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February 25, 2013
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Slenderman X Reader 7 Minutes in Heaven

You felt something soft like silk almost, you loved the feel of smooth or soft things. Splendorman watched excitedly as you pulled out a red silky tie. Splendorman giggled much like a child, and looking towards someone of the same height.

"Lil brother~ Your turn"  a tall shadow loomed over you,  a snow white hand took the tie from your grasp. You looked up to see the Slenderman re adjusting his tie, your cheeks became pink your eyes darted to the ground.

"I told you I did not wish to play this game Splendor" he crossed his thin arms, Splendor brushed it off in a flash.

"Aw but come on lil brother, I think you'll have fuuuuun!" he began pushing his brother into the closet, you scurred in after him. You had literally 2 inches between you and Slenderman, the butterflies in your stomach were going nuts.

"I can teleport out of here you know" Splendorman frowned at his brother's cold attitude.

"No no no mister you stay in here or I'll make your suites just like mine" he smiled widly gesturing to his suit, Slender seemingly frowned and admitted defeat.

"Alright but just 7 minutes" he door slowly shut with a giggling Splendorman on the other side, you could still see Slender's pure white face and hands.

"What do we do in here?" the slender being asked, you really didn't have an answer for him though. You fiddled with your fingers for a few long moments before answering.

"W-well people hug and uh kiss I guess, but only if they like each other" you scolded yourself mentally for stuttering, he probably thought you were stupid or something. He was silent as if searching for anything to say in response.

"I do enjoy your company compared to many other rather clingy human women..."  he bent down closer to his face, a strange wripping sound filled the cramped room. Slender had revealed he did have a mouth with a pointed tounge.

"Lets give this a go" he tried to kiss you gently, he failed and ended up pinning you against the wall. He placed on hand behind you head and the other one you lower back, pushing you further into the kiss.

He forced his tounge into your mouth, it had the taste of blood; the same metallic tang. His tendrils started to appear rubbing your legs and stomach. He was more excited than he seemed, yet again living in the woods would be rather lonely. His tounge wrapped around your feverishly exploring your wet cavern.

The black tendrils slipped under your shirt, you kisses became heated and full of passion. Your hands grasped his red tie, feeling his smooth yet lean chest under his  dress shirt.

He let his one hand mess with your hair making it messy and tangled. Slender's mouth moved down to your neck, licking and biting gently.

"Ngghh" you let out a soft more as he gave you a harsh hickey on your next, his tendrils wrapped themselves around your legs and waist. He licked the fresh purple hickey on your neck sending shivers through out your body.

"What is your name girl? I didn't catch it earlier" He said leaning back as if raising an eyebrow, you slowed your breathing back to its normal rate.

"(N-Name)" you quietly panted out, the small room became hot faster than expected.

"Thats a beautiful name~" he cooed, your face became brighter than any face ever could have been. You were seeing a whole new side of the slender being and you were loving it. He nuzzled your neck comfortingly, the tendril retreated back to him.

"Alright you two lovebird times uuuuup~!" Splendorman whipped open the door, the light blinded you. You covered your eyes slowly opening them, Slender put his hand on your shoulder his mouth disappeared from his face. During your breif blindness, Splendor had given Slender a cheesy thumbs up. You and Slender spent the whole night together, he left many x's and o's on your body that night.
Slendy got some skills with the ladies >w> //shot
intro- [link]
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Wait... that's a really tall closet O.O How does slendy fit?
Robot1cTe4rs Apr 2, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not even in this fandom but I can admit this was pretty good. :iconpervyslendermanplz:
despite that he's alone in the woods he has some skills.... DAYUM SKILLS SON xD
Well your comment made my day lol
I agree very much! ^^
you're welcome i mean he's talented- wait what. xD
Athena...the goddess of wisdom and war...thats the only reason i like my name 😈
Sketchxthexpony Apr 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
And I like your username!
heh heh im just awesome like that!...
Lol jenny and slendy
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