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Neko!Prussia x Reader

Request for : NaruSasu24

A white fluffy cat sat on the top of a large bookshelf,his fuzzy head almost touching the top,with a German flag collar around his neck.His red eyes scanned over his owner's large living room,who was still down in the basement and this kitty was hungry.

He hopped down and went to the dark,cracked basement door.He pawed open the door as the sunlight lit the dark hallway,as his stomach growled for food.

Slowly he started his decent down the starts and through the moldy smelling basement,there were many antiques and other old items scattered about the musky old room.He heard the sounds of chanting no doubt his master and his magic again.

"Vhy is he alvays down there?The awesome me never gets any attention!"He thought angerily yet curiously,he slowly pushed open the door,there was a faint glowing green light.

His curiousty pressed him to walk farther down the steps cautiously,the wood creaked under his paws.His master Artur turned around expecting to see a person not his cat Gilbert,who was looking at him with great curiousty.

"Well,well I wasn't expecting you down here Gilbert"Arthur smiled as Gilbert mewed and walked over to him.'How much butt kissing does the awesome me have to do to get some food?'he thought rubbing against Arthur's legs,who sighed.

"You hungry aren't you?"he looked down at his Prussian cat that he found in Germany a few years ago."Well just let me close my book"Arthur continued and walked over to an old table that had melted candles,chalk,powders and various other things for magic.

When he closed the large book,Gilbert just jumped up and onto the table knocking over a red potion.It splattered all over the ground and had a delicious smell,Gilbert quickly hopped to the ground and started lapping the liquid off the ground.

"Gilbert don't drink that!"as soon as the words left Arthur's mouth,Gilbert felt woozy and started to wobble his mind a daze.Arthur quickly picked up Gilbert,cradling him in his arms.

"You probably just need some food,water and rest.You'll be fine that potion was a failure anyway"Arthur said brushing it off,he walked back up the old steps as the green light faded.

He set Gilbert down onto his small bed.With his paw Gilbert brought a small yellow toy bird,he sniffed it,it smelled like _________.She was always so nice when she visited sometimes he wished he could be human like her.

he last thing he saw before he pasted out was his master laying a plate of food down in front of him.


Gilbert awoke feeling cold all over,he stretched but felt the wooden floor not his bed.His eyes shot awake,had he grown during the night?

He looked down at he self seeing his body was completely different,he was human but he still had a cat tail and could feel his ears.And he was in the nude.

The footsteps coming onto the porch signaled that someone had come over,Arthur walking through the living room before stopping dead in his tracks.He looked over at Gilbert his face full of confusion,but both of their attention turned back to the door bell as it rang again.

Arthur for the most part was surprised to potion worked after all,but he had to get Gilbert upstairs and dressed.

"Come on"he gestured for Gilbert to follow him and after some major stumbling he managed to get upstairs and started to get dressed.

He put on a white t-shirt and jeans that were a bit tight,he thought his human body was more muscular than Arthur's.Arthur had a pool in the back yard and Gilbert always watched from the window.

Then again the doorbell rang out through the house again,and Arthur rushed downstairs without a word.

~~~Your POV~~~~

You stood outside of Arthur's home,the moon directly behind you.'Where is he?!"you thought annoyed that he still hadn't answered the door,Arthur had said Gilbert was feeling under the weather.

So you went out and got him a catnip toy,he was the sweetest cat ever.Always purring and licking you,you couldn't help but love him.

There were sounds of someone stumbling on the other side and you grimaced thinking that maybe he drank.But you were relived when he opened the door sober,with a strangely nervous smile on him face.

"Hello ________ please come in"he gestured for you to come in which you did,he closed the door behind you.As you looked around for Gilbert but found he was nowhere to be seen,you turned to Arthur who still looked nervous.

"Hey Arthur where is Gilbert?"

~~~Gilbert Pov~~~~

Gilbert lifted his head up at hearing his name called he listened and it finally hit him,_________ had come to visit.His tail swayed behind him happily,he wanted to run downstairs but the thought of Arthur yelling at him kept him back.

But he continued to listen to their conversation,mostly stuff about work since they worked together that is how he met ______.He sniffed the air smelling the all to familiar scent of catnip,his eyes dilated as he ran down the stairs.

__________ had poured the catnip into the toy and jumped when she heard the sound of somebody running down the stairs.Looking over she saw a man with snow-white hair and red eyes,the strangest thing a pair of white car ears on his head and a fluffy white tail behind him.

Gilbert stared at the toy in _______'s hands before quickly running towards them.

"Gilbert calm down!"Arthur yelled as he continued to run into the kitchen.

"Gilbert!?"_______ yelled shocked as Gilbert pounced on top of her,chewing on the small mouse toy.Luckily there was a plush carpet under them,Arthur sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Why happened to him!?"

"He drank some potion I made to turn animals into humans"his attention was on Gilbert,he was still laying on top of you.

"Gilbert please go into the living room"Arthur rubbed his eyes,as the neko got off and ran into the living room.He jumped onto the couch and curled up with his toy,you looked at Arthur his facial expression told you that he was unhappy.

"What am I going to do with him ________?"he questioned in a depressing tone,Arthur traveled a lot being the boss of your office.You thought about what you could couldn't take him to a shelter,and he couldn't live on his own then an idea hit you.

"Hey what if he lives with me?"you suggested since you had watched Gilbert many times before when Arthur left.

"Yes love that could work!"Arthur smiled at your idea and you both walked into the living room.You plopped down next to Gilbert,you reached over and rubbed his ear.It was very silky and soft as his hair was,he purred and laid his head on your lap.

