnel.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lemon-time >w> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Warning: this is a LEMON. It contains sexual, adult material, and is basically themed around such. Do not read it if you do not like it.this is my first lemon,so be nice!
Once they were out of sight a question came into your mind,what did gilbert mean by claim you?well curiousity got the best of you,you were like a cat.
"Hey Jack"
"Yessss sssheila"he looked at you,a small smile on his face
"w-what did gilbert mean by claim me?"you questioned innoccently
When he look at you his eyes where darker,with want,longing,lust perhaps.Slithering over to you he wrapped his tail around your leg.
"I'll sssshow you sssheila"he whispered seductivly,Suddenly pressing his soft lips against your,roughly and passionettly.His tail began to rub the inside of your thigh causing you to moan into the kiss.Breaking for air he smirked at you.
"lets go to the bed"picking you up bridal style making you yelp.Soon sitting you down on the grass bed,he continued to caress your body.He tugged at the end of you shirt,blushing you nod as he slips off the clothing.
Throwing it away in a soon to be growing pile of clothes.He starts leaving butterfly kisses on your neck and collar bone,then he finds your soft spot.Licking and abusing the skin you start to moan,as he bites down gently.
"Ah~ ah j-jack"you moan as he teases your neck.
"Thats right________ say my name"his hand reach behind your back and with a snap you bra is thrown off.You quickly cover your chest,and blush redder than a tomato.he grabs you wrists and slowly pulls then from your chest.
"________ don't hide yourself,your very beaut"he lowers his head and takes your erect bud into his mouth and starts kneading the other.His tail starts to against you lower regions,agonizingly slow,moaning when he rubs that special bundle of nerves.He then starts leaving butterfly kisses down you stomach.
He started to lick your wet folds,and sucking your clit driving you crazy with pleasure.His snake-like tounge went in and out of your heat,still kneading you breasts.A fire started in your lower stomach,you felt you were reaching your edge.
"ah ah ah~ i'm gonna- Aaahhhh"you came into his mouth and he licked up your juices.
"________ your ssso sssweet"he whispered lustfully.Capturing you lips in a heated kiss,your mind still in a daze.Suddenly you feel something push into you,and it hurt,You yelped in pain tears pricked your eye.Kissing you sweetly he whispered sweet nothings in your ear,soon the pain subsided.Moving a bit you felt a wave of pleasure through your body.
"Jack m-move"nodding he thrust into you,making you moan his name.His ace quickens and he hits your sweet spaot making you practically scream hime name.
"Jack right there ah ah~"your mind dizzy with pleasure,he smirked and hit the same spot over and over.Soon you both reached your climax,his tail rubbed your clit making you reach climax faster.
"i'm gonna""Me too"After several more thrust you climaxed
Collapsing beside you,panting and sweating he pulled you into his chest.As you were falling asleep he kissed your forehead.
"I love you ________"he whispered
"I love you too jack"
Soon you both fell into a peaceful sleep. <3
Finally i finished it!,This is my first lemon so yeah.
Comments and favorites are loved~<3
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