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Feeling something fall on your face you open your (e/c),and sit up to see white stuff all around you.You were a new country,getting up you start to play in the white stuff making snow people in the ground.
Making a snow wall and a snowperon and a snow house,you lay down in the fluffy stuff.After you tire yourself out you turn to see a tall man with blue eyes and blonde hair walking towards you wearing a winter-style military outfit.
He kneels down next to you"Guten tag kleine land,mein name ist Ludwig"he smiled,and you giggled.
"Guten tag mein name ist (Name)"
"schön euch zu treffen"he says back,you lifted your arms you wanted to be picked up,which he does.
"Kann ich Sie Vati?"you ask
"Ja"he answered your eyes lit up.Soon you started feeling tired from your playing in the white stuff.
"Vati,wo gehen wir hin?"you look up at him.
"nach Hause,(Name)"he answered
"ok vati"you say as you fall asleep.
"keine Sorge (Name) ich werde für dich sorgen"he says as he carries you off to your new life.
~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*Present age:5~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~
"Faster Italy (Name) is faster than you!"Vati scolded the Italian,you were practically behind Vati.Looking back you see Italy barely jogging,running back to him to try to encourage him.
"Come on Feli just 2 more laps!"you said walking next to him
"Ve~ bella I'm to tired"he panted
"Vati can Feli take a break!?!"you yell to him
"Ja,ja fine"he answered
"YAY"you both yelled,running back to your home to get ice cream like always.But when you get there the door is craked open,and there was a weird aura.Looking at Feli he is just as staring too,his eyes open.
"Feli did we leave the door open"you shivered a little
"No I don't think we did ve~"he said looking down at you.
"Lets check it out!"You were confident because when 3 boys were picking on you,you beat the snot out of them.You were strong for your age and a country~.Walking in you see the place was fine,you sigh in relief.
"See its nothing Feli,we just left the door open,no biggie"walking over to the fridge you get your favorite (fav ice cream).While feli gets the cones,searching in the drawer for the ice cream scoop.You hear a dark chuckle turning you see Italy who looks terrified,quickly running up next to him.
"F-feli who was that"know you were scared.
"Oh the little bella is scared,poor thing~"The voice cooed,stepping out of his hiding spot you saw someone who looked like Italy but his eyes were violet and his clothes completely different and he had a gold knife in his hand.Quickly normal Italy picked you up and ran straight for the door,he was running faster than he ever did at training.
"Italy who was that guy?"
"My oppisite,my 2p!! all countries have them"he said getting closer to the door,his 2p hot on his tail.
"Do I have one?"he looked down at you.Just then you two got outside,and he went straight to to the track.
"No,since your country was born in a war you don't really have one.But you have one mentally and a little physically"he said quickly running like england was chasing him.
"How do you know this Feli"you say hugging his neck,seeing the 2p Italy isn't following you anymore.
"When you beat up those boys you changed"he was walking know,and panting since he out ran himself carring a healthy 5 year-old and set you down,since he was no longer chasing you.Thinking about it when you did you felt an extreme rush of power and adrenaline,and your eyes felt weird.
"Hurry Feli we need to find Vati"you say as you start off to the track
"Ve~ wait up"he says hurrying after you.
Looking down to the track you see Vati and Japan sitting down on a bench and relaxing,you run down the shallow hill with Italy right behind you.He looks up and sees you two running quickly down the hill.
"(Name)!?! is something wrong?!?!"You and Italy glomp him,knocking him onto the grass.
"Vati there was a person called a 2p in our house!"
"Si they are here for (Name)"Vati paled getting up,he sat back down on the bench.He picks you up and sets you on his lap.
"(Name) did Italy tell you about your mental 2p"he questioned
"Yes,but how much do I change?"
"From what Italy told me your eyes changed to light violet,and your hair changed, you had kosher curls."
"Well since you don't have one,and your my tochter my 2p! wanted a kid to.But you don't really have one,so he wanted you as his tochter"he said holding you tighter.
"Germany I think we should stay with you until they are detained....again"japan says politly
"Vati can we go home,I'm tired"you say exhausted from the whole day.Picking you up the axis head back home,they would have to check out the whole house before they could rest easy.
Setting you down on the black leather couch,you open your eyes to see Feli sitting next to you.
"Feli?"you groan waking up
"Si bella~"
"Are you guys staying here?"you say seeing some overnightbags on the love seat
"Si to make sure you're safe"
"Hey Feli lets get some ice cream" you say hoping off of the couch
"Alright"he follows you to the kitchen,grabbing your favorite flavor from the fridge.And scooping it into party cones you and feli sit at the kitchen table.
"Thats it we've checked the whole house"Vati says climbing the basement stairs,and closing the door.
"Hai everything is safe"Kiku says coming downstairs.They double locked the doors and windows,turned the security system on high alert.