"Gilbert"Arthur said loud enough to get the neko to look up at him questioningly,Arthur cleared his throat.

"You are going to live with ______ from now on"he crossed his arms as Gilbert looked up and you and back to Arthur.There was a long pause until it was loudly broken.

"Yay zhe avesome me gets ________!"he cheered hugging you,he licked the side of your neck.Your face turned red like a cherry and you nervously smiled,he licked you neck a few more times before you broke free.

"We should get going its getting late"you looked out the window and the sun was starting to set,but there were a few dark clouds but they would probably pass over.Arthur had vanished into the kitchen to retrieve sausages,you knew Gilbert would eat nothing but sausage.

"Mein sausages!"Gilbert smiled extremely wide,thank goodness Arthur had a lot of them(about 15 pounds).He handed the large bag to you and it took pretty much both of your arms to keep a good grip,you walked to the door with Gilbert following you like a puppy;ranting happily in German.

Arthur opened the door for you and Gilbert,you took the bag into one arm and shoved you hand in your pocket.Taking out a paper with a friend's number on it you handed it to him eager to release the extra weight on you right arm.

"Whats this for?"he asked his eyes trained on the paper.

"A friend of mine had kittens,one even had a cow like and one had a long curl coming out of it head"you thought it would be nice for him to get a new companion after Gilbert was gone.

"Yes Thank you love,goodbye"he said kindly as you walked out and to your car,Gilbert was already in the front seat eagerly waiting.

"Hurry up mein frau!"He said loudly his voice full of anticipation and adventurous spirit.You put the sausages in the back of your car and walked up and got into the car.

Gilbert couldn't sit still in his seat as he wiggled and squirmed making the leather squeak under him,you put on your seat belt and Gilbert copied you.

"Vhy do ve have to vear these?"he asked running his slightly sharp nail over the fabric.

"So in we get in an accident,these will keep us in place"you explained to him.

"Really?Awesome but not near anywhere as Awesome as me!"he laughed it was a kesesesese sound,that made you giggle starting the car.You started the car and Gilbert laid his head against the dash board hearing the purr of the motor.You sighed he didn't block your view so you didn't awake him.

As you drove one time or another your eyes lingered over to Gilbert but not for to long,the sunset to the left of you making the shadows stretch in the car.

In no time you were at your home which was kinda small with 3 bedrooms,1 bathroom and of course a living room and kitchen.You pulled into the small driveway,as soon as you shut off the car Gilbert woke up and his stomach growled.

He sleepily got out of the car and walked onto your porch as you retrieved the sausages,the once small clouds in the distance had grown thick.

But you didn't worry the rain soothed you in a way when other ran and hid under a lot of blankets and covered their ears.

"Come on mein frau the awesome me is hungry!"his said his voice growing impatient,you speed walked up to the porch and unlocked the door.Gilbert ran into the house and laid down on the carpet right in front of the gas fireplace,that was his favorite spot nice and warm.

Flicking on the lights you walked into your small kitchen and turned on the stove preparing the sausages just the way Gilbert always liked them.As you left the meat to simmer you walked up stairs and into the plain spare bedroom down the hall from your door,you laid out a soft blanket on the bed.

He was a full grown Neko so you figured he could sleep in here with out being disturbed.You had some clothes that your older boyfriend had left and you figured them were about his size.

"Mein frau the sausages are done!"you heard Gilbert yell from down stairs pulling you from your thoughts.You walked down into the kitchen and shut off the stove as Gilbert sat on the floor his tail swished excitedly behind him,you dabbed the extra grease off and sat it down on the dining room table.

"Hope you like it"

He smiled and jumped up and into the seat you handed him a fork and to your surprise he took in and started to eats,you had already eaten so you weren't hungry.

"Frau aren't you hungery?"he glanced up at you from his plate"No I already ate"he simply went back to eating as you went into the living room to watch some tv.

"These are almost as awesome as me mein frau!"he praised you shoving another sausage into his mouth,you smiled.


Gilbert finished eating and was now laying down on your stomach as you watched The Walking Dead that you recorded last week.His soft tail brushed over your bare feet making you giggle.He started to drift off but you poked his head and he turned to you tiredly.

"I'll show you your room"He gt off you you and followed you up the stairs,you felt you legs walking up as you climbed the stairs.Opening the door Gilbert walked in and looked around the plain room.

"Vith some awesome stuff this place would fit the awesome me!"he belly flopped onto the bed his face in the pillow.`
"Goodnight Gilbert"

"Guten nuchet mein frau"he moaned into the pillow,you turned and went into your room.Preparing for bed.You climbed into bed your body felt stiff from the long day of a day of work,you were lucky it was a Friday.

You had gotten about 2 hours of rest be fore a loud lightning strike awoke you,those small dark clouds turned into a major thunder storm.

Loud footsteps echoed down the hall of Gilbert flung himself into your room,he scampered under the covers.He was shaking all over,his tail fluffed and ears back and he clung to you as another lightning struck lighting up the room.

"F-frau"he whined you sleepily started to rub his ears and his puffed up tail as you flattened it back down.Pulling him into an embrace he relaxed,his cheeks were red from Embarressment.

When he calmed down he licked your neck and cheek making you blush heavley,and this time he wrapped his arms around you.In the dark you couldn't see him lean in until you felt a pair of  warm lips press roughly into your,he broke the kiss and gave you a few cat kisses on your cheek and neck.His body was as warm as your face which was very warm,and you couldn't resist but falling asleep in your neko's arms.

~ Le End~
Requested by NaruSasu24 who asked for this a goober long time ago,sorry it took so long but I never forgot~! Hope you like it.
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