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August 10, 2013
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Trenderman X Reader- 7 Minutes in Heaven

You secretly peaked into the hat, to make sure you didn't get anybody to crazy. The tips of your fingers traced around a pair of glasses with no lenses. People with glasses weren't so bad so you chose the empty frames. Splendor was slightly suspicious of you from the 1 minute it took for you to actually pick something. You had to shake off a red hanker chiff which clung to the inside of the frames. To your surprise you held a pair of Hipster glasses in your hands.

"_____ I do hope your not sensitive about your fashion" Splendor said with a laughing tone in his voice, you placed the once trending glasses on your face.

"Whatever Splendy as long as you don't drown me in the mainstream" You joked, Splendor laughed and BEN looked appalled. Oh wait BEN drowned, you hid the smile on your face.

"Did I just here a Hipster joke?!" A voice offended and prissy in tone said very loudly, A Slender being or what you thought was a Slender being stomped over to you, His outfit was rather stylish, a brown vest with a simple button-up shirt and brown pants.

"Um" You squinted, wondering if there really was a Slender being dressed as stylish as him.

"Oh honey who does your wardrobe, zombies? I mean look at this shirt!" he pulled on your Black veil Brides shirt, stretching the design. You cursed yourself for thinking people with hipster glasses were nice and tolerant.

"Hey! This shirt was 20 bucks!" You raised your voice like his holding onto his wrists, he snorted and let go. He struck you as the kind of guy everyone wants to smack. He crossed his arms, and looked up and away from you.

"Time for the closet" Splendor chimed into your death glare you had locked on Trenderman, who else could he be? The one who hated crocs and was going to complain the whole time you were in there. This most defiantly would not be fun. He stuck his nose up in the air and walked into the closet. Splendor shrugged, tapping your back. You took the hint and calmly went into the closet. Splendor had an expressionless face upon closing the door, only to shoot a glare at Trenderman at the last moment.

"I don't like the dark" Here he goes. It wasn't very dark but dark enough you couldn't see your own hand in front of your face. And of course Trenderman was going to complain about something stupid.

"I really don't c- What are you doing" Your tone changed suddenly, he was hugging you. Strange. His hands travel down to the hem of your shirt, there was silence between you. You had to relax the muscles in your shoulders, his grip on your shirt tightened. With great force he pulled your shirt up and over your arms and head, you covered yourself. Blushing you covered your chest.

"I hated this thing, I hate the pants too" He started to un-button your pants, you swatted his hands away. That shirt was one of your favorites and these pants were very comfortable and he was being way to judgmental.

"Don't take off my pants! And give me my shirt!" you yelled, you had the feeling this was going to be a battle at the wills. Both of your hands got tangled in a war over the button on your jeans, he was invading your privacy. You managed to bat his hands away and re-button your pants.

"Whooo go Trendy!" A drunken man yelled.

"Offenderman silence yourself!" Splendorman scolded him.

"Noooooooo-" Offendy got slapped, it must have been hard because you heard it in the closet.  Putting your hands out in front of you, you search frantically in the darkness for your shirt. You felt Trenderman, he was soft and a bit less slender than the others. His long fingered hands groped your chest, he gave them a squeeze.

"Get your hands off my boobs" You growled grabbing his vest. He pressed his forehead firmly against yours, pushing you back against the wall.

"You felt me up first" He teased, this guy was annoying. A growl radiated from you, his cold hands on you were creating goosebumps on your skin.  You shifted feeling uncomfortable, why was he so difficult? Silence was all that you heard. You leaned in closer, he did the same.  Your lips brushed for a brief moment before the door flew open, you still didn't have a shirt on.

"O-oh my" Splendorman's face turned pink, he covered his mouth. Titling his hat down and looking away. Trenderman threw your shirt at you and picked you up by your waist, BEN started whistling.  With a red face you covered your chest the best you possibly which was just you clutching your shirt against your chest.

"We have a fashion emergency here, to my studio!" He yelled pointing a finger upwards, everyone faded out for a moment. An extremely decorated and fashionable designer's studio  formed, there were racks upon rack of the most interest fashions. He set you down placing his hands on your shoulders.

"Let's get you into something more comfortable" He whispered with a small giggle.
Your Birthday suit ewe teehee I decided to do him anyways
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SavannaLols Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
actually i'm really good with fashion so we'd get along great!!!!
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my fashion is terrible so idk x3
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Eek... I'm scared of him! Hold me Masky! No not like that you a**!
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I'm scared hold me EJ!!!! Help!!!! And no not like THAT u perv!!!!!!
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i can just imagine his voice! i must have like a gayish tone to it, but he must like girls... OH he could be Bisexual!
Oakwyrm999 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well done my friend, well done! Usually these bore me half to death but this one was actually entertaining!
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I love BVB.. I have one of their shirts! ^^
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Wait a minute... Your name says you're my Sebastian-Darling, but your picture shows my precious William...

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