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Naga!Male!BelarusxReader:New Love Intrest

Driving down the snow covered roads of russia,the snow battered against your windsheild it was the middle of a snow storm.The reason your going to russia's well,for the past few weeks Russia had been terrified by a snake monster.

He could never find it due to the extreme size of his home.You could clearly recall the day Russia had told the rest of the countries,the way he looked was horrifing to all the countries.Russia the biggest country scared crapless of something.


You stared at the terrified Russian man from across the meeting room.He had dark circles under his eyes,which were bloodshot and finally his leg was jumping at a fast pace.

"Dude Russia whats up?"America asked reading the mood,seeing russia like this scared even him.

"There is a monster at my house and it won't go away.It keeps calling me his love!"Russia whimpered hugging himself.

"Thats rediculous!"England said looking up from his book,with a bushy eyebrow raised.

"No it is true Commrade England,look what it did to my arm!"he rolled up his tan sleeve to reveal 4 claw marks.England rushed over with a look of shock on his face,as he examined the healing wound.

"t-these are naga claw marks!"he mumbled"they were supposed to be extinct"he pondered.

"When will it go away"russia said withdrawing his injured limb,with a look of terror on his face.

"I'm sorry old chap until it finds a new love intrest"He paused"Never"russia's eyes widened in terror.

"T-then how c-can I make it stop attacking me!?!?!?"he said getting extremely disstressed.

"They don't really attack in groups,but with you being alone-"he was interupted by Russia abruptly standing up.

"Very well then you will all stay with me one at a time for a week!"his smile full of innocence.

"We couldn't possibl-"

"Unless you want me to beat you with my pipe~"he said holding up the shining medal.The whole room nodded a yes,not wanting to risk a beating from russia who just smiled.

~~~~~~~~~~~End Flash-Back~~~~~~~~~~~~
And this week was your turn to babysit the russian teddy bear,not that he wasn't adorable.Seeing the distant lights of the masion you sighed in releif,it took forever getting here and it was very,very late.

The snow fell harder onto the frozen ground,pushing the button russia gave you before coming here.The garage door opened and was fully lit,not wasting anytime you quickly pulled in and shut the door.

The Russian winter could freeze anyone and anything.Quickly getting out and grabbing your things,you run in and close the door wanting to get away from the cold.

"Privet Commrade________"Russia who appeared out of no where gave you a bone crushing hug.

"Nice to see you too Russia"you say breaking the death hug.It was very warm in here comared to the freezing outside.

"Hey Ivan"

"Hmm?"he resonded losening his grip.

"When did you first see it?"you asked as he let go.

"I was in my sunflower feild"he said putting his forefinger to his chin.
~~~~~~~~~~~~Another Flashback!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I had came out to get some fresh sunflower to put into my favorite vase the others had wilted.Isearched for the most healthy and beautiful ones and as I was walking I saw a path of crushed ones.

I felt extreme rage boil in the pit of my stomach,I wanted to beat that person with my pipe.Searching around I didn't find any footprints just crushed sunflowers that looked like giant snake had gone through them.

I heard a hissing sound turning I saw a half-human snake person staring at me with blue/violet eyes.
"You will be my mate"I grew extremely scared at the word 'Mate'

