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July 31, 2012
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This is my first Fanfiction/my first Reader insert EVER.Pointers are welcomed.
                                                                     (Your pov)
        It was 4 am. when you heard the most dreaded sound in the world thesoud on an.....alarm clock.Today was the day You,Gilbert,and Elizabeta where headed to The Australian Outback to possibly find new species of reptiles.
Since not much of the Outback's wildlife has been researched  you and your friends were being sent in hopes of finding some new ones.So slowly but surely you got out of your warm bed,and went to the bathroom to get ready.You switched on the light only to see your tired(e/c) eyes and messy (h/c) hair.
You immediatly turned on the shower on, and set it to cold to get yourself going'this shouldn't take too long I'm just flying to Australia and its going to be a 20 hr plane ride 'you thought.
You stepped into the freezing water and yelped and the sudden tempurature change which you quickly changed to warm 3 seconds after you got in.
You scrubbed you head with shampoo and conditioner and for a few minutes let your body wake up,you then rinsed it out and wrapped a (f/c) towel around yourself.
After you brushed and dried your (h/l)(h/c).You headed over to your closet and  put on a regular (f/c) t-shirt and a pair of boyfriend jeans,and (f/c) sneakers."I need some freaking coffee to day is going to be a long day" you sighed.(if you don't like coffee you had  tea or juice).
You head down stairs to see your luggage and your (f/c) camera/video camera bag sitting by the door 'I'm glad Ludwig kept bugging me to pack early.' you thought.You head straight for the coffee maker and started to make your coffee.When you finished you look at the clock 4:32 am. 'thank god i can watch some tv' you thought happily walking over to the tv you put it on channel (f/tv/c).
After about 2 minutes (uber fast coffe maker from alfred)your coffee was finished you practically skipped over there like a child and poured lots of cream and sugar in it.(thats how i do it)Walking over to the coffee table you sit your coffee down
.And you take out your ticket it says Row B Seat 9 Window,You always loved the window seats,ecspecially when there was a sunset it was beautiful.after 30 minutes of checking your things watching tv and drinking coffee you hear an all to familiar voice.
"(Name)!!! YOUR AWESOMEST FRIEND IS HERE!!! I'M AWESOME!!!."fallowed by the sound of a frying pan hitting his head.
As you pick up go and grab your luggage you hear Elizabeta "Maybe your 'AWESOMENESS' should keep its mouth shut,it like an alarm clock!!!"
"Mein Awesome voice is awesomer than a stupid,unawesome alarm clock!"fallow by her hitting him again with her frying pan.Yep you were spending 11 days with those two in the isolated Outback,Oh poor gilbert at least he had gilbird. As you locked your door and started walked out  to the car you were greeted by gilbird flying around your head tweeting happily,and finally land on the top of your head.
"Aaaaawww its nice to see you too gilbird"you said.And started to rub his head.You notice Elizabeta and Gilbert still fight about Gilbirt's awesomeness all you can think is 'who am i Matthew?'."Hi guys"you finally say.They both turn to notice you Gilbert greets you with a regular"Hey (Name)".While Elizabeta gets out of the car and hugs you super tight.
"Hi (Name) i haven't seen you in forever!".
While still in her super tight hug  you manage to squeak out"Elizabeta....air" she lets you go,seeing how she was squeezing the life out of you.
"Its ok great to see you too,how are you"you give her a smile.
"Great"she says with a smile.
"Well we better get going we still have to get through the unawesome security and all those unawesome places!!!"Gilbert yells from his BMW.
You guys head down to the airport,the whole time gilbert and elizabeta were fighting about random things but you  weren't  pay much attention.Going to a new places always made you nervous,your team had only reasearched (y/c) reptiles,this would be your first out of country exploration.
As you pulled in to the airport parking lot you see gilbird starting to snuggle up to your cheek.As soon as He parks the car Gilbird is practically glued to your cheek,it was possibly the cutest thing in the world.
"Hey Gilbert"
"Whats up with Gilbird?"
"Oh he knows i have to put him in his unawesome cage,so i can carry him on the plane" Gilbert said.
Gilbert ,You and Elizabeta then got out of the car and got your things.Sure enough Gilbert got out gilbirds cage,and the little bird sought refuge in your (h/c)  hair.
"Come on gilbird i know you don't like your cage"Gilbert said sadly.Gilbird tweeted sadly as you took him out of your hair and placed him in his cage.
You were suprised that it went so well last time Gilbird flew around the parking lot with Gilbert chasing him,it took alot of bird seed and negotiating to get him in his cage.You still didn't uderstand have a bird could drive such a hard bargain.
And you nearly missed you flight,But that plane ride was short,'i wonder how gilbird will react being in a cage for  20 hours poor thing' you thought sadly.You grabbed you luggage and camera bag,And head to the elevator and push for the first floor,and on the way down gilbird was tweeting along with the elevator music.(lets just say gilbird is the master of cuteness)
As you made your way to baggage claim,you saw what must've been the longest line ever.
"Great look at the line"Elizabeta said.
"THIS IS TOTALLY UNAWESOME MEIN AWESOMENESS DOESN'T WAIT!!" Gilbert nearly yelled,only to be smacked on the head by Elizabeta.So 25 minutes and 120$ later you were heading through security, luckly Elizabeta's frying pan was in her luggage or it would probably have been confinscated so she just hits gilbert with a rolled up magazine. But you manage to get to your gate Early,dispite those two constantly bickering and fighting.During your extra time you and gilbert rode shuttles at least 5 times and took picktures infront of the t-rex in random poses.And at the last minute raced each other to the gate.You won.
"take that Gilbert not even you awesomeness can't beat my speed"you say in a mocking tone.
"i'm.....still......awesomer...hehe"He said panting.
"Whatever Hasselhoff "
"Hey....don' .....dis..the hasselhoff"
Then they called your row.
~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*Gilbird's Time skip of Awesomeness~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~
You had just boarded the plane and where sitting next to Elizabeta and she was sitting next to Gilbert.You thought this was going to be a boring plan ride, oh those poor flight attendents had no idea they had 2 Awesome trolls on the plane....
This is my first fanfiction ever so please comment.I've never really wrote a story before so if you have any pointers please tell me.and australia will show up later and the next chapter will be a crack plane ride over to australia.
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NekodaTheHedgehog86 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
My mom and I have this thing where I'm awesome and she's fancy. One day our conversation went like this,
mom- "I'm so fancy. You already know."
me- "How do you know that I know that your fancy?"
mom- "Cause you already know."
me- "No I didn't."
mom- "Then your not awesome."
me- "Nein! That is not true! I'm always awesome!" 
I said that in a full German accent without meaning to and my mom is looking at me like wtf and then bust out laughing. While she was laughing I'm sitting there thinking,
*Mien Gott..... I'M TURNING INTO PRUSSIA!!!!*
skyrahwriter16 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
same thing  happened to my but it was a British/Scottish accent
NekodaTheHedgehog86 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
I go British sometimes and there are other times that I use a Russian accent.
skyrahwriter16 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
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Yeah and I love all your stories!
memowkitty Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! :D
kurino-sama-alpha Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
can't believe i forgot to fav this!!!
very awesome!!!!
and sorry Big Sister Elizaveta, but messing around with Gilbert is way too much fun
ShAlIaH-HoNK Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Student Writer
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