"yes vati"
"You remember your verbergen und suchen place correct?"
You sighed"Yes Vati in the closet at the end of the hallway"He was extremely overprotective at the moment.
"Gut now go to bed,me and the others will be down here if you need us"he said crossing his arms
"Fine guten nachet everyone"you say,climbing the stairs to your bed.Not even changing your clothes,diving under the covers you go into a deep sleep.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 hrs. later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It Started Thunder storming outside and it was raining,and thundering hard.
"How did they even find us"kiku asked
"I don't know,they just did.Maybe they have connections,with gangs and stuff"Italy said shaking.
"Well I know they want another member to make themselves stronger"
Germany just sat there listening to them,and remembering when he found you.
_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-flash back/germany pov_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-
I had just fought off england because he was also in search of the new county that formed out of nowhere in the northern pacific ocean.There was a war,in which the country was formed (country name) they called it.It was snowing heaviley,so I decided to go for a walk to calm my nerves.
It was far enough north to have winters,so i needed to find him/her fast.As I was walking I heard the sound of giggling and laughing,as I walked toward the sound I saw a small girl.She was in a small white dress no more than 3,she had (long/short) (hair color) hair and beautiful(eye color) eyes.Looking closer I saw she made many things in the snow,how cute~.
'This must be the new country'I thought happiley suprisingly she didn't run like I thought she would she just stared.Kneeling next to her,I greeted her not yet knowing her name.
"Guten tag kleine land,mein name ist Ludwig"I smiled,she giggled
"Guten tag mein name ist (Name)"
"schön euch zu treffen"She lifted her arms like she wanted to be picked up,which I did.
"Kann ich Sie Vati?"
"Ja"wow probably not even 1 day old in this world and she speaks german.
"Vati,wo gehen wir hin?"she looked up at me
"nach Hause,(Name)"I answered
"ok vati"she says as she falls asleep on my shoulder.
"keine Sorge (Name) ich werde für dich sorgen"I assure her,and hold her closer heading back to the base.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end flashback/normal pov~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Doitsu"Italy said waving his hand in front of his german friend.
"what is it Italy"he shrugged
"You just spaced out for a minute ve~"
Suddenly the lights went out and they all jumped up,Japan went over to the window and sighed.
"Its just a power outage because of the storm"he said,walking back.
"Well at least the windows and doors are locked so we're ok"but they forgot the small window in the attic.
Sleeping peacefully you felt someone rubbing your head,opening your eyes you see vati?
"Vati is that you?"half opening your eyes
"Ja its me"Then you hear someone coming up the stair,before he had time to react the door opened.You squint to see vati?
"V-vati" you say as the other one picks you up.
"U Mad?"he mocked Vati
"Italy,Japan a 2p! got in" he yelled followed by more footsteps.Other vati pushed him down and ran down the hall holding you,suddenly he was hit from behind and luckily fell on his back.
"Sh*T"he yelled
Taking the chance you break free and ran to your secret spot.Turning down the hall way you open the door and lock yourself in,only Vati had the key.
Waiting you hear shouting in Japanese,Italian,and German.The sounds of fighting and yelling then silence,Only hearing the sounds of steps.
They were getting closer to your hiding place,and the unlocking and opening of a door knob.Since it was dark you knew it had to be vati,because he was the only one with the key.When he opened the door you hugged him.
"Vati what happened?"
He picked you up in complete darkness,you were sure it was vati.
"This place isn't safe we're leaving"he said calmly,this had to be vati
"ok"you say falling asleep.
He turned back to his friends,he smirked
"Looks like we won"he says proudly.Looking down the hallway they were all out cold,not seriously hurt just out.
"Hai lets go back to our base"he says slightly bored
"yeah,yeah hurry up"the 2p! Italian said growing impatient
He went back to your room and grabbed you comfort blanket,and some clothes and threw them in a  dufflebag.Before going out to the Cadilac Escalade parked not so far away.Getting in the back 2p!Italy grunted.
"Took you long enough"he grunted
"she needs this sh*t so shut it"he snapped
"Whatever daddy bear lets go"he smirked starting the car he pulled away to an undisclosed location.
"Just be quiet"he whispered harshly looking at you sleeping form he sighed,knowing 1p Germany wouldn't give up easily.And he didn't know what your reaction would be when you woke up.
I just had the Idea,should I continue???
Comments are loved~
1.Guten tag kleine land,mein name ist Ludwig=Good day little country my name is ludwig
2.Guten tag mein name ist (Name)=Good day my name is (name)
3.schön euch zu treffen=nice to meet you
4.Kann ich Sie Vati?"=can i call you daddy?
6.Vati,wo gehen wir hin=Daddy,where are we going?
7.nach Hause=Home
8.keine Sorge (Name) ich werde für dich sorgen=do not worry (name), I'll take care of you.
9.verbergen und suchen=hide and seek
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