I ran back to my home and locked all the windows and doors.But it still managed to get in or it would stalk me,it wants me to be it's mate!
~~~~~~end flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Wow russia that sounds horrible"you say rubbing his back,he sighed.

"Well at least I have my friends,since you guys started coming its stopped attacking"he cheered hugging you tightly again.

"Thats good"your stomach growled,you had a small lunch not thinking it would take to long to get there,but it did.

"You are hungry?come I made dinner"Russia said grabbing your head and pulling you to the dining room.You could feel eyes boring into you,giving you a spine chilling feeling.Russia opened the doors to a rather large dining room,you could smell the different Russian food.

"Here ________ sit here"he said pulling out your chair.You smiled sitting down and looking down at your plate.Looking down at your plate you see noodles that look like pierogies but smaller with chopped onions and sour cream on top.There was also a bowl of yellow soup with a few things different things mixed into it.

Russia sat down next to you eating happiley,and sipping his soup now and again.You were still nervous about trying new things,but not wanting to be rude you took an experimental bite.

It was delicious it had a pork and beef filling mixed with the onions,the soup wasn't bad either it tasted like sauerkraut.

"Russia this is great!what is it?"

He looked up and smiled"Its russian pelmeni with sauerkraut soup"

"You have to give me the recipe"you smiled back

"Da I will"he said taking a sip of his soup.
Finishing your food with a sigh,you rubbed your full stomach.You only talked about minor things,he told you your room was down the hall from his.He didn't say much I would be terrified to if a snake person was in my home.

"Thank you,it is getting late we should go to bed"Russia said standing up.

"Ok Russia"you say picking up your things,you head to your room.Through turn after turn through the Russians large home,until finally you reached your temporary bedroom.

"There is a bathroom connected to your room,and Im down the hall"he said pointing to his room.

"Goodnight Russia"you say opening the door

"Goodnight ________"he replied leaving to go to his room.
Looking around you saw it was an average A bed,dresser,and a desk made up the room.With a small bathroom in the left side of the room.Walking around you search the room just incase the thing might be in your room,after searching the room you put away your thing.Putting on your (f/c) pjs,you snuggled into the soft cover yawning.

Not knowing a certin monster was watching you,and plotting his strategy.Awakening to the scream of a certain russia,you jumped to your feet and ran to his room.

"Russia!"you yelled  your eyes widened when you saw the monster.It was half-man half-snake he had a long,muscular snow white tail.His upper body was pale to,he had longish platinum blonde hair and glowing violet/blue eyes with slit pupils.Russia jumped out of his bed while the thing was distracted,he grabbed your arm and started running.

"Hurry ________ we have to get out of here!"It would make sense since you were a girl not a muscular country like America.Running like hell you could here it right behind you,through turn after turn you finally out ran it.

"R-russia t-that"you gasped

"Was the monster,we have to get out of here!"running onto the freeing garage,you press the door to open but it doesn't move.

"R-russia its not working"

"What?"he looked at you shocked,you both run out and look out the window.The snow was extremely high and still coming down,you were snowed in until morning or even later.

"We are trapped with that thing"russia said with a look of absolute horror on his face,he suddenly grabbed you and hugged you extremely tight.

"Russia!"you choked out,he let you go hearing you ragged breathing.

"Sorry ________I'm just-"he looked as if he was about to cry.

"Russia we just have lock ourselves in a safe room!"you assured him.

"Da"you both went off in search of a safe place,sneaking around making sure it wasn't around you ended up in the kitchen.

"What about the my office?"

"Yeah! lets go"you grabbed hand,just as you did something hit him sending him back into the counter.

"Russia!"you screamed,something smooth wrapped around you tightly,holding you back from helping your friend it got tighter and tighter.It started to literally squeeze the life out of you,darkness rimmed your vision until it all went black.


Slowly you came to with a punding headache and aching lungs,feeling something scaley around.The memories flooded back to you making your headache even worst,you eyes widened.'Russia,Moster,Contricted'.The monster seemed to notice you woke up and quickly re-wrapped around you,immediantly you started to struggle.

"Stop struggling my love"he tightened his hold.

"w-what do you want!?!"you continued to wiggle

"I want you"he in monotone bringing you closer to his upper half.

"What!?!"you yelled completely shocked you started to panic.

"Calm down"he rubbed your cheek.Looking around you could see you were in a rather large bed,suddenly you realized it was Russia's bed!

"Where's Russia?"you asked scared

"You shouldn't worry about such things"he growled making you shake slightly.

"I-I thought you liked R-Russia!"you say remembering what russia had said.

"Yes but then I saw you.Your beautiful (h/c) and sparkling (e/c) I wanted you instead"You were shock now you were his love intrest.

"Not the russian"his tail constricted lightly around you,he brushed his lips against yours you pulled back.

"my love"he groaned.Quickly he pressed his lips to yours in a demanding kiss,pushing harder.Shoving his forked tounge into your mouth,not leaving an inch untouched.

He tounge tasted like blood,this made you try to keep your tounge from his but he wouldn't have it.Finally he broke the kiss much to your relief,but he still wasn't satisfied.

"This isn't enough,I need you to be mine"his eyes darkened

"Wait w-w-what do you mean?!?!?!"you nearly screamed,he pressed his hand against your mouth.

"It won't hurt too much~"he cooed"but we can't have any disturbences"using his tail he closed the door.......
I got nagas on my brain!!! :iconspazattackplz:
should I make a part 2???????
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My immediate thought was; Yuki get your brother!
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Me: betch please im- *SSSSS* shit
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