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March 4, 2013
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Furry!Tails Doll X Reader

You felt something smooth and scratched up, like a Cd or computer game of some sorts.

You pulled out your hand holding a game, it was almost completely scratched up on the front. You could see checkered flags and a red R inbetween them, someone of some thing completely clawed the front of. You gulped nervously afraid to find out the owner.

"Does this belong to anyone?" the disk reflected a bit of light, you thought you heard a demonic 'Can you feel the sunshine' playing.

"Its mine" a grim voice said, you turned towards the firgure. He reminded you of Tails from the sonic games, same orange furry, tails, ears. He was different thought, he looked more like a furry than a full fledged fox. He wore a wripped black hoodie and jeans, a bright red gem dangling ot infront of him.

"You two should get along just fine" Splendor led you both to the closet. Being so close the heat practically radiated of of his fur. As the door closed the only light was the dim bright red gem inches from your face.

The sound of the music seemed to grow louder. You went to shift but he held you still, glowed hands had a vice grip on your arms.

"I have 2 options for you girly" he grumbled hidden desires deep in his voice, you felt suddenly small. His lean frame growing closer to yours.

"W-what are they?" you asked giving him a quizzical look, you face dimly illuminated but the gem's red glow.

"You can either be my slave or I'll devour your soul~. What your choice?" this was impossible death or eternal slavery those weren't the best options to ever exist.

"Is there a 3rd choice?" he laughed at your clever little comment.

"No pitiful mortal, I would suggest the first choice" you gave a sigh of defeat, his tail continuous brushed against your legs. Red eyes in a sea of black glared down at you for your answer.

"I guess I'll go with the first option?" you said questioning yourself in the process. He growled like a demon, remembering he still was one made no difference. He plain scared you.

You went to squirm again but hit his little gem that bounced from contact. He moaned lightly nuzzling your neck, 'Bingo' you thought.

You grabbed hold of the gem rubbing it in cirles, he held you tighter nibbling your ear. You felt his soft fur coming across an ocassional stitching or sewn spot they reminded you of a child's repaired doll.

"Stop slave ngh~" he bit your neck sharply gasping you let go of hs gem holding onto his shoulders. His teeth were very sharp like a shark's teeth, he kissed the red slightly bleeding spot. Firmly planting his padded hands on your hips, he ground into you making tight harsh circles.

"Tails" you groaned felting a sudden heat growing in your panties. His nails raked down your back, arching fully against him. The scratches tingled in a strange way, everything began to feel more instense.

He kissed you harshly obvious he hadn't had much practice before. He put his hand under your neck arching your neck back kissing all sides, biting and sucking skin.

"Your blood is very sweet" he bit your collar bone harder, you tensed comepletely. You nuzzled up to him, he lapped up what little blood trickled out of your wound. He groaned tasting your sweet red life nectar. His tails continued to rub against you lovingly in a way. You stroked one tail, it curled around your wrist.

" soft" you mumbled feeling the nearly silky fur in your finger tips, he kissed you sweetly for a breif moment.

"Our Time is nearly up" he pulled away fixing your clothing, his claw left long rips in the back of your clothes. The door slowly creaked open, Splendor opened it completely seeing nothing erotic going on.

"Oh my dear look at you neck, come on I'll get you some bandaids" he pulled you out of the closet and inthe the kitchen placing a few bandaids over the wound. Soon after he let you go finally to search for your fox.

"Hello again (Name)" he purred hugging your waist, he removed the bandaids. He licked you wound much like a dog would, this confused you to no end.

"Why do you do that?" you turned your head to catch a glimpse of his burning red eyes, he purred.

"I love the metallic taste and I can't wait to tast your other juices" he said seductivly, leading you upstairs.
mew mew time for memow to go to bed, night bros
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LJlover16171 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
me: but i only have one juice box left NOOO don't leave :C 
felix: facepalm that's not what he meant violet
me: shhhhhh! i'm trying to make him think i'm naive and leave meh alone! why you ruin everything!!!Tantrum Emoticon 
insane-funny-deadly Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
Haa lol "juce box" :D
LJlover16171 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
yes, juice box Mr Incredible 
insane-funny-deadly Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
Lol x
xXBlueChuXx Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  New member Hobbyist Photographer
hell no to be your slave and hell no you cant have my juices!!!!
CancerousArcher Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bruh, calm down....I need to buy some crutches first

Tails: What...
Me: after your done i'll be going to the hospital -sobs quietly-
Tails: Jesus...
Missem111003 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: No, my juice boxes!
Tails: Thats not what I meant.
Me: (Bipolar disorder takes over) THEYRE STILL MY JUICE BOXES NOBODY TAKE THEM!
All the pastas: 0.o
TheMiningWolf Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ewe I remeber asking you for this when I could remember my password and then yelling at you that I loved you
slendermangurl Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Student General Artist
me. RUN RUN TAILS RUN slenderman. GET BACK HERE me. IT WAS SPLENDOR. splendor.AHH:FFFFUUUUU: me.HA HA kisses slenderman everyone THE FUCK :frenchkiss jeff.NOOOOOO I OWE TAILS 20 DOLLARS tail.grabs 20 bucks me.HHHHHHHAAAAHHHAAAH:kiss: Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] runs off slender grabs me bridial styke gtg ppl
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